Understanding Acne by the Numbers

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Understanding Acne by the Numbers

Worldwide, Acne is the 8th most common skin disorder and in the United States, it has risen to rank number one. But not only the alarmingly rising numbers in first world countries are important to look at but also potential psychological consequences it has for many people.

Jonathan from SkinHelpers provided me with the following infographic about important statistics on skin disorder acne. It illustrates valuable information to increase the awareness about the skin disorder and its potential consequences.

Understanding Acne by the Numbers - Infographic

Understanding Acne by the Numbers

Worldwide an estimated number of 633 Million people suffer from Acne which equals up to roughly 9 percent of the world’s population. In America, this fraction has increased to double the size throughout the last century or so. This difference is alarming and tells the story of how healthy the change in our lifestyles really is compared to less developed countries.

Besides the massive wealth increase, first world countries achieved in the last century and about which can surely be very happy, mass consumerism and capitalism have brought some changes that affect our health in a negative way. For example, first world citizens tend to follow a high glycemic diet containing loads of processed foods and sugars which were found to cause or at least worsen the appearance of acne.

Understanding Acne by the Numbers - No Junk Food

Additionally, those diets contain fewer vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are essential to keep the natural protection of skin working and strong. 

Furthermore, continuous stress exposure in the job and increasing pollution in the big city, not only increase the level of stress hormones that create excess sebum production and cause acne but also continuously attack our skin with chemicals and toxins. All the things we tend to forget while enjoying the benefits of our day to day lives. 

However, we can counteract these negative influences by being more aware of and by taking measures that protect our skin.

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Most common areas to have Acne

Understanding Acne by the Numbers - Acne on Face

99 percent of the people that have acne are affected in the face. The most common areas of in the face are the cheeks and nose, forehead, chin and mouth, and the scalp. Acne around the mouth can be especially painful when outbreaks occur in the mouth angle. However, treated in the right way it is one of the most promising acne types to get rid of. For women, acne around it is often caused by hormonal changes which need to be treated differently.
About 60 percent of people who suffer from acne exhibit outbreaks on their body. Whereas the back and neck are the most common areas. Suffering from acne on the body can be due to reason that lies as far from each other as hormonal changes, diets, cleaning routines or sweat and wearing the wrong textiles especially in the hot summer months or during sport. 

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The psychological consequences of Acne

It is often neglected that acne leads to negative thoughts, psychological stress and even social withdrawal for many sufferers About 31 percent report that they have at least once declined to participate in social activities due to their outbreaks. 

We should all think about how we can change the picture of acne in society, so people don’t have to feel ashamed for it anymore. 

Prevention of bullying on school grounds is one important possibility. Other feelings that people associate with acne are feeling embarrassed, being insecure and nervous, anger or inferiority to people with no acne. In some rare cases, it goes as far as developing severe depression and suicidal thoughts. 

Many of these negative consequences can be solved by informing people about the potential treatments and where they can find them – today about 40 percent of people who suffer from acne don’t do anything about it because they lack the information and support.

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

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