Is Your Skin Regimen the Culprit? Include These Tips!

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Is Your Skin Regimen The culprit? Include These Tips!

Sometimes we spend incalculable hours scouring through blogs, beauty magazines and trying out new products yet, that flawless, glowing and youthful skin still elude us. We envy those flawless faces, ah, these Victoria’s Secret models seem to have it all figured out.


Did acne get your self-esteem? Well, understand this before getting all frustrated. It’s true that beauty is only skin deep, but the importance of this organ goes deeper. From protecting your inside from cuts, sun, moisture to providing a sense of touch. And, like any other body organ, the skin can be nourished or malnourished, healthy or ill; the good news is, the choice lies with you.

Note, unlike other organs, you can apply moisturizers, medicines and other healthy products directly to the skin. In that light, there is no reason why you can’t have that healthy, glowing skin all your life. We’ll show you how by providing tips to zap acne whenever it lives.

But first…

Know your Skin Type

Understanding your skin type is key to defeating that hurtles acne condition. That so as it will dictate the kinds of agents or ingredients you’ll need for flawless, healthy skin. Do you have a normal, dry, or oily skin? Or is it a combination skin? Here is a comprehensive guide to skin types, it’s easy, start with removing all makeup and cleaning your face.

Once that is done, try…

Acne Treatment

Is Your Skin Regimen The culprit? Include These Tips! - Acne Treatment

Don’t bury your head in the sand, no! Acne can be treated and if started early enough, successful treatments can prevent scarring. The key here lies in visiting a dermatologist first. Don’t take matters into your own hands.

When at the docs, they’ll determine the severity of your acne, susceptibility to scarring and skin type. While at it, help them understand other treatments you have tried before, health problems if any, allergies if any and of course, how upsetting the condition is. With that info, the physician can prescribe the right treatment be it oral, topical or therapy.

Now, suppose you’re not comfortable going to the docs?

There are also some top rated acne products in the market which you can give a try to. Why? These products are known to be effective in healing acne and other skin related issues.


Drink Water for your Skin

Skin is a body organ like the heart, liver, kidney etc. We’re emphasizing this because, like any organ, skin is made of cells, and like any other cells, skin cells need water to function at peak capacity.

Health benefits of drinking water are enormous and those on the skin, tremendous! Did you know you can combat disorders such as wrinkles, eczema, and psoriasis by just drinking enough water? This colorless liquid keeps your skin hydrated, expels toxins from your body while increasing your blood volume.

Imagine, you can eliminate redness, reduce that under-eye inflammation with just a cold bath. Yeah, a bath that will lower stress levels a key cause of acne. So, what do you say people? Let’s drink water for our skin as water’s life!


Is there a link between diet and acne or it’s all myths and misconceptions? Well, the current status of that relationship is under debate and thus, let’s focus on what we know: Skin is a body organ that can be nourished or malnourished. And what do you do to stay healthy? Nourish the body, right?

Yes, it’s that simple: apply the same formula. We know that too much sugar, salt, junk food is harmful; so, avoid it. Studies show that refined foods are nutritionally deficit, so, steer clear! In short, eat clean and healthy meals for a healthy body and glowing skin.


Sun and UV light?

It all depends on the skin type. Dark people with high melanin concentration have low sensitivity to UV rays. However, regardless of whatever factor; these lights are known carcinogens and it’ll be wise to steer clear. Dermatologist advice making use of sunscreens and while at it, remember, natural is always the better option!

But hey, leave UV rays the hell alone; clogged pores are the key causes of acne; so,

Exfoliate Regularly

Softly scrub dead skin cells off your face with preferably, homemade exfoliates. Before exfoliating, remove those makeups, wash your face clean with lukewarm water and at the end; apply natural skin moisturizers such as Shea butter, cocoa butter or whatever! The key here is knowing your skin type and making use of ingredients that won’t irritate or harm it.



Yes, stop rubbing and touching your skin a lot as that can encourage inflammation or worse, increase the likelihood of spotting/scarring. Stop squeezing those pimples unless is by a professional and under hygienic conditions lest risk inflammation and scarring. Stop concealing pimples unless you’re sure the foundation in question will have no side effects, none at all! And once you use concealers, stop sleeping with them on, wash them off!


We all want healthy skin, and we may end up spending a fortune or worsening the existing acne condition in a quest for a glowing, flawless face. Don’t let that be you. Try the tips outlined above bearing in mind that it’ll take time and hence the need for consistent efforts.

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful.

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