3 Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

3 Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

Girls like to look pretty. Not just for themselves but for the audience that adores them. And looking good doesn’t just mean looking good for others. It also means looking good for themselves. If anything, the latter always counts as a priority. Two of the things women are so concerned about is their face and body. And nothing helps women present themselves better than the right makeup and nail polish.

No matter what your age, you always have the right to go the extra mile when it comes to self-development. Are you in your teens and like to get all dolled up for hangouts and parties? Are you a working gal needing a makeover for a more professional look? Or are you a house mom, looking for ways to preserve – or even improve – your everyday glow? No matter what your life role is and no matter which stage you are currently on in life, you have all the reasons to make yourself beautiful.

Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

  • Appearances Form First Impressions

Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

Some people say that it isn’t all about appearance. Well, it’s true. People look at attitude, humour, and character too before they can fully grasp the entire personality of an individual. Needless to say, it requires more than just appearing to make your full judgement about someone. However, it sure does play a big part.

Outward appearances easily from first impressions (see reference). Before people even get to know you, the first thing they’ll notice is your self-presentation. You can really tell a lot about a person just by looking at their grooming and self-care. You can tell whether they are particular about developing themselves looking at how they present themselves to others. In the same way, you can tell, if they’ve completely let go of themselves and have settled for whatever throws at them. 

Appearances, at times, can encourage or discourage people to get to know someone better – to go beyond physical judgement and get to know someone on a personal level. You may say you don’t care much about first impressions but people’s opinions of you have a very significant impact on reason number two.

  • Become Beautifully Confident

Become Beautifully Confident - Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

Let me just get this out here first: Makeup is in no way solely responsible for feeding someone’s self-esteem and confidence. These traits, after all, are learned through acceptance and self-worth. You’ve got to know how to value yourself first before you can strut on the catwalk with confidence. You’ve got to know and accept who you are as an individual and feel blessed by it in order to gain true self-esteem. These two things are something you can only give yourself. No amount of makeup or nail polish can do it for you.

However, looking good does have its perks on confidence and self-esteem. If I had to say it in a word, it’s a “booster” – an instant yet fleeting upgrade. 

A study by researchers from the University of Chieti, Italy and Harvard Medical School even affirms the positive relationship between beauty and confidence which they termed as “the lipstick effect.” 
And there really is nothing wrong with wanting to have a quick boost in self-esteem and confidence, especially when you are in situations that really require them. Dinner dates, prom nights, marketing presentations, and other special occasions are just a few of the many instances that make us wish for an instant picker-upper. Luckily, for females, we have cosmetics to thank for these kinds of moments. A nicely painted face and nails should help you go from 100% confident to 200% awesome.

If you want to read the full article about the study conducted by the University of Chieti, Italy and Harvard Medical School, here’s a quick link to it: https://goo.gl/FNWAVT

  • Show off Your Personality

Show off Your Personality - Reasons Why Girls Need To Do Their Makeup and Nails

Doing your makeup and nails is also one way of introducing yourself to other people. They can get a glimpse of your “uniqueness” as an individual by looking at how you customize yourself through makeup and nail art. NCLA Beauty, for example, offers all kinds of makeup products and cosmetics to help you come up with your own personal style. You can play with colours, designs, shades, and palettes however way you want. The only important thing is that you keep it real.

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