Will Eyelash Implants Cause Scarring to the Lash Line?

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Will Eyelash Implants Cause Scarring to the Lash Line?
When you have suffered from the loss of your eyelash hair due to such conditions as alopecia or simply because of your genetics, one solution that you may be considering in order to correct the issue is eyelash implant surgery. With any type of plastic surgery, there are always going to be risks associated with the procedure. The same is true for eyelash implants. Understanding whether or not scarring will occur along your lash line should provide you with the information that you need to decide whether or not this treatment is right for you.

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How to Treat Loss of Eyelash Hair

The most effective method of treating the loss of eyelash hair is with an eyelash hair transplant surgery. This procedure is similar to that of a hair transplant surgery and can help to thicken your eyelashes and enhance the appearance of them. The donor hairs that are used during the transplant surgery are typically taken from the scalp. Once they have been transplanted properly, they will soon start to display growth. These hairs will continue to grow over time, which is why it’s recommended that you trim your eyelashes at least once each month. This is a highly delicate procedure due to the fact that the hairs need to be transplanted at exactly the right angle for them to grow properly once the procedure has been completed.

What the Eyelash Implant Procedure Includes

Before the surgery occurs, a small amount of anaesthesia will likely be placed around the eyelid and donor area so as to make sure that you don’t experience pain during the process. Although the exact amount depends on how many hairs are currently located along your lash line, most procedures will take around 20-50 hairs from your scalp and place them along the eyelid in the areas that they are needed the most, which should help to provide a thicker look to your eyelashes. Due to the fact that the hairs can only be placed one by one, the surgery will likely take upwards of two hours, which means that you should consider taking the entire day off when scheduling the treatment.

Eyelash Implants

Also, keep in mind that the treatment time can double if both of your eyes need to be treated with this procedure. Once the hair implants have been placed in their correct position, the procedure is practically finished. Given how straightforward the surgery is, the recovery time is short and you will be able to notice immediate results. Before the treatment takes place, make sure that you ask the surgeon any questions that you might have. You should also communicate with them about what types of results you’re expecting so that they can provide you with the results that you’re looking for.

Potential Scarring to the Lash Line

There are several risks that you will need to keep in mind when obtaining eyelash implants, the most important of which is the risk of scarring occurring in the treatment area. Most reputable surgeons have the ability to remove the hairs from your scalp and place the implants along your lash line with minimal scarring. However, there can be an issue where more scarring occurs than you might expect, which can alter your appearance until the scarring fades. Although scarring is inevitable with the provision of eyelash implants, it’s important to understand that this scarring should occur along the crease of your eyelid, which means that it shouldn’t be too noticeable

Eyelash Implants - Scarring to the Lash Line

You will also experience a small amount of scarring along the donor site due to the fact that a small 1-inch incision will likely need to be made in this area. The scarring around the donor site incision is readily concealable by the rest of your hair, which means that there’s nothing that you should worry about in this regard. You should note that the skin on your eyelid is among the thinnest on your face, which means that the scars in the small placement areas will themselves be thin and small.

If you start to experience more scarring than you expected, consult your surgeon to identify what the problem is and determine how the issue can be corrected. If you’re worried about the eyelash implants causing scarring to the lash line, there’s practically no reason to worry. These scars are tiny and should disappear entirely over the course of a couple of weeks. In the meantime, your eyelashes will be thicker than ever and should improve your overall appearance.

What to Expect During Recovery and Possible Results

Once the eyelash implants have been placed along your lash line, you will be able to begin the recovery process. There will be a small amount of scarring where each hair was transplanted. This will result in the development of tiny crusts around each hair. The eyelid itself will likely also go through some swelling for a week or so. If the swelling continues to present itself after a week or two, you may want to notify your surgeon. The small pinkness that can occur around the hair implants will likely fade altogether after the first week of recovery, leaving you with natural eyelashes.

After around five days, you should be able to return to your usual activities without anyone noticing that you have even received eyelash implants. The sutures that are placed along the incision at the donor area will most likely be dissolving sutures, which means that you won’t need to make an additional appointment with your surgeon in order to have the sutures removed. The hair implants will naturally fall out after a couple of weeks but will start to grow back in just a few short months.

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