DIY - Rice Powder and Curd Face Pack | Anti-Tan and Skin Brightening

DIY - Rice Powder and Curd Face Pack | Anti-Tan and Skin Brightening

Tanning, Pigmentation, Dullness, Black Spots, Blackheads, Whiteheads and what not. We face a lot of issue with our skin and this makes Skin Care a really serious Job. Understanding our Skin and taking care of it is really important otherwise it may result in several skin issues which also affects our Confidence. Today, I am sharing a super-duper easy DIY which is a solution to a lot of Skin Issues and Brings Positive results Instantly. It's called "Rice Powder and Curd Face Pack" which is widely used for Skin Lightening and Brightening Purposes. Let's move into Details. 😍

I have used this DIY a lot and everyone with whom I shared this, loved it! And the best part is, this DIY doesn't have any weird smell which most of the DIY masks made from kitchen ingredients has. This is my most favorite and easy to use Face Pack. 😃

Face Mask rice powder and curd

Rice Powder and Curd Face Pack - For All Skin Type

This mask causes no dryness, rash, or excessive oil production. So no matter what skin type you have. You can include it in your skincare routine for a Healthy, Flawless, and Better Complexion. Even if you have sensitive and acne prone skin, this mask/pack will do wonders for your skin.

Benefits of Rice Powder and Curd Face Pack

  • Skin Lightening and Brightening 
  • Helps Removes Pigmentation and Spots (Age, Black, or Acne Spots)
  • Improves Complexion
  • Removes Tanning
  • Enhance Skin Texture 
  • Helps to remove Blackheads and Whiteheads
  • Improves the Facial Blood Circulation
  • Makes Skin Baby Soft 

Home Remedy for Tanning

This face mask is also a well-known home remedy for tanning. If you face tan issues a lot and you feel nothing is working, this pack is for you. From the first application, this gives instant results and with continuous usage, this helps to get rid of tan. 

face pack rice powder and curd

How This Mask Works?

Rice powder itself has whitening and healing properties. The granules of rice powder help in exfoliating the skin which brings the fresh new skin everytime you use this mask. So this is a Face Mask and Face Scrub in one. 😃

The curd is known to be very great for skin. It maintains the moisture level, fights dullness and improves complexion.

When mixed together, this forms a really great face mask which fights many skin issues. 


To be used once in a week. 


Rice Powder - DIY - rice powder and curd
Rice Powder
  • Rice Powder - You can simply grind rice in your Mixer Grinder. You can take Half/Full Bowl of Rice to Grind, as per your wish, as this powder can be stored in a container for a really long time in Fridge so you won't need to grind everytime you want to use. 😃

Curd - DIY - rice powder and curd
  • Curd - Again, Ingredient from your kitchen. You can take Home Made Curd or Regular Packaged Curd of your choice. 😃

  • Bowl to Mix Ingredients
  • Facepack Brush (Optional)


👉 Take a Bowl, and add half or full teaspoon rice powder as per your will. 

👉 Add curd to make the paste. You can increase or decrease the quantity of curd to get the desired consistency of paste. If the consistency of curd is thick, add curd-water or simply filtered water to get proper consistency of pack for an easy application. 

👉 Mix well, and set the mixture aside in Fridge for about 5 minutes. This pack workes well when it is cool and also helps the ingredients to absorb each other's goodness. 


Now that you have your mixture. Next step is to follow the instructions for an enhanced result. 

face pack rice powder and curd

👉 First, Wash your face with a mild cleanser to take off the dirt. 
👉 Second, apply the pack evenly with the help of brush or your fingers. 
👉 Keep the mask on your face for about good 25 minutes
👉 Wash-off the mask with wet hands and in the circular motion. This way, the rice granules will do their exfoliation work.
👉 Use Toner and Moisturizer (Optional). Although, after this mask, you won't need any moisturizer. But, if you still feel, you can go for it. 

skincare rice powder and curd

That's it. 😃 I am sure you will love the results and will continue using it. This DIY is easy and made with only two kitchen ingredients which are a plus point. 😃

Hope you have found this post useful. Do subscribe for more and share your views in comments below. Have a Good Day! 😊

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