April 2018 'The Spring Kissed' Fab Bag - Unboxing and Review

April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag - Unboxing and Review - The Pink Velvet Blog - Niharika Verma
April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Hello Everyone. Hope you all are doing great. 😍 Season of Spring is here and Spring Themed Fab Bag is here too. We all get excited when we receive our beauty subscription bag or boxes, right? They are the source of surprises so why not! 😃 

Let us see what is in the "The Spring Kissed" - April Fab Bag
April 2018 Fab Bag
April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag

Rs.599/- a month

Available for 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, and 12 Month Subscription.

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The April Fab Bag

This month's bag is curated while keeping in mind the Spring Vibes. I got the Pink coloured bag with floral prints and with magnetic closure. The quality of the bag is quite good and can be re-used for storage purposes. Though, I am not a Floral Print Person. 😃 The bag is available in different colour variants so if you are a subscriber to the fab bag, do share what colour you got. 😄

Also, this month's products are like an illusion. There are regular 4-5 Products in Fab Bag but usually, the products are big and full sized that this time, when the full-sized products are small and compact in itself, they are giving a feeling like there is less number of products. 😃

What is in the April 2018 Fab Bag - "The Spring Kissed"

  • Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick - Shade "Serenity"

Full Size: Rs.1799/-

Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick - Shade "Serenity" - April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick - Shade "Serenity"

April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Manna Kadar Lip Locked Priming Lipstick - Shade "Serenity"

There was a choice to select either Manna Kadar Lipsticks or Lip Wand i.e, Lip Crayons. But had to say, this time, shades were so confusing that I wasn't able to select my choice easily. I spent 15-20 minutes on Google to find swatches and after some research, I selected the shade "Serenity"

But I guess the shade is bit lighter than I was expecting. It is okay but not up to 100% of my satisfaction. On the other hand, the texture is so soft and smooth on lips. Wish I had a better shade in this. 

  • Mond'Sub Collagen Under Eye Mask
Full Size - Rs.200/-

Mond'Sub Collagen Under Eye Mask - April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Mond'Sub Collagen Under Eye Mask

I am seriously excited to use this. Eye Care products are always a great attraction for me and a collagen under eye mask is something that I will be trying for the first time. Due to a lot of screen work, I do feel tired eyes so I am super excited to give this a try. 😃 Stay connected with me on Instagram as I will be sharing my reviews there and might update here so do subscribe to the blog too. 

 I gave Mond'sub Eye Mask a try before going to bed on a cleaned and moisturized face. I kept the mask for 25 minutes. At first, it gave my under eye area a super burning sensation (extreme) but later on, it was all calmed down. After 20 minutes, the result was clearly visible. I used Innisfree Orchid Under Eye Cream to seal in the effects.

My under eye area was actually plumped up and full of life. There were no dullness, darkness or deep circles. Just healthy, nourished and hydrated under eye area. Really Impressed the way it works. So quick! But the results will be temporary. So it is good to use once a week or before going out to an event or special meetings or whenever you need. 😍

  • Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera and Lemon Gel

Full Size - Rs.50/-

Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera and Lemon Gel - April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Nirvaana Handmade Pure Aloe Vera and Lemon Gel

This is a totally New Brand for me and it claims to be pure and chemical-free. Well, have to see now how it performs. 😇

I used this before going to bed after washing my face. First of all, the fragrance isn't much appealing. It has a medicated smell. After massaging on the face, gel turns into water consistency and you can actually see/feel water droplets on the face. 

It gets absorbed within seconds leaving no stickiness. It leaves a thin layer of moisture. Definitely, not enough to be used as a moisturizer. I applied my Innisfree Orchid Cream after it for nourished and moisturized skin. Nirvaana Aloe Vera gel is good to be used on the rash, cuts, burn or itchiness as it helps in calming down the skin.

  • Bliscent Lip Scrub - Pineapple Kiss

Full Size - Rs.200/-

Bliscent Lip Scrub - Pineapple Kiss - April 2018 "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag
Bliscent Lip Scrub - Pineapple Kiss

This, I had tried earlier and honestly, I liked this one. It feels like I am applying real pineapple juice on my lips. I am not much into Lip Scrubs and I haven't tried a lot of varieties but luckily this one is really effective. It results in smooth and soft lips from the first use. 

So this was all in the April Fab Bag. I got Full-Size products worth Rs.2249/- for Rs.599/-. 

All are new products to me in April "The Spring Kissed" Fab Bag except for Bliscent Scrub which I really like. I am excited towards Mond'Sub Eye Mask. The quality of Manna Kadar Lipstick is nice but shade choices availbale were not satisfactory. I feel, curation of the products this month could be better. In short, I am having Mixed Views for April Fab Bag. 😃
I hope you have found this post helpful. Share your views on April Fab Bag in the comments below. 😍

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  1. We literally received almost all same products except for the bag colour :D


  2. I have never subscribed for fab bag. This month is okayish.

  3. The lippie shade you have received looks super cute and nice for summer.