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October Fab Bag Unboxing and Review
October Fab Bag

Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well. My favorite month of the year, October is here. First, it is my birthday month and the best, festive season starts. I enjoy Festive Days and it is just another feeling. I love it. Oh, and yes, my birthday is on 18th October. Feel free to send me gifts. 😃 Coming to the post, my October Fab Bag is here that too on the 1st of October 😍 and I am going to Unbox the same. Let us get started. 😊

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October “Colour Your Way” Fab Bag

October Colour Your Way Fab Bag Unboxing and Review
October Fab Bag
October Fab Bag Unboxing
October Fab Bag Unboxing

This month’s bag is themed as “Colour Your Way” and I am quite happy with this month’s content. Because all the products are of good use and look Interesting. And, this month there are 10 Mini Lipsticks!! Can you believe it? 10 Shades! When Fab Bag said there won’t be any makeup selection this month I was like what? why? Dude, it is my birthday month please be best. 😃 Then Fab Bag announced there are going to 10 Mini Lipsticks which was like wow! And here it is – 10 Mini Lipsticks from Seduction La Vegas. This is a new brand for me to be honest but if you have tried it, don’t forget to share your views.

October 2018 Fab Bag Unboxing

  • Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipstick Set (10 Lipsticks)

Rs.499/- for Net 13gm

October Fab Bag - Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks
October Fab Bag – Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks
October Fab Bag - Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks Ingredients
October Fab Bag – Seduction Las Vegas Lipsticks Ingredients

10 Lipsticks! Even though they are mini but these are 10 shades! All the shades are from the Pink and Red house except for one or two which is like brownish and wine shade. Seduction Las Vegas is a new Brand to me and trying this brand for the first time through the fab bag. I couldn’t wait and I immediately tried shade 10 on my lips and shared the same on my Instagram Stories to check the texture and application.

I am sorry I forgot to take the shot of Lipstick Bullet but it looks almost similar to SUGAR mini lipstick which I received in my September Fab Bag. The bullet shape is like regular default bullet lipstick shape which is teardrop with round corners. If this makes sense. 😂

October Fab Bag - Seduction Las Vegas 10 Lipsticks Set Swatches
Seduction Las Vegas Mini Lipstick Set Swatches
(L-R)- Shade 01, 02, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 16, 19
I didn’t do the long-wear test so I don’t know the staying power of the lipsticks but the application was pretty soft and easy. I won’t say it glided onto the lips but was soft on lips. Lipsticks have definitely great pigmentation and color pay-off. Just one or two swipe and it is done. Definitely, I didn’t feel any need to do multiple swipes to get the color. There wasn’t any bad fragrance too. 

Only thing is the opaque packaging. You will either need to remember the shade number or will need to open each to check out the shade. Also, I don’t like it when a lipstick bullet doesn’t completely go into their shell. 😃 Tip of these lipsticks always stays on top which might get scratched or poked while putting-on or taking-off the cap.

These lipsticks fall into regular creamy bullet lipsticks category and are transferable but they left a good stain on my lips. Even after the lipstick was off, the color was there.

  • The Soap Company India Handcrafted Luxury Soap – Vanilla Honeysuckle

Full Size – Rs.350/- for 100gm

    October Fab Bag - The Soap Company Vanilla Honeysuckles
    October Fab Bag – The Soap Company Vanilla Honeysuckles
    This smells nice. It has a sweet bubblegum kind of fragrance. I have heard The Soap Company has some pretty luxurious kind of beauty bars so thank you fab bag for including one this month. 😃 I got the Vanilla Honeysuckle variant. Do share what variant you received.

    • Tvakh Hair Growth Concentrate Elixir

    Rs.400/- for 20ml

    October Fab Bag - Tvakh Hair Growth Elixir
    October Fab Bag – Tvakh Hair Growth Elixir
    This sounds nice. Isn’t it? The active ingredient in it is Onion bulb extract which is known to have great qualities for hair health along with Amla, Hemp, Pumpkin seed oil and many more. The ingredient list was long.

    It says you can use 10-20 drops directly or can mix it with your carrier oil or with your regular hair oil. It smells like ayurvedic oil and is Free from SLES/SLS, Parabens, GMO, Phthalates, and from Petroleum Oils and is not tested on Animals. I am going to give this a try so stay tuned on my Instagram for my views. 😃

    • Bioayurveda Miracle Moisture Toning Face Creme

    Sample – 20gm

    October Fab Bag - Bioayurveda Toning Face Creme
    October Fab Bag – Bioayurveda Toning Face Creme

    This is the sample product which is again, new to me. It says it is a toning face creme so it definitely sounds interesting. Even though I am oily skin, but I pay heavy attention to moisturizing. Moisturization is the key and as long as you have hydrated skin from both insides (water intake) and outside(moisturizers) you will be having healthy, glowing, soft and supple skin. And moisturized skin delays aging as well. The fragrance is calming having a hint of floralness and I am excited to give this a shot. 

    So this was all in the October Fab Bag. I got the products worth Rs.1249/- for Rs.599/-.

    In short, 

    October Fab Bag has got some quite good stuff. Useful stuff to be precise. There are 10 Mini Lipsticks from Seduction Las Vegas which has got some great pigmentation and shades followed by a luxurious smelling beauty bar – “Vanilla Honeysuckles” from The Soap Company and a Hair Growth Elixir which has Onion Bulb Extract as Active Ingredient and a tiny sample of Ayurveda Toning Face Creme with a leather touch zip closure bag. 😃

    So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

    Have a Good Day! 😇

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