August ‘My Envy Box’ Celebrating Beauty | Unboxing

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My Envy Box August Unboxing
My Envy Box – August

I know I am super late for this month’s unboxing post. 😄 No, I didn’t receive it late. But if you are following me on my Instagram then you must have seen my stories where I shared that I moved into a new place which takes your lot of time and energy. 😄 So here I am with my Unboxing Post today for August Edition of My Envy Box – #CelebratingBeauty 😇

My Envy Box August Unboxing
My Envy Box – August


  • Rs.850/- for 1 Month 
  • Rs.2550/- for 3 Months (To Which I am Subscribed) 
  • Rs.5100/- for 6 Months 
  • Rs.10,200/- for 1 Year

The Box

This month’s box is themed as #celebratingbeauty and is lavender in color. All the boxes are of magnetic closure which makes it more exciting. I am already using all the previous boxes as my storage box. 

August "My Envy Box" Celebrating Beauty | Unboxing
August “My Envy Box”

August "My Envy Box" Celebrating Beauty | Unboxing
August My Envy Box

What’s in The August “My Envy Box” 

1) Soultree Lipstick – Candy Floss 

  • Rs.550/- for 4.5gm (Full Size)
Soultree Lipstick - Candy Floss - Ayurvedic
Soultree Lipstick – Candy Floss

Soultree Lipstick - Candy Floss Swatch
Soultree Lipstick – Candy Floss

I have already tried Soultree lipsticks and they are so soft and creamy on lips. Plus they have some pleasing kind of fragrance which I like. And the best is, they are totally Ayurvedic. No damaging chemicals. This time, My Envy Box let me chose the shade and I opted for “Candy Floss’ which is such a beautiful nude shade. The swatch you are seeing the image is of 3-4 coats. Perfect for daily use. 

2) Seer Secrets – Tranquility Facial Mist 

  • Rs.297/- for 100gm (Full Size)
Seer Secrets - Tranquility Facial Mist Chemical Free
Seer Secrets – Tranquility Facial Mist

Seer Secrets - Tranquility Facial Mist Information Card
Seer Secrets – Tranquility Facial Mist

I am trying this brand for the first time and Have to say this is the most perfect facial mist. This is 100% Natural and even then it doesn’t give weird kind of smell. 😄 It has such a beautiful heavenly kind of light fragrance which is totally mood uplifting. Like I have used something in a luxurious spa.

Seer Secrets - Tranquility Facial Mist
Seer Secrets – Tranquility Facial Mist

It actual, y sprays like mist and not like a water stream. It doesn’t make my face watery and not even oily or shiny. I don’t even feel like I have used something. It’s like Room Freshener for my skin. 😄 In short, if you are looking for a mist with no chemicals, I will suggest this. Spray it even on your makeup and it won’t affect it. Just refreshment. 

3) Iraa – Eye Serum 

  • Rs.490/- for 20gm 
Iraa - Under Eye Serum
Iraa – Under Eye Serum

I get attracted to every eye cream. No matter it works or not but the word “under eye cream” gives me satisfaction. 😄 Not every cream works on darkness but all the creams are great to nourish the area, preventing it from premature aging. This one is in gel-creme kind of consistency and super easy to blend in. It didn’t give any heavy or oily finish and is great for using under makeup too. Great to have a full-sized under eye cream. 😎

4) Elixir Shop – Zaria Skin Brightening Serum

  • Rs.550/- for 5ml (In the Box) 
  • Rs.1800/- for 30ml (Full Size) 
Elixir Shop - Zaria Skin Brightening Serum
Skin Brightening Serum

I have no idea behind such a heavy price of this product. This is a facial serum which has a fragrance like Vicks VapoRub. 😄 It feels super-duper cold after application but gives a warm feeling after a few seconds. I really don’t know the reason behind this temperature fluctuation but I am really having a feeling like this will result in good. In fact, the next day I noticed my skin much brighter. It also relaxes my facial muscle. It consists of 3 Ingredients – Rosemary, Lavender, and Coconut Oil and I am really excited to see how it works for my skin. 

5) Nyassa – Divine Lotus Body Lotion 

  • Rs.101/- for 35ml (In the Box) 
  • Rs.425/- for 145ml (Full Size) 
Nyasa - Divine Lotus Body Lotion
Nyasa – Divine Lotus Body Lotion

How to explain in words!! This lotion has the most beautiful fragrance in this whole universe. I love those products which have natural fragrance and they actually refresh the mind instead of providing discomfort. I never thought that a product with lotus fragrance can be so refreshing. I am honestly using this for fragrance esp. as a hand lotion for aromatic hands. 😄

💁So this was all in August My Envy Box. Got 3 Full Sized Products and 2 Sample Sized. I won’t call them sample sized. For me, they are like the smaller version. Because sometimes I receive tiny sachet as a sample which I really don’t like. All the products are worth trying. Like I personally won’t pay such heavy price for products but getting an opportunity to try in these subscription boxes is really fun! 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this.

Have a Good Day! 😇

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  1. The box of this month is a great deal indeed! You have received some really good products. I have used Soultree lipstick that I received in one of my My Envy Box and I love its soft and creamy texture.

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