July ‘The Color Drama’ Fab Bag | Unboxing

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July Fab Bag Unboxing
July Fab Bag
I know I am super late for July Fab Bag Unboxing but Honestly, I received this Bag a day back and following the ritual, here I am with the Unboxing post. 😃 I tried Fab Bag a year back with 3-Month Subscription and my views were okay-okay then. But in this whole year have seen Fab Bag improving its Brand Curation and Bag Quality. That’s the reason I decided to give it a try again and honestly, I am really happy with my Fab Bag this time. 😍

When I got to know that Fab Bag has collaborated with Brands like SUGAR, Tvakh, Just Herbs, and other Good Brands, it really made me feel happy because these brands are well known and never fails to impress. Earlier, people used to say that most of the Fab Bag products don’t suit their skin. But gradually, Fab Bag improved their quality and people are now loving their curation. 

July The Color Drama Fab Bag Unboxing
July Fab Bag


  • Rs.599/- for 1 Month 
  • Rs.1599/- for 3 Months (To Which I am Subscribed)
  • Rs.2899/- for 6 Months
  • Rs.4999/- for 12 Months 
No Doubt, Fab Bag is the most affordable subscription service in the market. 

The Bag

This month’s Bag is coming in two color variants. One is Barbie Pink and other is in Coral Shade. I so wanted to have the Pink and luckily, I got it! 😃 So this made me happier. The quality of the bag is much better than the earlier ones I tried. It has a soft leather touch which looks really cool and this has a tiny loop hole too which makes it easy to carry. Now let’s see what’s o July Fab Bag.

What’s in the July “The Color Drama” Fab Bag

1) SUGAR Matter as Hell Crayon Lipstick – Cherry Darling 

  • Rs.799/- for 2.8gm (Full Size) 
They let me choose the makeup product for July Fab Bag. And Between Vivid and Crayon Lipstick I decided to go for Crayon Lipstick in Shade – Cherry darling and I am proud of my choice. 😎 I got SUGAR Sharpener free with this Crayon Lipstick.
SUGAR Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick - Cherry Darling
SUGAR Crayon Lipstick – Cherry Darling
SUGAR Matte as Hell Crayon Lipstick - Cherry Darling
SUGAR Crayon Lipstick – Cherry Darling
SUGAR Sharpener
SUGAR Sharpener
I Love the formulation of SUGAR Lipsticks. Be it Creme or Matte. This one is from their matte collection and it doesn’t make my lips dry at all. I don’t even feel like I have applied something on my lips. This is the first time I am loving a Matter Lipstick so much. 

2) Tvakh: Fruit Enzyme Alcohol-Free Toner

  • Rs.160/- for 50 ML 
Tvakh Fruit Enzyme Alochol-Free Toner
Tvakh Fruit Toner
No parabens, No sulfates, No phthalates, No petroleum oils, No GMO, Non- Comedogenic. For All Skin Types.
Tvakh’s Fruit Enzyme Toner is designed with premium fruit extracts that contain natural AHA and BHA activity that deeply cleanses, tones exfoliates, reduces pore size with optimum hydration. A multitasking product that will keep your skin smooth and radiant. 


3) Just Herbs: Herbs Enriched Skin Tint

  • Rs.385/- for 15gm
Just Herbs Medium Coverage Skin Tint
Just Herbs Skin Tint

Cruelty-Free and PETA Verified. 

A medium-coverage skin tint with Broad Spectrum Sun Protection. Blurs Imperfections, Masks large pores, and primes Blemishes. Suits all skin Types.

4) Kronokare: Hydrate the Hair Shampoo

  • Rs.165/- for 55ml
Kronokare Hydrate the Hair Shampoo
Kronokare Shampoo

Vegan and Cruelty-Free. SLS, Paraben, Silicone, Mineral-Oil Free. 

Citrus blend daily shampoo gently cleanses the hair while delivering some acai extract and pure essential oils that moisturize the hair cells deeply. Your hair gets hydrated and shiny in no time!

July The Color Drama Fab Bag Unboxing
July Fab Bag

So this was all in the July Fab Bag. Quite Happy with Small-Sized Products. I have literally started loving the concept of not sending Full-Sized Products now. It’s good to have a trial size first. 😇

Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Do Subscribe for more and Have a Good Day. 😇

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