6 Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

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6 Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

The big night is about to start and you are ready! You are sitting in your cozy couch with popcorn and watching another Red carpet event. Mesmerizing dresses, beautiful shoes, and jewelry that make your screen look small, all of that right in front of your eyes. You cannot help but wonder – How do they do that? How is their skin so glowing, what products are they using and where can I get them, I want to know their secrets. Well here are some tips that may help you answer your questions.

Outfit Ready for the Runway

Outfit Ready for the Runway - Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

First things first, it is not about the suit or a gown, it is about the way you wear it. Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana and all the other icons that become synonyms for style over the years, wouldn’t be so influential if they didn’t have people with the right attitude to represent them. Anyhow, if you need a little help for taking that perfect pose, here is an advice from Victoria Beckham: “Stand with your feet 4-6 inches apart, then imagine a balloon tied to the top of your head pulling everything up ever so slightly.

A smile Worth a Million Bucks

A smile worth a Million Bucks - Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

Look at the camera and say: “Cheese”. But in order to be comfortable to do that, you have to have that Hollywood smile. Don’t panic if your situation is not so bright because now we have a solution to that problem.
Professionals will help you choose the most suitable crowns that will enhance the beauty of your natural teeth. The smile can be the most beautiful thing a woman can wear on all occasions.

Always a Good Hair Day

Always a Good Hair Day - Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

It seems to us that celebrities always have that perfect hair and hairstyle that suits their face shape just in the right way. Use products that reduce split ends, provide great moisture and give your hair an overall clean and shiny look. With that being said, not only what you put on your hair counts, but also the overall look of your hair depends a lot on what you eat. Go to the regular trims, even if you are growing out your hair and stay away from the heat styling as much as possible.

Glowing Skin

Glowing Skin - Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

One of the things that catch our eye the most is that flawless skin that almost every celebrity has. Curious how you can get that celebrity glow and look like you are using a highlighter on a daily basis? It is simple – exfoliate, moisturize and use products that suit your skin type the most. You can make your own masks and play with different ingredients, or you can buy well-tested brands.

Get your Manicure Done on Time

Get your Manicure Done on Time - Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

There is something about a beautiful manicure that just looks and feels elegant. Even if you have the most expensive ring on your finger it won’t look the way it is supposed to if your nails aren’t top-notch. Use cotton, made from natural fabrics to keep your nails clean and above all don’t bite them. Whether you’re the type of girl who always has her nails painted, or you prefer a more natural look, polished hands let the others know a little bit about your lifestyle.

Makeup fit for Every Angle

Makeup fit for Every Angle- Red Carpet Secrets that will help your Everyday Life

Either you are preparing yourself for school, work or photoshoots the products you choose to put on your face must be carefully curated. They affect the quality of your skin and, in case of the bad product, can make your life a real misery. So, in order to avoid that, choose the makeup that you are sure about, and brands that you can trust.

And here is also one advice from James Vincent, celebrity makeup artist: “Add your favorite blush to the cheeks before you apply foundation for a glow that looks like it’s coming from beneath the skin.”

Think about it like this. You are getting ready, carefully picking accessories and taking the best heels you can find. You are walking on the red carpet to get to the point in life where the world is yours, and you are not taking a no as an answer. You can choose where your red carpet will be, at home, at work or at your favorite street, but just make sure that you are ready to step on it.

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

Have a Good Day! 😇

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