All About The Green Coalition Network (NGO)

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Having a wide reach is not only good but a great, deep, and positive feeling. Just with our one post, we can share our thoughts with a large audience. So I thought, why not to add more value to my blog by writing for a social cause or simply for an NGO. I have joined hands with Blog Adda’s BSR (Blogger’s Social Responsibility) which let us share about different NGOs and their work through our platform and Today, my post is all about Green Coalition Network. 😇

Green Coalition Network is an independent non-governmental environmental advocacy organization that was informally founded in the year 2000. Green Coalition is dedicated to improving public health standards, protecting the environment and promoting sustainable development and ethical business. 

They provide practical eco-friendly solutions that integrate long-term economic prosperity and sound social development, thereby bringing about real positive change. 

They are consultants to the health and nutrition industry with a focus on dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, functional foods, OTC pharmaceuticals, natural and organic products, ayurvedic medicines and cosmeceuticals. Besides, they are also an established provider of authentic and credible premium health content and environmental content for consumer and media use.
They implement this by influencing public opinion, building constructive partnerships with industry and the government and promoting community and corporate programs focused on youth and public participation.

Support: Environmental Awareness, Environmental Education, Environmental Advocacy, Public Health, Fair Trade, Sustainable Development, Third Sector Consulting

Become a Volunteer

They want more active volunteers and members. You can also have a look at their current requirements.

So this was all about GCN. This post is a part of BlogAdda’s Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. 

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