Manageable and Glossy Hair with The New Pantene Oil Replacement

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Pantene Oil Replacement

Pantene brings to India an international solution to end the hassles of oiling – The New Pantene Oil Replacement. And if you are someone like me who fights with frizzy hair and finds it difficult to De-Tangle every time post-washing the hair, then this post is for you! 😃 Excited? Keep Scrolling. 😄

Pantene Oil Replacement

Price: Rs. 150/- for 180ml 

Available at Nykaa

About Pantene Oil Replacement 

Long oiling hours will now be history! It is a rich and Creamy Product – which can be used on both damp and dry hair. The New Pantene Oil Replacement has Pro-V and goodness of oils; giving you 2X stronger hair hassle-free.

Pantene Oil Replacement


  • Gives you 2x stronger hair than ordinary hair oil, without the hassles
  • The creamy, non-sticky formula that takes seconds to apply
  • Recommended to be used before combing, blow-drying, sun and saltwater exposure
  • Apply evenly to the lengths of your hair
  • No need to rinse
  • For best results use of wet hair post-shower
Pantene Oil Replacement

How To Use

  • Rub a walnut-sized amount between the palms of your hands
  • Distribute it evenly through the lengths of your damp or dry hair 
  • Get up to 2X stronger hair!
Pantene Oil Replacement Application
Pantene Oil Replacement 


Packaging: Comes in a handy, travel-friendly squeezable tube with a flip-flop cap and a controlled flow. I can easily carry it in my handbag or in my luggage and it won’t occupy any space neither it will spill out. 😄
Pantene Oil Replacement
Pantene Oil Replacement 
Consistency and Fragrance: Non-Sticky 😃 Of Course! Only then it solves the purpose of what it is. Neither it is runny nor thick and is not at all heavy, oily, or sticky. I am impressed by how Pantene has managed to create something to give the benefits of an oil without being sticky. Talking about Fragrance, it has a very mild and not so bothering fragrance. 

My Experience: As I mentioned, I face frizzy-hair issue a lot. Not only that, managing or de-tangling my hair post washing is again a very tough job for me. 

To try this product out, I simply took a tiny amount of it and applied evenly on my semi-dried or simply damp hair after coming from a shower. I took a wide-tooth comb to detangle my hair and It literally took half of the time to comb my hair. I am not kidding and it really helped me to manage my hair
Pantene Oil Replacement
Pantene Oil Replacement 
Not only this, Every time before going out I used this to control the frizz and it really worked well. It didn’t even weigh down my hair. I also notice that it added a bit of shine and a healthy look to my hair locks. I am really loving using it and how it manages my hair without making them sticky or oily. 

And this can be used by both Men and Women. Though Men use styling gels and creams which can maintain their hairstyle as much I know. 😄 This is not something like heavy cream which Men use. 😄 But if you are a Man, and you are reading this, and you face that airy-electric-frizzy hair issue, you can use this for sure. 

Even though it is an oil replacement, I am not using this as an alternative to Champi(Scalp Massage) Hair Oil. The reason is simple, during an Intense Hair Massage session, more of the Oil is consumed by scalp and hair. 😄 

In short, I use Pantene Oil Replacement 
  • After washing my hair, i.e, on Damp hair
  • Before going out
  • Before De-Tangling my Hair, 
  • To control the Hair Frizz, 
  • To manage my Hair
  • To add Shine and a Healthy Look
Pantene Oil Replacement
Pantene Oil Replacement 

💁Overall, It is a Great Travel-Friendly and a Mess-Free Oil Replacement Cream to Manage the Hair and Add Shine post-shampoo without making them Oily or Sticky.


  • Mess-Free Usage
  • Easy Application
  • Travel-Friendly
  • Non-Sticky
  • No Weighing Down on Hair
  • No Hair Fall
  • Adds Shine
  • Helps to De-Tangle Hair
  • Controls Frizz
  • Unisex
  • Can’t be used as an Oil-Alternative
  • Not for Hair Massage

So this was all for today. Hope you’ve liked it! 😇 Have a Good Day! 

[Product Shots By Rajat Verma]

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