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ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash Review

ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash Review
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Having Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin is really tough to manage. Dirt, pollution, and grease throughout the day make our skin look dull and makes us uncomfortable. At that moment, all we want a face wash which can simply rip off the oil and stickiness without leaving a trace of it. That squeaky clean feeling is really satisfying. Isn't it? In today's post, I am sharing my experience on ACNES Clarifying Face Wash which is by far the most effective face wash for the oily and acne-prone skin.
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Price: Rs.155/- for 100gm (Available in 50gm variant as well) 

Available on
ACNES Clarifying Face Wash Review
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Product Description

ACNES Clarifying Face Wash is a daily face wash with a mild peeling effect suitable for all skin types. Its gentle action on the skin provides light exfoliation, polishes the skin surface to look fairer and refines its texture for visible smoothness. It forms a rich lather that washes away dirt and oil without stripping off skin's natural moisture, giving the skin a brighter look along with a complementary rejuvenating feel.
ACNES Face Wash Review
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash


ACNES is Japan's leading Acne Care Brand which aims for healthier, acne-free and glowing skin. ACNES is a Brand of Rohto Pharma which is Japan's Leading Healthcare Company.

I got to know about ACNES Brand in November 2016. It was new to me and the packaging was different at that time. I had a good experience with ACNES products which you can read here. After two years, ACNES came up with new packaging and new products and I guess with new and improved formulation too because this time, I had an awesome experience with their products. I also attended the ACNES Launch Event in Delhi where they launched ACNES Menthol Face Wash and Body Bars. It was another great experience. 😍
They have complete acne care range i.e, cleanser, toner and acne clear gel but in this post, I will be sharing my review on their clarifying face wash only which I recently restocked. 😍

Review of ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Packaging: It comes in a squeezable plastic tube with a flip flop cap which is easy to carry in the handbag and is mess free. The nozzle controls the flow of the product and doesn't spill a lot of at a time.
ACNES Pimple Care Face Wash Review
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Colour and Consistency: It is white in colour with easy to use creamy consistency. It is neither too thick nor a runny face wash. It doesn't need much of your effort to form into the lather. 😃

Fragrance: The Fragrance has a mixed scent of refreshing and medicated fragrance which feels good. It doesn't feel strong or disturbing and is comfortable to our nose. 

My Experience with ACNES Clarifying Face Wash

As I mentioned, I restocked it because it worked for my oily skin so well. There are two types of oil-free cleansers. One, which gives you squeaky clean feeling with comfortable dryness which we oily skin people love and second, which leaves a layer of moisture while taking off the dirt and oil. This one gives me a total cleansed feeling with a squeaky clean feeling and touch. Like while washing off, I can literally feel my skin is cleansed.

It is a deep cleanser and I feel like it takes off all the dirt, oil, grease like a magnet from my pores. After that sticky and sweaty feeling in summers and humidity, I love that satisfying dryness which this cleanser leaves. I am sure people with excessive oily and sweaty skin can feel me.
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash Review
ACNES Clarifying and Whitening Face Wash

Along with effective cleansing, it takes away the dullness and brings on the bright fresh face. I guess this is what they meant by the whitening claim. 😃 I don't run behind whitening products but I assume that by whitening, they are focusing on brightening properties. Though that brightness stays for a short time and my skin gets covered back with dirt and sweat during the day but each time I wash my face with this cleanser, it does its job pretty well.

Coming to the effectiveness on pimples, it actually works. I and my brother both are using this face wash and we both noticed the reduction in a pimple and those red pimple marks after using ACNES Face Wash. But I guess this only works on pimples caused by dirt, bacteria or excess oil and not on pimples caused by other reasons such as diet, hormones or when a product doesn't suits or anything. 

There are so many cleansers claiming to say goodbye to a pimple but they never worked for me. This one, from ACNES, has actually worked on my pimples and marks caused by dirt or excess oil and reduced them. Within two weeks I guess, the appearance of pimples was noticeably reduced.

But, it does contain parabens so I am a little confused here. There are chances that this might or might not work for you. I am still looking for good oil-free cleansers which are free from those harsh chemicals and still shows results on my acne. 

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Next, I continue my skincare routine with a toner and paraben-free moisturizer. Again, I loved the ACNES Toner which I recently finished which I also shared on my Instagram Stories. 😃 

ACNES Clarifying vs. Purifying Face Wash

ACNES Face Wash comes in 3 or 4 varieties I guess naming Clarifying and whitening, purifying and foaming, mentho-cool, and Aloe Moisturizing Face Wash. I like Purifying and Foaming version bit better than this one as it is more foaming and the texture is slightly better than this Clarifying one. Though all the cleansers in this range are almost similar and suit my skin oily skin I guess it is just texture and feel on the skin. 😃 Mentho-Cool on the other end gives a cooling effect that's another exciting point. I will suggest you Purifying One the most followed by mentho-cool and clarifying. But in the end, it is personal choice and satisfaction. 😇

So if you have oily and acne-prone skin, you can for ACNES Range for sure. I am honestly happy with their products.

In short,
ACNES face wash is great for Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone Skin. It is a strong and deep cleansing face wash which takes out all the dirt, oil and sweat like a magnet and brings on the fresh, bright and squeaky clean face. ACNES Face Wash is effective on pimples caused by dirt and bacteria and worked on my acne and marks with noticeable results be it Clarifying Range or Purifying but not much effective on pimples caused by poor diet, hormones or any other reason.

  • Affordable
  • Great for Oily Skin
  • For both, Men and Women
  • Deep Cleansing
  • Leaves skin dirt and oil-free
  • No Breakouts
  • Brightens Up
  • Works on Pimples and Marks caused by Dirt, Bacteria or Excess Oil
  • Travel-Friendly Packaging
  • Easily Available

  • Not for all skin types
  • Not for Dry Skin
  • Not a Chemical-Free Product
  • Contains Parabens
  • Not Effective on Pimples caused by Poor Diet, Hormones or any other reason

So, this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

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