5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight and to Get in a Shape

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Lose weight and make the decision to go on a diet, anyone can do it. It is to keep your diet in the long term and not to crack that is difficult! In this post, we will read 5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight and to Get in a Shape. The hardest thing when you decide to lose weight is not usually to start making efforts to change your bad eating habits, it’s more about keeping motivation in the long run.

Let us get into the details and see some Effective Tips to Lose Weight in order to maintain a good health.

5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight and to Get in a Shape

5 Effective Tips to Lose Weight and to Get in a Shape


It is a type of diet well known throughout the rest of the world when it comes to Tips to Lose Weight especially in the United States but unfortunately not enough in France or the countries around! But what is it? It’s simply reducing the number of carbohydrates in your meals.

This idea is not new, for more than a hundred years many people have recommended this type of diet but modern scientific studies have proven that it really works. Hence, it made the list of “Tips to Lose Weight”.

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The advantage of this diet compared to diets when it comes to Tips to Lose Weight is that we are often advised that it is limited to simply eat fewer calories and burns more! It is that you will not be hungry all the time. This diet just requires drastically lowering the carbohydrate count and nothing else. Is not it magic?

Cutting the carbs from your diet will also allow you to lose a lot of belly fat and thus have a flat stomach quickly. Sounds right for the “Tips to Lose Weight”, right?

So the next time you go to work and see your colleague Antoinette starving on a daily basis to stay slim, you’ll feel good about choosing this method. In addition, carbohydrates often give you hunger, and avoiding them you will have less desire to eat than before! Let us move ahead on “Tips to Lose Weight”.

Avoid Major Poisons from your Diet

Ok, moving ahead on “Tips to Lose Weight”, to lose fat you must add fruits and vegetables. But we must especially reduce the share of toxic products in our daily diet otherwise the fruit action will be ineffective (the stock of waste is constantly renewed).

What are these poisons:

  • Gluten grains
  • Dairy products made from cow’s milk
  • Processed products made from sugars, salts, and refined white flour present in supermarkets;
  • TOO MANY animal products (eggs, meat, fish) (you can consume good quality animal products but not at every meal!)

These products should be avoided when focusing on “Tips to Lose Weight” because they generate a lot of acidifying waste and congest our body and rebound effect make us gain weight. In addition, they are usually foods with a high glycemic index.

What is the Glycemic Index?

Moving ahead with “Tips to Lose Weight”, let us talk about Glycemic Index. Each food has a glycemic index of its own, the index ranges from 0 to 100 (100 being the index of pure sugar (glucose))

It measures the glycemic power of food, ie the effect it will have on blood sugar (blood sugar). A high glycemic index food will cause a peak in blood sugar.

Sleep More and Stress Less. Don’t take Anti-Anxiety Medicine

When it comes to “Tips to Lose Weight”, dealing with stress is really important. Most of us do not sleep enough…! But you should know that the sleep full of well-doing effects so one that allows you to lose weight quickly.

When you are not sleeping enough because of stress and depression, the body often requires more sugar and we all know that eating pastries on a regular basis will not help you lose weight quickly.

So sleeping well is perfect and if you have trouble sleeping you should do some research on it.

Besides the stress and bad for the body. Stress will increase stress-related hormones such as cortisol which leads to a desire to eat. And we want to have the least desire to eat to lose weight quickly!

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Don’t take anti-anxiety medicines like Xanax to fall asleep and to reduce stress. It is not a permanent solution because as long as Xanax lasts in your system you will be fine but after that, you will be the same person I mean depressed.

Pay attention to what you eat and learn to cook

When it comes to “Tips to Lose Weight”, Of course, you have to pay attention to what you eat, it’s something that everyone expected but what you have to do is mostly calculate the calories. The goal of the game is to burn more than you eat a day. Knowing how to lose weight quickly by cooking yourself is a big advantage!

This may seem difficult for some for, annoying for others, but taking into account that we eat and do simple math calculations is one of the safest solutions to know that you are on the right path in your diet. This is something that many of us practice for a few days and give up afterward. But we must not forget that the secret in diets is persistence when it comes to “Tips to Lose Weight”.

