Chaayos Monsoon Menu is here with its 4 New Chaat Additions

Chaayos Monsoon Menu is here with its 4 New Chaat Additions
Chaayos Monsoon Menu

Monsoon is here which means finally there is slight relief from this scorching heat and Chaayos is ready with their Monsoon Menu to serve you. 😍 A lot of people find Chai with Samosa a perfect snack on these rainy days. Whether you are a Chai Person or not, you will love having these yummy newly launched Chaat under #ChaayosMonsoon Menu because we all love snacking, right? 😃

I am a person who loves to fill my hunger with different snacks when I am out rather than having a complete meal. I don't know why but yes, I love to do it. Recently, I visited DLF Mall of India, Noida to experience Chaayos Monsoon Menu and if you are following me on my Instagram, you must have seen my delicious stories. New Additions of Chaat by Chaayos has made their Chaayos Menu yummier and full of flavours.

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4 New Chaat Additions in Chaayos Monsoon Menu

  • Bhelpuri

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Bhelpuri
Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Bhelpuri

Chaayos Monsoon Menu Bhelpuri
Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Bhelpuri

This was the first thing which caught my attention in the Monsoon Menu. One can never say "No" to Bhelpuri. It is my all time favourite snack and a person like me who loves spices can have it anytime. Bhelpuri at Chaayos was fresh and had perfectly balanced spices and flavours. It was crisp and was just a perfect snack to have it in Monsoon.

  • Samosa Matar (Matra) Chaat

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Samosa Chaat
Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Samosa Chaat

It was yummy! Crispy and Crumbled Samosa with Matra (Matar - Kind of Chola). I am sure you must be feeling hungry by reading all this and by seeing this pictures. 😃 I love spices as I feel it makes the dish more Interesting and that's why I simply enjoyed having Samosa Chaat. What you think about this? 😃

  • Chicken Keema Papdi Chaat

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Chicken Keema Papdi Chaat
Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Chicken Keema Papdi Chaat

It is crumbled Paapdi topped with Chicken Keema Gravy. The chicken flavour was not dominant but was something unique and new and I liked it. I am happy with everything which is crunchy and spicey. I love how Chaayos keeps on Inventing new Interesting Dishes. 

  • Egg White Chaat

Well, I haven't tried it because I got full after trying other 3 variants and no room left for it. 😃 But by the name "Egg White" it sounds healthy variant of chaat. 😃 Anyways, if you do try this at any of the Chaayos Outlet, don't forget to share your experience with me. 

Shakes and Cakes to Complete my Meal

I Love Shakes. I ordered Chocolate and Banana Shake along with Chaat to make my Meal more Interesting. 😃 Chilled Shakes in this Summer are always in.

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Chocolate Shake
Chaayos Chocolate Shake

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Banana Shake
Chaayos Banana Shake

These were not super thick shakes but was great to have them along with some delicious snacks. Summers and Outing are Incomplete without Chilled Shakes. 😍

Chocolate Dose at Chaayos

Well, this completed my Chocolate Dose. I can't leave without having chocolate dessert at the end. So I picked Chocolate Factory Cake and Hot Choco Lava Cake from the Menu.

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Chocolate Factory Cake
Chaayos Chocolate Factory Cake

Chaayos Monsoon Menu - Chocolate Lava Cake
Chaayos Chocolate Lava Cake

Don't they look tempting? They absolutely were. A chocolate lover like me will love them for sure. 

So, this completed my visit to Chaayos, DLF Mall of India, Noida to experience there Monsoon Menu. 

In Short,
#ChaayosMonsoon Menu is a great curation done keeping in mind the taste and flavours people love during Rainy Days. Their 4 New Chaat Additions are absolutely yumm and has made the snacking and munching time more delicious.
If you happen to visit and try anything from the Monsoon Menu or anything from their Menu at any Chaayos Outlet, don't forget to tag me in your Instagram Stories (@niharikaverma22) so that I can enjoy your experience too. 

So this was it for today. I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your thoughts in the comments below. 😍

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