5 Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman

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The world we live in can get so hectic that we have less and less time to stop and smell the roses. Seriously, we could be completely happy, healthy, and overall content and not even know it because we don’t take the time to sit down and just evaluate our lives. Well, it’s time to take a moment.  Here are 5 Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman.

Whether you have no clue or are, in fact, having doubts regarding the state of your health and general happiness, this list of Five Signs of a Happy and Healthy Woman is a definite tell-tale sign you’re on the right track.

5 Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman

1. The Big Things

There is a very strong connection between what goes on in our bodies and our skin – basically, our skin is the window into our inner state, so if your skin is glowing, that is the very first sign that everything is a-okay, at least when it comes to your diet and your hormone balance.

Skincare is one of the Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman. Taking your skincare game up a notch with great skin and hair vitamins is highly recommended, so make sure you hop to it. Now, it’s time to dig deeper and evaluate your energy levels – if you don’t feel chronic fatigue and don’t experience brain-fog, you are very likely to be in excellent shape. 

5 Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman

Finally, there is the little matter of the heart. There are simple ways to make sure there is nothing wrong with your heart, so do a quick check-up every once in a while just to keep your mind at ease. If your resting heart rate is between 60-80 beats per minute, this is a good sign you’re healthy.    Also, there is the little matter of digestion – if you don’t experience constipation and diarrhea (aside from the occasional stomach flu), which are signs that something’s a bit off with your digestive system, you are good to go.   

If you are having any minor issues with regularity, perhaps even acne, this is the perfect time to do a spring detox so everything goes back in spick and span shape if there’s a minor glitch somewhere.

2. You Know How to Break a Good Sweat

Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman

Moving further on Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman, if you’re an avid gym-goer or have your own exercise regimen outside the gym, you are definitely thriving in both the health and happiness department. How come both? Well, not only does exercise benefit your cardiovascular health and provide you with a tremendous energy boost but it also increases your sex drive and serves to enhance your mood, not to mention that it helps the body stay in good shape, which isn’t only good for the health but for your self-esteem as well.

3. You Have Got it Going On

Your mojo is strong in every department and you are full of self-esteem. You have a way with people and get on really well with your coworkers (gossip contributes to happiness, so even if you do gossip a bit, that’s totally healthy). You have a great support system, whether it’s comprised of friends, family or both.

Signs - Happy and Healthy Woman

In fact, despite your general confidence, you are willing to walk the extra mile to nurture all your personal and professional relationships and it is of the Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman. Even if you’re not currently dating anyone specifically, you are still happy with how life is going and have a positive attitude, one that says that everything will be great in the end, because if it isn’t great, it means it’s not the end.

4. Let’s Get Personal

5 Signs - Happy and Healthy Woman

One of the key pillars of female health (and let’s face it, happiness too) is having normal menstrual cycles and periods that don’t make you have to call in sick because you’re rolling on the floor with cramps. We all know that periods are no picnic, but if yours isn’t giving you any more grief than any other generally healthy girl (no excessive delays, or skips, a surprisingly large flow), you’re in the clear, and super lucky. Just the fact that you can go to work or meet with friends during your period almost unfazed by it is one of the Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman.

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5. Sharp and Alert

5 Signs you are a Happy Woman and Healthy Woman

There isn’t a single person out there who wakes up every single morning feeling full of joy. We all get groggy and nervous every so often, and that’s nothing to worry about. If your mood is generally good, and you wake up looking forward to whatever the day has prepared for you, you are one happy and stable person. An even bigger sign that you are mentally perfect is that you don’t let things get you down, you don’t feel wounded, depressed, or even defensive when life throws you a curveball which is one of the biggest Sign you are a Happy and Healthy Woman. Sometimes you stumble a bit, but you pick yourself up and keep going.

So this was all for today. Hope you have found Signs you are a Happy and Healthy Woman full of positivity. Share your views in the comments below. 😍

Have a Good Day! 😇

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