The most useful meal that often disturbs the least number of people is, the cabbage soup! It is a very popular meal and it is very easy to understand why.

Do not start making a schedule that you will probably never meet when it comes to Tips to Lose Weight, make a schedule that you know you can continue without problems even after a few weeks.

The most useful way to consume the least amount of calories and count them is by cooking yourself when it comes to Tips to Lose Weight! We are not all chefs but we must admit that knowing how to cook has many advantages, such as being able to cook healthy dishes when you feel like it; which can help the diet a lot! You can also take a look at the slimming products we recommend to get an idea of the ingredients and foods used in the diet.

Eating healthy is also useful for cellulite because people who eat too much fat, carbohydrate or salt and too little fibre may have larger amounts of cellulite.

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Walk 45 Minutes a Day

The reason we are being offered to walk 45 minutes instead of 30 is that a study from Duke University found that 30 minutes of walking a day can only prevent weight gain in most people who are relatively sedentary while walking more than 30 minutes can lose weight and lose weight quickly. When it comes to Tips to Lose Weight, Burning 300 extra calories a day with 45 minutes of walking could help you lose 13.6 kg in a year without even changing your diet.

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Walk Before Dinner

In a study conducted at the University of Glasgow in Scotland on 10 overweight women, 20 minutes of walking before dinner reduced the appetite. This trick was as effective as a light meal before dinner. So if you plan to take a walk made preferably before the meal to help you lose weight quickly.

Surround Yourself With The Color Blue to Lose Weight Quickly

Generally, when it comes to Tips to Lose Weight, you will not see many fast-food restaurants decorated in blue for a good reason: Blue color works as an appetite suppressant and it is useful to lose weight. To serve your dinner in blue dishes, wear blue clothes while you eat and cover your table with a blue tablecloth. However, avoid red, yellow, and orange in your dining rooms. Studies show that they increase appetite

Write what you Eat During your Diet at Least a Week

Studies have shown that people who keep food diaries consume about 15% less food than those who do not when it comes to “Tips to Lose Weight”. Beware of weekends: A study from the University of North Carolina found that people tend to consume an extra 115 calories a day during the weekends, including alcohol and fat. Reduce calories from spreads, seasonings, sauces, condiments, drinks, and snacks; it will make a big difference.

Set a Realistic Weight Loss Goal

Your neighbour who weighed 100 kilos weighs only 50 today and you say you can do better than her? Be careful, do not place the bar too high, otherwise, you may become discouraged quickly. Especially since such an exploit requires a lot, a lot of patience and time (ask your neighbour, she will tell you that her diet lasted several years!).

So losing fat fast or losing 30 pounds in 2 weeks can be harmful. Why you are in a hurry? Keep it simple

Allow Small Deviations

You can completely lose weight and enjoy yourself at the same time, provided you do not abuse. Our advice: if you crave pizza with lots of cheese, do not take a lot of it and eat slowly to allow the satiety signal time to come (it usually takes 15 to 20 minutes).

That way, you’ll have fun enjoying the taste of your pizza rather than restricting yourself and ending up frustrated, and it’ll give you more motivation to keep paying attention to your line

Do not Weigh Yourself Every Day

This is the best way to lose morale. Indeed, it is enough that you do the water retention to observe a variation of 1 to 2 kilos when in reality, it does not mean much. What matters when dieting is your waist.

Dieting and Lose Weight

Reward Each Step you Have Taken

With every step you make, give yourself a small bonus. It can be anything, as long as it makes you happy: a new accessory, a book, a massage session. You can also put money aside every time you take a step and then you buy a bigger gift once you have arrived at the final goal. When your goal is reached, you will be able to lose weight while having fun! Pretty nice, no?

The motivation to lose weight, it is maintained daily. And it is even essential to succeed in losing weight because there is no point in paying attention to his line for a day if it is to no longer have no desire and crack the next day. This would ruin all your efforts of the previous days and could even make you take back more pounds than you have lost. 

So keep these 5 tips in mind and stay motivated for the long term: it’s the most important for effective, consistent and lasting weight loss.

So This was it for today. 😍 I hope you have found this post helpful. Do share your thoughts in comments below. 😃

Have a Good Day! 😇

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