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Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer - Review

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Review
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great. Recently, I decided to try a new makeup primer and after going through some research and the customer's most loved category on Nykaa, I finally decided to give Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer a try. I was using Colorbar Perfect Match Primer for a long time and it works well for my oily skin and pores in terms of mattifying and blurring the pores but I felt a little bored with using the same old and that's when I decided to give a new primer a try. If you are looking for a Review on Lakme Blur Perfect Primer, then you are on the right page. Let us get into details. 😊

I know it is not a newly launched product and I am sure most of you have already tried this but I love trying new products and to share my views with you all through my blog. That's what I love the most. So, if this post helps you in any way then I will be glad. 😊 

If you are following me on my Instagram, then you must have seen my story where I showed a tiny Nykaa Haul. I am most active on my Instagram Stories so don't forget to connect with me over Instagram as I keep on sharing tiny reviews, hauls, updates and lot more humor. 😃 For now, let us see the product details and my experience with Lakme Blur Perfect Primer.
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Ingredients
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Primer Ingredients

Price: Rs.675/- for 30 gm
I got this for Rs.506/- under discount.

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Product Details

The perfect start of a flawless, professional makeup finish. Silky blur formula instantly brightens, primes, softens blemishes and pores and creates a smooth skin surface to prep for makeup application. Makeup glides on effortlessly and blends seamlessly for a more vibrant, color true finish. The perfect canvas for makeup or wear alone over your moisturizer for instant smoothness and radiance.

Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer - Review

My Skin Type: Combination to Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin. Light to Medium Beige with Pink Undertones.

Packaging: It comes in a black squeezable tube with a screw cap. The nozzle does a good job of dispensing the right amount. It is travel-friendly, mess-free and has all the information you need on the tube. It is good because you will have all the details even after throwing the outer packaging. I liked it.
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

Colour, Texture, and Consistency: The texture and consistency are exactly like Lakme CC Cream. Soft, lightweight and air-like texture. For dry skin people this might not be that appealing but if you have oily skin, you will find that really cool. I love this soft and airy texture.

Fragrance: It has some kind of sweet-citrussy fragrance. Some may like and some may not because it also smells like a medical syrup. 😃Not a heavy scent because I can't bear heavily scented products. But the plus point, the fragrance fades away once you start blending in the product.

  • True to most of its Claims

It claims to give instant brightness, creating a smooth base, softening and blurring, effortlessly blending and color true finish and yes it is true to most of its claims. It does brighten up instantly giving my skin a soft, slightly blurred and a smooth base for my makeup application. I love how it preps my skin for makeup.
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer Swatch
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer

  • Instantly Brightens Up

It has a peachy tint to it which instantly made my skin look brighter and fresh. I mean it was easily noticeable that how it is leaving an even bright finish on my face. It sorts of evens the skin making it a smooth and bright base for makeup. I love the way it preps my skin for makeup by giving a fresh and bright base.

  • Blends in Effortlessly

I heard a few people saying it takes time to blend in but I personally didn't face any such issue. I always take a tiny amount of product, apply in dots, dab it and blend it in. So for me, it wasn't much a problem and it was quickly absorbed and blended it on my skin.

  • Gave me a Soft and Smooth Base

Literally, it created soft to touch and smooth base for my makeup. I could feel my skin like baby soft. 😍 And I was enjoying that softness on my cheeks. 

  • Made Foundation/BB Cream Application Smoother

I tried this with both BB Cream and Foundation and it absolutely made the application a lot smoother. I used my fingers to feel the difference and my BB Cream was gliding so softly. It also depends on product to product and it's consistency but it definitely made the application a lot smoother. Even better than my Colorbar Primer.

  • Softens and Blurs up to Some Extent

It claims to soften and blurs, and yes it does. My skin texture instantly seems to be a little blurred and soft. But it doesn't do much on blemishes or pores. I mean it does soften my pore area a little but doesn't provide much of blurring effect on my pores. I could easily see pores around my nose. But overall, it does give a soft and blurry effect over the skin texture.
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer - With and Without Swatch
Lakme Blur Perfect Primer (Left Side: Non-Primed, Right Side - Primed)

  • Softens the Pore Area but Doesn't Blur them

As mentioned above, it does softens the skin texture but not my pores. If you have pores issues or if you are looking for a primer specifically for your pores which mattifies and blurs them, then this will not work for you. My pore area looked little softer but not blurred. I do not have extremely visible pores so it is quite okay for me but the Colorbar Match Perfect Primer did a better job in blurring and mattifying my pores. Because I have oily skin, my pore area gets little more visible sometimes so I am planning to give PAC Pore Primer a Try.

