Have You Seen These Stunning Butterfly Jewellery Designs Already?

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Rockrush Butterfly Jewellery Design Collection
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Rockrush Butterfly Jewellery Collection

You walk out of the house and see colourful blossoms around you. The hues of pink, orange and deep red look mesmerizing and the fragrance fills your heart with a sense of serenity. You cannot miss the butterflies fluttering lazily over the fresh blooms and wonder over the kind of sublime sight. We all love spring and the beauty it brings with it.

Rockrush has picked the mood of spring and infused in its Butterfly Jewellery Collection. The diamond-studded butterfly rings, the gold butterfly earrings and colourful butterfly bracelets are all set to take over your spring wardrobe! Make them a part of your daily ensemble to look your best at any time of the day.

Rockrush Butterfly Jewellery Design Collection

  • Azure Butterfly Diamond Ring

    The Azure Butterfly Diamond Ring is a true rockstar! The ultra-stylish two finger ring looks stunning and is a perfect accessory for your partywear.

    • Butterfly Initial Diamond Ring

    We all love customized rings, don’t we? The butterfly ring with your initial is just what you need to own the season!

    • Butterfly Pearl Diamond Necklace

    The butterfly necklace can be your next go-to jewellery for the season. The blend of pearls and gold butterflies enhance your neckline like nobody’s business.

    • Dainty Butterfly Diamond Earrings

    A tinge of colour on the butterfly earrings along with a small pattern of dangling clustered diamonds make for an ideal everyday wear.    

    • Garden Diamond Cocktail Ring

    Bringing the essence of the spring straight on your fingers with this must-have cocktail ring. After all, a butterfly fluttering amidst the flowers is a sight to behold.

    • Webbed Butterfly Diamond Bracelet

    Made of white gold, the Webbed Butterfly Diamond Bracelet looks gorgeous! The enamelled wing adds a lot of charm to the bracelet. Pair this bracelet with the Webbed Butterfly Diamond Ring and Webbed Butterfly Diamond Pendant.

    Loved these? Found your favourite? 

    Browse through the Butterfly Jewellery Collection at Rockrush.com and impress them with your choice of spring jewellery.

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