Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub in India for All Skin Types

Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub in India for All Skin Types

Hello Everyone! πŸ˜‡ Hope you all are doing well. I was planning for "Top 5 Face Scrub" post from a long time but wasn't able to curate the best tried and tested options. Now, that I have gone through a lot of face scrubs available in the market, I am able to select My Top 5 Favourite Face Scrubs which performed well on my skin and my skin loved it. Some Face Scrubs are under Rs.100 and some are Under Rs.500/- except for one which you will see in the list below.πŸ˜„ All of them are Paraben-Free, some are completely natural and chemical-free while one is a DIY. πŸ˜„ There is one face scrub in the market which I tried and it did well but wasn't free from harsh chemicals so I didn't want to Include it in the list but I will mention its name in case you want to check it out. 😊

Importance of Using Face Scrubs/Exfoliators

Exfoliation is a really important step in our Healthy Skincare Routine. Face Scrubs exfoliates your skin, taking out the dead cells and dead skin, revealing fresh, bright, glowing and healthy skin. It improves the blood circulation which results in the soft and supple skin. Face Scrubs also helps in taking away the Oil Heads and Blackheads depending upon the Intensity of a scrub and on the level of Oil-Heads or Blackheads you are having. But usually, blackheads are so tough that only blackhead removing strip can take it away. Using a face scrub on a weekly basis ensures that your skin and pores are getting deep cleaned for a healthy and bright skin. If you are scrub on a regular weekly basis, you will notice that you are not getting any unevenness or spots or pigmentation. I Love exfoliating helps in Improving the new cell growth which helps in maintaining the skin.

Yes, Dry Skin People can too use it

A lot of people assume that having dry skin means you can not use a face scrub which is not true. Face Scrub is for everybody and it is really Important. There are a lot of variants available in the market. Some are rich cream based for super dry skin well some are Intense for Oily Skin. A lot of people with dry skin come to me asking that how they can Improve their Uneven Skin tone or get away with Pigmentation and dullness and I always say exfoliate your skin once a week. It will help your skin to get rid of all the dead cells and it will help your skin to breathe.

Always Moisturize your Skin after Exfoliation

Never, ever forget to moisturize your skin after using a face scrub no matter what skin type you have. A lot of people with Oily Skin skip the Moisturizing part which is not good for your skin. Moisturizer is a key to Younger Looking Skin. If your skin is nourished, you are delaying the aging of your skin. Always use a moisturizer meant for your skin type after you are done with your face wash or scrub or masking. 

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Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub in India for All Skin Types

My Skin Type: Normal to Combination, Sensitive and Acne-Prone

For All Skin Types and for Both, Men and Women

Before I get into the list, let me mention that all these face scrubs mentioned in the list are for all skin type be it Normal, Combination, Dry or Oily and Even if you have sensitive and acne-prone skin like me. Also, both Men and Women can use this for a Healthy Skin.

1. Himalaya Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub

Price: Rs.70/- for 50gm
Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub - Himalaya Orange Tan Removal Scrub

This is one of the best and my personal favorite face scrub. Not only me, but my brother also loves it. In fact, this complete Tan Removal Orange Range from Himalaya is fabulous. I have done an in-depth review of the complete range which you can read here. The exfoliating particles do a great job without being pokey. This is just satisfying. It has a creamy base so it won't be too strong on your skin. It isn't too mild or too harsh and works great in taking off the dull skin. And the best part, this scrub or this complete range actually works on tan. I love how it brightens up my skin. Really, one of the best face scrub. 

Available on Amazon and on Nykaa

2. Alanna Desiccated Coconut and Saffron Face and Body Scrub

Price: Rs.850/- for 50gm (Always available on Discount Online)
Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub - Alanna Coconut and Saffron Scrub

The Image above is of a sample bottle which I got in my December 2017 Fab Bag. The moment I used it, I fell in love with the fragrance. It has such a beautiful and light on senses kind of coconut and saffron fragrance. This one is a complete natural scrub so If you are looking for a complete chemical-free scrub, this Coconut and Saffron Scrub from Alanna is a great choice. This says Face and Body but this is expensive so I have never used it on my body. I've kept it to use it on my face only. πŸ˜„ 

The real coconut particles can be felt and I love how it smoothens out my skin. This isn't a cream based face scrub and you will need to add a few drops of water while using it. It might feel a bit of strong so make sure you are not rubbing your skin with this too fast. I always massage my skin with this in a very slow and circular motion. I love how after each use my skin feels fresh, bright, soft, rejuvenated, and healthy. I love it.

