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JEWELLERY! I know this word itself is so tempting. Every one of us has its own kind of choice when it comes to Jewellery Selection. Some are Diamond Lovers, Some are attracted by Gold, Some go for Heavy Jewellery while Some like to keep it Minimal, like me! 😄 Today, I am sharing about an Online Jewellery Store - CARATLANE, which I guess is the Mega E-Store for Jewellery. Let's explore it more. 😍

About CARATLANE is one of India’s leading e-commerce company and one of the most visible online brands since its inception in October 2008. CaratLane was started with a mission to change the way diamonds and diamond jewelry is bought in India. In 4 short years, this vision is well on its way to being realized. has been listed as one of the “Top 20 hottest e-commerce sites in India” in a Data Quest / Sapient Nitro study.

Caratlane by Tanishq

Huge Variety at

While Exploring their website, I realized they have everything a Jewellery Lover wants. From Solitaire to Gold Jewellery, Pendants, Neck Piece, Nose Pins, WatchesMangalsutra, Bangles, and Even Men Solitaire Rings.  

Jewellery Caratlane

Jewellery Caratlane

Caratlane Rings

If you will ask me to pick one thing from all the available options in Jewellery, I'll go for Finger Rings and Tiny Earrings, without any doubt. That too Delicate one. 😄 Yes, when it comes to accessories, I really love to keep it minimal. That's the reason I jumped into their Rings Section and I was just amazed by the options. 😍

Finger Ring Caratlane
Flower Gold Ring 

Grandiose Ring Caratlane
Grandiose Ring

Filter Your Search at Caratlane

What I liked the most was their "Filter" Option. Not just basic options like "For Men" or "For Women", but I was able to filter my search on the basis of Price, Weight, Product Type, Material, Metal, and Size. 😍

Love Heart Ring Caratlane
Love Heart Ring

Platinum Ring Caratlane
Platinum Ring

Gifting at Caratlane

Apart from the huge collection of jewelry, they have an amazing Gift Section too for every occasion and for everyone. 😎 

Gifting at Caratlane
Gifting at Caratlane

Try at Home with Caratlane

I know finalizing jewelry is not easy that too when it comes to the Costly and Original ones. That's where their Try @ Home Service caught my attention. Yes, You can select your choices, try them at home and then can finalize the options. 😇 That too for free! 😃

Try at Home Caratlane
Try at Home with Caratlane

Adding to the everything what Caratlane is providing, they are providing 48 Hour Delivery Service, Heavy Discounts, Occasional Offers, Sale, Store Section, and Chat Option to make the Online Jewellery Shopping Easy. 😇

Caratlane Discount
Discounts at Caratlane

So overall I quite liked exploring CARATLANE. I am sure you must have enjoyed reading this post too. 😄

You can explore more about them at ðŸ˜‡

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