10 Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

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Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

There are many things that increase the likelihood and severity of your acne outbreaks and those can easily be changed by making little adjustments in your behaviour. Some of them might sound trivial but often ingenuity lies in simplicity. If successful in making those practices integral part of your daily routine, you will see results within a few weeks.

My friend Jonathan from Skinhelpers supplied me with an awesome Infographic that Illustrates 10 Daily Practices to Prevent Acne.

The Infographic will help to keep those practices salient – just put it somewhere you can see it every day! If you suffer from acne: put all those potential treatments aside for a minute and reflect on your daily routine!

10 Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

10 Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

  • Keep your face clean

What a surprise! But relieving your face from dead skin, excess oil and other impurities will help to prevent acne. Wash it a max twice a day, always use a gentle cleanser, warm water and a fresh and soft towel! No rubbing!

  • Get the Right Nutrition

Dairy products and foods with high processed sugar may trigger acne, so stay away from and get your fair share of fresh fruits and veggies. Besides preventing acne, they will enhance your overall health & energy.

Exercise Regularly - Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

  • Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will be good for your whole body, it boosts your metabolism and decreases stress hormones that can also trigger acne. Avoid clothing that irritates your skin and shower right after!

  • Keep the Hands out of your Face

I know it’s hard but thinks about all those places your hands have been during the day, you don’t want those bacteria in your face. Not to mention that popping pimples can lead to severe infection and scarring!

  • Watch out What you Put in your Hair

Oils, gels, hair sprays or any other products are likely to end up in your face at some point. So, either try to avoid them or only use gentle products that have been dermatologically tested. If you have long hair, keep it away from your face!

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Keep Skin Moisturized - Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

  • Keep it Moist!

Acne products are prone to cause dryness and skin peeling. Prevent it by using a moisturizer! Look for a “non-comedogenic” product (it doesn’t block pores and thus is not likely to cause pimples). Always check the ingredients!

  • Stay out of the Sun

Sun is fun but especially during outbreaks or if you take products against acne minimize your time in the sun when its strongest (11-15). The ultraviolet rays of the sun can boost inflammation and redness, as well as cause dark discolourations in acne affected areas. Always use a “non-comedogenic” sunscreen to minimize the risk of outbreaks and prevent sunburn!

  • Rejuvenate through enough sleep!

A regular and consistent sleep pattern of 7-8 hours is a great medicine for your whole body including acne. During sleep, your body recovers reduce stress hormones and heal all those little problems that sum up throughout the day – if there’s no time for it, it won’t happen!

  • Keep your Pillowcase Clean

Your face rests on there for hours each night, so it’s best to keep it clean! Otherwise bacteria, dead skin and dirt will gather around and give your skin a hard time. Also look for a gentle washing deterrent without potentially harmful ingredients.

Stay Hydrated - Daily Practices to Prevent Acne

  • Stay Hydrated

64 % of your skin is composed of water, thus dehydration will have a significant impact on your skin! It can lead to inflammation, itchiness, excess oil production or increased sensitivity. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day – veggies and fruits also enhance hydration!

If you’re interested in getting to know more about each of the practices and why they’re so important to change, take a look at Jonathan’s detailed article for preventing acne.

So this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. 😍

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