Available on Amazon and Nykaa

3. Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub

Price: Rs.75/- for 50gm
Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub - Himalaya Purifying Neem Scrub
Again, one from Himalaya. If you are on my Instagram, you might have seen this in my stories. This isn't mild but slightly less strong than the Himalaya Orange Face Scrub. You can say it has more of the cream base but still, does the job. It effectively cleanses the skin taking off the dirt, dead cells, and dullness and gives a fresh feeling. I got this in my Himalaya Neem Kit so I always use the Neem Pack after it. πŸ˜„

Available on Amazon and Nykaa

4. Fuschia Pomegranate Pearls Face and Body Exfoliating Scrub

Price: Rs.250/- for 50gm
Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub - Fuschia Pomegranate Scrub

Fushcia Products are known to be free from harsh chemicals. My family loves their Foot Cream and I used to love their Sandalwood Mask but later on, it's formulation got changed I guess. This Pomegranate Scrub I received in my August 2018 Fab Bag. Initially, I felt a little bored when I received this in my fab bag because I don't know, I kind of feel bored when I see scrubs and masks in my fab bag but when I gave this a shot, it was quite good. 

This scrub has a thick cream based consistency. Really thick! The particles are slightly pokey and you are going to feel them on your skin. So I always make sure that I am going very slow with this scrub. I massage my skin with this scrub in a very and circular motion. It kind of exfoliates and buffs your skin making it smooth and free from all the tiny oil-heads going on your face. It takes away all the dirt and dullness from the pores. You might feel that I am saying this for each scrub but that's what a scrub does. πŸ˜‚ The choice comes when you feel more satisfied with a particular consistency or texture or fragrance. The basic job of a scrub remains the same. If you love solid, thick cream based scrubs, you will like it. 

Available on Nykaa

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5. DIY - Rice Powder and Curd Scrub and Mask

Best Paraben-Free Face Scrub - DIY - Rice Powder and Curd Scrub and Mask

This one is a DIY and one of my favorite DIYs along with the classic Besan and Haldi Facepack DIY. Whenever someone asks me a good homemade scrub or mask for brightening or to remove tan or Improve uneven skin tone or dark spots, be it anything. I recommend this to them. This Rice Powder + Curd DIY is a Scrub as well as Mask. 

All you need to do is, simply grind rice into powder, take half a spoon of it and mix it with curd to make it a face pack like consistency. Keep it aside or in the fridge for few minutes and apply on a clean face. Wash the pack-off after 25 minutes in a circular motion so that rice granules can do the job of exfoliating. You will definitely see results if you will use this religiously and you will fall in love with it. Your skin will say thank you for it. 

Read all the Benefits and Instructions for Rice + Curd Scrub and Mask here.

And with this, our list of Top 5 Paraben-Free Face Scrub is complete. I wanted to Include Lotus Herbals White Glow Oatmeal and Yogurt Skin Whitening Scrub in this list of Best Face Scrubs because I loved that but it isn't chemical-free scrub. It does contain parabens and chemicals so It couldn't make to the list. But, it really was a great scrub. If you are Interested, you can check that out on Amazon or on Nykaa.

All the names of Face Scrubs mentioned above does a great job in taking off the dead skin and dullness, revealing the fresh and bright skin. As mentioned above, weekly usage of face scrub or exfoliator, Improves the blood circulation making the skin healthy, glowy, bright with a natural healthy flush on cheeks. So, don't forget to include your favourite scrub in your skincare routine.

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views on this post or your experience with any of these scrubs in the comments below. 😍 Don't forget to share your favorite with me as well.

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