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C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches – Shade Beige Medium 02


Concealers are my best friend. I guess! I have dark circles by birth and I also have some effective eye creams but let’s be honest, our daily routine, lifestyle, diet, and screen work brings them back. And I am a person who loves to use a concealer even when I am not wearing any makeup while going out and for that purpose, I prefer stick concealers. I, generally prefer stick concealers over liquid ones as they are easy to use and doesn’t make my under eye area dry. Recently, I tried my hands on C.A.L Los Angeles Imperfection Corrector Camouflage Concealer Stick in shade 02 Beige Medium and I am all set to share my experience with you. 😊

Price: Rs.450 for 15 ml.

I got it for Rs.360/- from Nykaa on Sale

Available on Nykaa

Product Description

There is no description mentioned on the product except for Ingredients. According to what is written on Nykaa, it is is a blendable concentrate that camouflages the dark spots and evens out the skin complexion making it smooth. This miracle Concealer Stick reduces the appearance of facial marks and blemishes and gives spotless skin as natural as ever.

C.A.L Concealer Stick Ingredients

C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches Ingredients
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Ingredients

Review and Swatches of C.A.L Concealer Stick – Beige Medium 02

My Skin Type: Light with Pink Undertones. Noticeable Dark Circles with Minor Dryness. Combination to Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin.

Packaging: It comes in a stick, of course 😃 having concealer balm at one end and a brush at another end which is of no use. Concealer stick comes in a golden cardboard box which has shade name and ingredients mentioned on it. The shade name is also mentioned on the concealer stick itself which is great because you will have your shade information even after throwing the outer packing. By the way, shade charts on Nykaa most of the time are so misleading. 😃 Always do in-depth research before selecting shades.

C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches - Shade Beige Medium
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Shade Beige Medium 02
C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches - Beige Medium 02
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Brush

The brush or sponge, call it anything is literally of no use. It feels like a hard sponge which will drag your skin only. I use a concealer brush or my fingers to dab and blend the product.

Fragrance: There is a very mild talc kind of fragrance and not something like chemically or oily smell which comes sometimes when you lesser known branded products. Hope you can relate it. 😂

Shade: Beige Medium 02. This shade was displayed somewhat dark on Nykaa and 01 was darker than it. Then, I did a little research on shades and finally picked up Beige Medium which is neither too dark nor too light for my skin. Initially, it looked dark but after blending, it matched my skin tone.

Consistency and Blendability: Earlier I was using Paul Pender Concealer Stick which became my favourite for everyday use. The shade was perfect for me and blended so easily giving a medium coverage. It was just so smooth on my under eye area. I was looking for something exactly like that but not something too expensive.

I won’t say this concealer from C.A.L blends like dream but it isn’t hard to blend either. It isn’t too creamy and is more on a mattifying side. While gliding it onto my under eye area, it makes my pores pop-out which is scary at first 😃 but not a problem after blending in (Refer to Images shared below). In short, it doesn’t glide that smoothly the way I want. To blend, I either use my ring finger or a concealer brush. Blending with fingers works better in my opinion with stick concealers for an evenly blended concealer.

Coverage and Staying Power: It is a light coverage concealer. As I mentioned, I use stick concealer on an everyday basis while I am going out just to minimize that darkness under my eyes and around my lips. It works great for that purpose. It lightens the dark circles and brightens up the area up to a little but it is not a heavy duty concealer. I am quite happy with the coverage for daily use but still in search for better light to medium and easy to glide stick concealers. 😃

It doesn’t conceal the dark circles or spots like they were never there. It can’t be used when going for a medium to heavy coverage makeup look. I used it while doing the complete makeup i.e, with primer, foundation and highlighting concealer and what I noticed, it can’t be layered up with products as it creased a little. Or I guess it is with eyes, every concealer creases no matter what I do. 😃 I only use it for my short outings and not for the whole day so it stays for a good 3 to 4 hours.

C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatches – 02 Beige Medium

C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatches - Shade Beige Medium 02
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatch – Shade Beige Medium 02
C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatches - Shade Beige Medium 02
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatche – Shade Beige Medium 02

Before and After C.A.L Concealer – 02 Beige Medium (In Natural Light)

C.A.L Concealer Stick Swatches - Shade Beige Medium 02 - Before and After
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches – Shade Beige Medium 02

Before and After C.A.L Concealer – 02 Beige Medium (In Indoor Light)

C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches - Shade Beige Medium 02 - Before and After
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C.A.L Concealer Stick Review and Swatches – Shade Beige Medium 02

I didn’t use any primer or blending tool in the Images shared above and simply used my ring finger to blend in the concealer.

As you can see in the swatches shared above, it is a light coverage concealer which reduces the darkness and brightens up the eye area little, it serves the purpose for me for regular use. But still, I want a stick concealer which is easy to glide, has better formulation and blends in effortlessly and has medium coverage so that I can also pair it up with my foundation. 

In short,

C.A.L Concealer Stick (02 Beige Medium) is a light coverage stick concealer. Coverage is good for daily use but not a heavy-duty or full coverage concealer and will crease when layered up. It conceals the darkness and brightens up the eye area up to a little which is good for a daily no-makeup look. It doesn’t glide smoothly but isn’t hard to blend either. It will work great for people with minimal or no dark circles just to brighten up the skin.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Brightens up the eye area
  • Light Coverage
  • Good for Regular Use
  • Good for People with Minimal or No Dark Circles


  • Doesn’t glides smoothly
  • Creases when layered up
  • Not Buildable Coverage
  • Not for Medium to Heavy Coverage Makeup
  • Not for Deep Dark Circles

Next, I am planning to go for Wet n Wild stick concealer. If you have any stick concealer recommendation with medium coverage and smooth formula, do share with me. 😊

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

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  1. Thanks for the review. I think I should pass this on. Essence concealer stick is good. I have heard so. never tried though

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