  • Does Mattify a Little

Though it doesn't claim to be, I noticed it has a slight mattifying effect. Not something like mattifying primer but a slight matte effect was noticeable. If you have excessive shine on your face and you are looking for a mattifying primer, this might not work for you. I don't have much of shine so it worked great for me.

  • Increases the Longevity of Makeup

I wore it for an event around 11:00 AM or so and it helped my makeup to stay in place for a good long time. Well, I can't compare it with some high-end primers who might work better than this in increasing the longevity but when comparing non-primed makeup application, it totally works on increasing the longevity of makeup. To sum up, it stayed for a good 7 hours or so I guess. 

In terms of controlling my oiliness, I guess it does a little help but I always set my face with FACES Loose Powder and my under eyes with Wet n Wild Contour Kit. So, I guess this combination works pretty good in controlling the oil and I didn't grease turkey soon. 😃

  • Neither Moisturizes nor Dries up the Skin 

It doesn't dry up my skin and neither adds any moisture. I have combination to Oily skin and I wore it after my Himalaya Youth Eternity Moisturizer or after my Biotique Morning Nectar and it worked well. 😊 I didn't feel any heaviness after applying it over my moisturizer.

  • Can this primer be worn alone? Daily?
It has a peachy tint to it so yes, it can be worn alone like it, no doubt gives a brighter and an even finish. But is it a good idea for your skin to wear primer alone that too daily? I don't think so. Because I wore it alone for a few days and after an hour I noticed a bit of tingling sensation on my jawline and it might have given me a few clogged pores. But when worn under makeup, there was no such issue. So I guess this works well with makeup only on a weekly basis or whenever wearing BB Cream or Foundation and wearing primer alone daily might lead to clogged pores especially if you have oily, sensitive and acne-prone skin.

  • Does this Primer give Breakouts or Clogged Pores?

I am not good with these big ingredient names so I did a little research and landed on this page called clearskinbynature and got to know that Ingredients like CYCLOPENTASILOXANE, DIMETHICONE, DIMETHICONE CROSSPOLYMER, TRISILOXANE, and SILICA plays a major role in clogging the pores. I have sensitive and acne-prone skin and I get clogged pores like this so maybe this was the reason that wearing it alone daily was not a good idea for my skin. 

So, I won't suggest you to use this or any primer on it's on daily just for a smooth and even finish because that might not work well for your skin.

Lakme Blur Perfect Primer Vs. Colorbar Match Perfect Primer

I still don't know which is better because both have something individually which I like. Lakme one provides multiple benefits such as brightening and evening out the skin tone, providing a soft and smooth makeup application. It is lightweight but doesn't noticeably blur the pores like Colorbar primer does. Colorbar Primer doesn't provide those added benefits but nicely mattifies and blurs the pores. I don't mind having both of them in my vanity but I am sure this review and comparison will help you in some way to decide what exactly you want.

In Short,
Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer is lightweight and does a great job in prepping the skin for smooth makeup application. It instantly gave my skin a boost of brightness and slightly evens my skin. It is easy to blend and deffinately gave me a soft and smooth base which made makeup application smoother. It does softens and blurs the skin texture upto a little but doesn't noticeably blurs the pores. Not a heavy duty pore primer. Can't be worn alone daily as it might cause clogged pores.

  • True to most of its Claims
  • Instantly Brightens Up
  • Creates a soft and smooth base
  • Blends in Easily
  • Gives an Even Finish
  • Primes and Preps the Skin
  • Softens and Blurs the Skin Texture
  • Slightly Mattifying
  • Super Lightweight and Airy Texture
  • Travel-Friendly

  • Doesn't completely blurs out Pores
  • Not a Heavy Duty Pore Primer
  • Not a Mattifying Primer
  • Can Clog Pores if worn alone daily

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. If by any chance I missed any point, feel free to share your views in the comments below. 😍

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