How to Keep your Skin Hydrated this Summer?

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How to Keep your Skin Hydrated this Summer?

The most well-known issue we find in skin amid summer is the lack of hydration. Indeed, even sleek skin composes can end up drying out, since the issue is an absence of water dampness, not oil.


Did you know the main reason for premature ageing is lack of hydration?

At the point when your skin cells don’t have satisfactory moisture and water content, the surface and appearance of your skin endures. You will start seeing some fine lines, your face will feel tight, and the skin’s capacity of giving boundary is compromised big time.

Let us know the Basic Reasons for Dehydrating Skin

When you are outside in the sun throughout the day sweating, you lose profitable hydration. This is then intensified by going inside to chill under the air conditioner, which dries up the dampness ideal out of your skin, particularly if you are driving in the auto and the AC is blowing straightforwardly onto your face. Baba Ramdev has introduced some Patanjali Beauty Products to make your skin hydrated. One can adopt that as well.

Reasons that Take Away Moisture out of Your Skin

  • Utilizing Chemicals and Astringents that are excessively Cruel to the Skin
  • Shedding Repeatedly
  • Less usage of Moisturizing Creams
  • Bathing with Hot Water
  • Eating Routine
  • Certain medicines and ailments

6 beneficiary summer face care tips to battle against dehydrated skin

How to Keep your Skin Hydrated this Summer - Tips and Tricks
  • Don’t over wash your face

With the warmth of Summer regularly brings the want to get your skin “squeaky” clean to feel revived. Fight the temptation! Brutal chemicals, including sodium lauryl sulfate, separate your skin’s regular capacity to ensure itself. Utilizing characteristic and natural items free of those chemicals will keep your skin glad and hydrated.

  • Use a delicate, non-frothing facial cleanser with tepid water

Always be soft on your face. Your face can catch irritation easily. Try applying facial cleanser that is not too harsh on your skin. Try to be soft to your face.

  • Follow with a gentle toner that is PH adjusted

After cleansing, the pores of your skin open, hence, it is important for you to use a good toner to seal those open pores. You can apply BWC Facial Toner. Buy BWC tonner is at a discounted rate by using Nykaa Coupon Codes.

  • When required, shed delicately, either just utilizing a washcloth, or with a mellow AHA exfoliant. Maintain a strategic distance from unforgiving scrubs
  • Select lotions that are creams and contain Natural Moisturizing Factors, for example, amino acids, glucose and electrolytes. Hyaluronic corrosive is another go-to element for restricting dampness. Avoid lightweight salves – they have a high-water content, bringing on additional dampness dissipation from the skin. 
Healthy and Hydrated Skin
  • Apply your sunscreen toward the beginning of the day, and for the duration of the day.

What most people do is that they only apply sunscreen when they are about to leave their houses. Now, that’s what they are doing it wrong. Apply a good SPF 50 Sunscreen during the beginning of your day so that your skin absorbs the sunscreen completely.

The key target is to keep your characteristic hydro-lipid film in place, which is your skin’s regular defensive layer. It will help hold the dampness in your skin.

Important Lifestyle Changes to Apply for your Better Skin

Along with using a good moisturizer and using sunscreen lotion, you also need to follow a good food habit to stay away from dehydration. Following are some tips to help you stay hydrated.

  • Drinking a lot of water is the key.
Water ought to be at room temperature and should be consumed in between your meals. More in the morning and less in the evening. Calculate your water intake by consuming 1 ltr of water per 20kg of your body weight.

  • Skip the caffeine and liquor.

Even though it’s piping hot and you feel the need to get a can of beer, please don’t! They expel water from your body and can cause serious dehydration.

  • Limit your admission of table salt.

This prompt advance lack of hydration and it causes a lot of swelling too. We are sure you don’t want to look bloated in your bikini.

  • Take as much as fish oil as possible

Taking a day by day dose of fish oil will give various medical advantages. Some of them being that it will help hold the moisture in your skin cells and it might likewise help ensure against sun harm.

  • While blow-drying your hair, point it far from your face and diminish the temperature. 
  • Limit your usage of direct air conditioning

This likewise implies you ought not to lay down with your AC stayed on all night. You can set the timer and can also use the fan mode for cooling. The direct cooling effect of AC can cause a lot of dehydration.

So this was all for today. Hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

Have a Good Day! 😇

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