Perfect Spring Wedding Colour Combinations

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Perfect Spring Wedding Colour Combinations
Perfect Spring Wedding Colour Combinations

Planning the guest list, finding the perfect venue and making sure everyone’s attire fits just right are a few of the details that can make wedding planning overwhelming! One of the best parts of planning for your special day is when you finally choose one detail that coordinates with the rest. Deciding on a wedding theme that is best suited for your wedding is one of those details that can help inspire and direct the other details of your special day.

Here are a few Spring Wedding Colour Combinations that would work perfectly for the theme you have chosen for your special day!

A Fairytale Romance

Black and Grey Spring Wedding Colour Combination
Black and Grey Spring Wedding Colour Combination

If the fairytale of a romantic wedding is what you’re looking for, think of colors that are warm, bright and of a lighter palette. One-color that is trending for this spring is a warm shade of pink, blush. Blush is light, airy and has a dreamy quality to it that makes it the perfect color for a wedding.

Your wedding will feel romantic like a fairytale with blush incorporated in bridesmaid’s dresses, or into floral bouquets and the centerpieces of tables. With this color, a casual grey would make the perfect accompaniment! Sleek and enduring, The Black Tux offers various shades of grey suits from their wedding collection that would look great for a spring wedding!

Rustic and Charming

Lilac and Green Spring Wedding Colour Combination
Lilac and Green Spring Wedding Colour Combination

Maybe you’re looking for a theme that has more of a rustic and charming type of feeling. Nothing fits a rustic wedding better than incorporating greenery. From hanging flowers to centerpieces composed of succulents and green fillers, flowers are perfect for giving your special day a feeling that is almost woodland-like. 

To pair with the green neutrals, look to using colors that are lighter shades of their more bold counterparts. For example, for purple, think about using a shade like lilac. Lilac is earthy and brightening but not too distracting. Use lighter colors in small ways, like using small flowers in floral bouquets or in the accessories of groomsmen!

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Elegant and Timeless

Slate and Moss Spring Wedding Colour Combination
Slate and Moss Spring Wedding Colour Combination

Classic, elegant and timeless are all components of a wedding that never go out of season! Take a twist on the usual colors of black and white and think about using colour just as dashing, slate. Slate is a beautiful color that has an elegance to it much similar to black. 

Perfect for a black-tie wedding, this color will fit the theme of the wedding, but also give the bridal party a look that differs from the attire of guests. 

To match slate, think of using colors that are more neutral and just as elegant, like moss. Moss is great because it can be used in various shades of green. Dress bridesmaids in moss-colored gowns to make them glow as they stand next to handsome groomsmen in slate.

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Bold and Eye-Catching

Pantone Colour of the Year - Spring Wedding Colour Combination
Pantone Colour of the Year - Spring Wedding Colour Combination

One-color that is trending not just for spring weddings this year, is Pantone’s color of the year, ultraviolet. Mysterious, bold and imaginative, ultraviolet is definitely a color that catches the eye! Ultraviolet is going to be a color that you will want to compliment with others that aren’t as bright. Use greys, off-whites and black to make sure that the palette of your wedding isn’t too overpowering and distracting. Think about using ultraviolet as a bridesmaid dress color, or as part of your tablescapes.

The most important detail of planning your special day is making sure that it is how you pictured it! Use your own style through the details you choose and make sure that the colors you choose to tell the story of your romance! Bring your wedding to life through a theme with colors and style!

So this was all about selecting a perfect color combination for Spring Wedding. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

Have a Good Day! 😇

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