8 Holi Dresses You Should Wear While Playing Holi

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8 Dresses in Which You Look Gorgeous While Playing Holi
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Holi is the festival of colours and it is celebrated in many parts of India by playing with Abir and other types of colour with loved ones. You can play dry Holi where only powdered colours are used or you may play a wet Holi with liquid colours and balloons. In either case, your dress is bound to get covered in blotches of colours at the end of the day! Some people believe it is wiser not to wear your favourite dresses on this particular day as there is a high chance of it getting spoiled.

Here are 8 Holi Dresses Ideas which will surely make you look gorgeous while playing Holi.

  • White Tops

White Tops for Holi
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White or lighter coloured tops like lemon yellow, baby pink, pale blue are worn as Holi Dresses. You may wear a kurta or blouse or saree of these colours to get the traditional look. However, don’t wear anything tight fitting on that day, especially when you’re playing wet Holi. Your dress might cling to your body and since you’re wearing a light colour, chances are that your dress may become see-through and might make you land up in uncomfortable situations. But despite all these, avoid dark coloured clothes as that will mar your Holi spirits since colours are not easily understood on dark fabric.

  • Worn and Rugged Pair of Jeans

Rugged Jeans for Holi
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They are not only very comfortable but also help in case you get completely wet. Jeans don’t become see-through and thus you can play all you want. They will also protect your legs from harmful chemicals of the colours (just in case, since you’re going to be exposed to it for a long time.) Plus, they can be combined with T-shirts, Kurtas, etc.

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You may wear ripped jeans, however, to get a quirky look. Faded jeans, torn jeans, worn out jeans, give you an edge in your looks that will make you look gorgeous on that day. You can opt for faded blue jeans ripped at the knees coupled with a white blouse for Holi. But try to avoid skin-tight jeans for that day.

  • Shorts

Shorts for Holi
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Shorts or Hot-Pants also add charm to your Holi Outlook. If you don’t have any problem showing off your beautiful legs then go for it! Shorts are really good when you’re at a gathering with your friends to celebrate. You can always team it up with a Funky Tee and go on splashing colours! You can have cotton shorts or denim ones according to your choice.

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Shorts will make you look a lot more relaxed and comfortable with your beloved ones. You’ll surely look gorgeous in it if you can sport it properly.

  • Patiala Pants

Patiala Pants for Holi
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Patiala or Harem Pants are generally made up of cotton and they often come in various shades. You can wear one with a matching kurta or blouse. Moreover, they are loose fitting so you’ll be comfortable.

  • Saree

Saree for Holi
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Being another traditional Holi Outfit, saree is worn especially in places like Shantiniketan for playing Holi. You may wear saree of different vibrant colours like yellow, red, green, pink, etc. to get a fabulous outlook. Although white coloured saree is worn typically by widows, you can still opt for an off-white one or checkered one. Or you may wear a saree with different decorations done on them. In case you are going to play with watercolours, then keep in mind that your saree might cling to you. But in case you want to look bold and gorgeous, you can still go for it!

  • Dupatta

Dupatta for Holi
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In case you are wearing a skin-tight top and don’t feel comfortable about the way it’s clinging to you, you can always have a Dupatta ready for you. Just wrap it around your body and neck like a scarf and you are all okay!

  • Salwar Kameez

8 Holi Dresses You Should Wear While Playing Holi 1
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You stay covered from your head to your toes when you wear Salwar Kameez so it is good if you have a sensitive skin. You’ll be protected from the colours harmful effects, even if you stay with it for a prolonged period of time. You may wear a yellow or a white Salwar Kameez and look gorgeous in it. You may opt for different hairstyles like buns and braids with it.

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  • Quirky Bandana

Holi Dress Ideas
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In case you want to protect your hair from the colours, you may wear a quirky bandana on your head. This will make you look fashionable and yet protect your hair.

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