SUGAR BB Cream SPF30+ Review and Swatches | Shade – 01 Latte

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SUGAR SPF30+ BB Cream Review and Swatches | Shade - 01 Latte
SUGAR BB Cream | Shade – 01 Latte

Hello Everyone. Hope you all are doing well. 😊  From past few months, I was going through a thought of trying a new BB Cream for that “No Makeup” kind of look. The sheer or light coverage BB Creams provide is like your skin but better and then, SUGAR Launched their BB Cream which is Goddess of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream in 4 Shades I guess. 

I had a great experience with SUGAR Cosmetics and this one was having SPF30+ and also, they themselves introduced their BB Cream as Lightweight BB Cream for “No Makeup” makeup look and I just wanted to give it a shot. Luckily, I received one in my August Fab Bag in the shade 01 Latte which I picked by myself. So, here I am, sharing my Review and Swatches of SUGAR Goddess of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream in 01 Latte. Let us get started. 😊

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That is really a long intro, to begin with, but that’s the beauty of blogging. 😃 You keep getting thoughts and you keep pouring it into your blog through words. I just love it whenever I sit down with my laptop to blog. It is just whole another world to me. 💖 Now let us move towards the product details. 

SUGAR BB Cream SPF30+ Review | Shade - 01 Latte
SUGAR BB Cream | Shade – 01 Latte

Price: Rs.799/- for 25 ml 

Available on Nykaa

Product Description

For all the times you’ve struggled to perfect the “no-makeup” makeup look, there is now an answer! Introducing the SUGAR Goddess Of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream whose ultra-lightweight formula sinks into the skin with the ease of a moisturizer while shielding it against the sun with its in-built SPF30+ protection. With a luxurious matte finish that guarantees an entire day with a sweat-free face, you now have front-row access to beautiful glowing skin! So go ahead – bin your primer, foundation, moisturizer, and sunscreen – because this little beauty does it all and delivers a flawless finish in one simple step.

  • Anti-Pollution
  • UVA/UVB Protection
  • Weightless Moisturizing Formula
  • Flawless Natural Matte Finish

SUGAR BB Cream is Available in total 4 Shades Naming:

  • 01 Latte 
  • 02 Macchiato 
  • 03 Chococcino 
  • 04 Americano

The shade I picked: 01 Latte
First, I thought it is going to be a bit dark for me but after blending out, it was completely fine. It has a slightly pink undertones so it worked for me pretty well.
SUGAR BB Cream Review and Swatches | Shade - 01 Latte
SUGAR BB Cream | Shade – 01 Latte


Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Polysilicone 11, Mica, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Polyglyceryl-3 Diisostearate, Hexyl Laurate, PEG/PPG-20/15 Dimethicone, Triethoxycaprylylsilane, Dimethicone, May Contain: CI 77891, CI 77947, CI 77492, CI 77491, CI 77499.

I love the fact that whatever product information we need, is available clearly on sugar website. So, in case you feel anything is left out, simply visit SUGAR Cosmetics website and I am sure you will find it there. 😊

SUGAR Goddess of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream Review and Swatches – 01 Latte

My Skin Type: Light/Medium Beige with Pink Undertones. Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin.

Packaging: It comes in a black squeezable tube with a screw cap having a nozzle which controls the flow. I found the packaging super classy, convenient, travel-friendly and mess-free. It has shade name and expiry date on it so even if you throw the outer packaging, you will have the information. 

SUGAR BB Cream Review
SUGAR BB Cream | Shade – 01 Latte

SUGAR BB Cream SPF30+ Review
SUGAR BB Cream | Shade – 01 Latte

Fragrance: There is no fragrance as such even if it is there, it is hardly noticeable. 

Texture, Consistency, and Feel on the Skin

It claims to be lightweight and easy to blend no doubt, it is 100% true. Having a combination to oily skin I enjoy such airy light textures in creams. This BB Cream is so light on my skin that I don’t even feel like I am applying something and yes, it is easy to blend as well. I didn’t face any struggle to massage the product onto my skin. It actually feels like a light mousse texture. I enjoy it.

