What Koreans Got Right about Skin Care

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What Koreans Got Right about Skin Care

The new skincare movement has since become a worldwide phenomenon, many of which can be traced back to the Korean beauty market’s fast-paced innovations. As the world’s leading beauty capital, the country has since introduced countless products that have grabbed the attention of the media. Some of the Korean standard beauty products like Cosrx include sheet masks, BB creams, CC cushions, and the famous 10-step Skincare Program that ensures soft, poreless and dewy skin. As a source of inspiration for its competitors, we can trace back South Korea’s success in the skincare market by looking at its key principles.

Here are some of the facts that Koreans got right about Skincare

1. Skincare is seen as an Investment

In Korean culture, it’s no surprise that certain families may pass down skincare routines to their offspring in the hopes of emphasizing the importance of healthy and radiant skin for future generations. In most households, children are taught to take care of their skin even before they reach the age of puberty so they can prevent the onset of pimples and other problematic skin conditions.

As a result, most of these children often grow up to have healthy and glowing skin right into their teens and adulthood. Should the time come when they have their own children, you can expect they’ll be passing on these skincare tips to their kin.

2. Skincare is not seen as a Chore

Some people often feel too tired after a long day at work which results in them neglecting their skincare routine. As a country that believes skincare is an investment for the future, several marketing geniuses also made it a point to include how fun it can be. To get this message across, you may find some of their products stored in attractive bottles and containers with cartoon characters plastered on the cover.

This is the market’s way of telling its masses that skincare doesn’t have to be a chore and is a habit that one can look forward to doing every day.

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3. Skincare is Accessible for Everyone

Most skin care products are often targeted at women of all ages, while the majority of these products still do the same. South Korea has made it a point to include everyone into the movement which includes men. Regardless of your gender or age, everyone is taught the importance of healthy-looking skin and often associates it with youthfulness and self-respect.

To make sure that the majority of the population can include skincare into their daily routine, several companies have made it a point to make these products affordable for everyone.

What Koreans Got Right about Skin Care

4. Their products focus on Natural Ingredients

In 2016, around 69% of the country’s facial skincare products contain herbal and botanical components that have undergone a series of processes in making them more potent and powerful. Some of the most popular products used by the market include ingredients that have undergone fermentation like certain plants, flowers, herbs, and popular superfoods.

The country also isn’t afraid to go beyond the distance and experiment with other natural sources like snail mucin, activated charcoal, and volcanic ash. This ensures that customers who are focused on using organic ingredients can receive the multiple benefits of fermented ingredients without adding harmful chemicals into their skin regimen.

5. Skincare teaches Self-Love

Many people often state the benefits of following a skincare routine and cite how it makes them feel youthful and refreshed. In Korea, many people believe that when a person puts an effort in their appearance and takes care of their body, this shows that they love and respect themselves as individuals in society.

With this message of loving oneself by putting in an effort to your appearance, it’s no wonder why the country’s products continue to inspire its western counterparts.

Koreans Lead Beauty Innovations

Time and time again, South Korea has proven to the world why they are the leading figures of the beauty industry. Combined with their culture’s view on beauty and their emphasis to use natural products, it’s not a stretch to say that whatever trends they develop next, it will be because they truly believe in their principles of self-love.

As people from different backgrounds, we can certainly learn a thing or two from them by changing our perspective towards skincare. While there is no doubt that certain mindsets can’t be changed overnight, learning to take the proper steps in caring for ourselves by skincare can help us enjoy more of what life has to offer.

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