Because it blends so easily and I don’t need to spend time over it, I am literally picking this over foundation because I am like, “who will wet the blender first then dab it and then blend it” and also having a foundation on the face feels like having something on the face. These days, I am pairing my SUGAR BB Cream with a Concealer, Blush, Highlighter and a Good Eye Makeup and I am done. A good makeup with a lightweight base. I am only going for a foundation when I am going for something big. Hope you will understand me. 😃

It claims to have that primer effect as well and maybe that’s why it feels soft and smooth while blending it onto the skin. Moreover, there are some Ingredients in this which are present in primers too such as Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone so yes, it does have primer in it. You can use your makeup brush or blender, but I used my fingers to massage and blend BB Cream onto my skin and it worked well.


As mentioned above, it blends out really smoothly. It is so lightweight that it glided onto my cheeks and it is mousse-like airy. I loved how easily, softly, and smoothly it blended onto my skin.


That is what I love about BB Creams. The “No-Coverage” coverage BB Creams has is just so apt for “Your Skin but Better” or simply “Natural” kind of look. This BB cream provides light or near to light coverage which doesn’t cover or conceals your blemishes or pimples or redness if any, but slightly blurs and evens the skin out. Because this feels like I am wearing nothing on my skin, I can easily wear this for the whole day. 

SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte Review and Swatches
SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte

If you feel like, you can easily pair it up with your blush, highlighter or concealer and set it up with a setting powder. It totally depends on your choice and preference and the look exactly what you have in your mind. That’s the beauty of makeup. Play with it! 😃

Neither Moisturizing nor Drying

It claims to have the weightless moisturizing formula. No doubt, it is weightless but it doesn’t provide any moisturization. I first, applied my moisturizer and massaged it well and then followed up with this SUGAR BB Cream. At the same time, it isn’t drying. 

If in-case you are going through excessive dry patches or flaky skin, it is going to peek through. It won’t make them further dry, but because it ain’t moisturizing, you will still feel that dryness so always moisturize your skin no matter what, before makeup.

SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte Review and Swatches
SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte
SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte Review and Swatches
SUGAR BB Cream 01 Latte

Is it Mattifying?

It definitely doesn’t add up any shine, grease or heaviness but if you have excess shine on your face, it doesn’t mattify it completely. Like it will slightly blur them out, but won’t give any matte effect.

Any Irritation? 

When I first wore this, I was actually going through strong acne-treatment creams which made my skin totally red and delicate and this BB Cream actually gave me that itchy feeling within 20 minutes of application. Not an extreme level of itch, but that minor tingling kind of itch. And I had no clue, why a BB cream is giving me itchy feeling. Later I realized that it is because of those prescribed acne-creams. So, if you know you are going through some strong acne-creams, you might feel that itch. 

Any Breakouts or Clogged Pores?

This is a very tricky point for me because it is my skin here, which is super sensitive and acne-prone. I get pimples and clogged pores like this. Recently I tried Lakme Blur Primer and I wore it for 2 days straight, and I got clogged pores. 

But, I gave this SUGAR BB cream a try and wore it regularly for a week or 10 days and surprisingly, I got no breakout. I thought I will be getting clogged pores if I will wear it daily but nope, It worked perfectly fine. So if you are looking for a BB Cream for daily purpose, this one is a great option.

SUGAR BB Cream SPF30+ Review and Swatches | Shade - 01 Latte - Niharika Verma
Niharika Verma

Here is my selfie with SUGAR BB Cream on in 01 Latte with my One Plus 6T 😃. 

I created an everyday wear makeup look with the SUGAR BB Cream and here are all the products I used for the same. 

Makeup Details-

In Short,

SUGAR Goddess of Flawless SPF30+ BB Cream is a super lightweight, soft, smooth and easy to blend BB Cream giving light coverage for that “No Makeup” or “Your Skin but Better” kind of look. It doesn’t give any concealing coverage but slightly and nicely evens out and blurs the skin. It has minimum required SPF which is SPF30+ and can be worn for the whole day. It neither moisturizes nor dries up the skin. It has primer effect as well and I really liked it. 


  • Lightweight
  • Soft and Smooth on Skin
  • Slightly Blurs and Evens out the Skin
  • Easy to Blend
  • Light Coverage
  • Has Priming Effect
  • SPF30+
  • Can be used daily – got no breakouts
  • Travel-Friendly
  • True to the Claim of “No-Makeup” makeup look
  • Does a Job of BB Cream really well


  • Costly
  • Not Moisturizing
  • Might give itchiness if using strong acne-treatment creams

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Feel free to share your views in the comments below. 😍 Have a Good Day! 😇

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