My Envy Box Beauty Box Subscription – June 2017 | Unboxing

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june my envy box unboxing
June My Envy Box

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My Envy Box Beauty Box Subscription - June 2017 | Unboxing 1 My Envy Box Beauty Box Subscription - June 2017 | Unboxing 2 My Envy Box Beauty Box Subscription - June 2017 | Unboxing 3

Subscription Boxes are my Love, be it any – beauty, food or anything and My Envy Box is one them. There are many reasons I am attracted towards this beauty box which I will share in this post along with what all I got in my June – My Envy Box. 😎

About My Envy Box

It is the leading discovery commerce platform. They are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market.

Subscription Boxes they offer – Beauty Box and Jewelry Box

june my envy box beauty box
June My Envy Box

What I Love about My Envy Box

  • The very first reason is “It is a Beauty Subscription Box” 😄
  • Second, different theme every month which means a new variety of products and packaging every month.
  • Third, re-usable packaging. Yes! The Box itself is a solid storage box with magnetic closure and fancy graphics and I am already using my previous boxes as my lipstick box, eyeliner box and what not. 😄
  • Fourth, opportunity to try new and expensive brands and their products every month without burning hole in my pocket. 
  • Fifth, sometimes it has makeup products too.

What I Don’t Like about My Envy Box

  • Half of their products or I guess more than that are sample sized products.
  • No Shade or Fragrance Choice available 

This is the Information Card which comes inside the box having all the details like what the box contains and product description of everything. But I guess it is the standard card and not customized according to the particular box. Because everyone received different fragrance or shades be it the perfume, nail paint or any makeup product. 
my envy box unboxing
June My Envy Box

monthly subscription box my envy box
June My Envy Box
So what attracted me this month was their Blue or Beach Themed Refreshing Packaging plus all the products were from the brands which I haven’t tried and so wanted to give them a try. So here is what all I got this month.  

1) Essence Color and Go Nail Paint 

Price: Rs.850/- for 100 ML 

Shade: 104 Sweet as Candy 

— Full Size — 

june my envy box essence nail paint
Essence Nail Paint

I have tried a lot of products from Essence Cosmetics such as Mascara and other Nail Paint Shades and they are really pretty good. Their products have quality and never fail to impress. The shade I got is really light and I am not sure if it will suit me but stay tuned on my Instagram to see how it looks!😇 

2) Essence Eyeshadow 

Price: Rs.199/- for 2.5 GM 

Shade: 35 Party all Night 

—Full Size—
june my envy box essence eye shadow
Essence Eye Shadow
I am really happy to receive makeup products this time. I immediately tried this before getting these shots clicked so it has that dark impression. 😄 Luckily, I loved the shade and it is really pigmented and gives the catchy glittery look to eyes. 

3) and 4) Forest Essentials Teenage Day and Night Cream 

  • Rs. 1850/- for 30 GM (Day Cream) 
  • Rs. 1975 for 30 GM (Night Cream) 

—Sample Size—
  • Rs. 245/- for 4 GM (Day Cream)
  • Rs.264/- for 4 GM (Night Cream) 
my envy box forest essential teenage day and night cream
Forest Essential Day and Night Cream
I have never tried this Brand because this is really expensive. Thanks to My Envy Box. I can try my hands on this now. 😄 This is Eladi Day Cream and Kumkumadi Nigh Cream and I am really excited to see how it works on my skin. But even if they work good, my pocket won’t allow buying the full-size products from this Brand. 

5) Calvin Klein Eternity Intense Parfum 

Price: Rs.5800/- for 100 ML 

—Sample Size— (1.2 ML)

my envy box calvin klein perfume
Calvin Klein Parfum

Again, a Big and Expensive Brand. The fragrance is really impressive. Exotic impressions of sandalwood, floral and woody hint (totally, my type) and not totally sweet and floral. Pretty Good. 

6) Votre After Sun Mist 

Price: Rs. 850/- for 100 ML 

—Semi Full-Size—

  • Rs,500/- for 50 ML 

my envy box votre after sun spray
Votre After Sun Spray

This is totally a new Brand for me so I am quite excited. The description and everything which is written on it like it is After Sun Spray made from Natural Ingredients which reduces the redness, is attracting me towards it. Hope this will work good on my skin. 

7) Vetro Power- Foot Wear Protection

Price: Rs. 1500/- for 100 ML

—Sample Size—

  • Rs. 600/- for 25 ML
my envy box vetro foot wear protection spray
Vetro Foot Wear Protection
I never used this kind of product before plus the Brand is new for me. But my Brother everything about this. This is protective coating for our footwear which protects them from outside dirt and helps to maintain them. Product says – “It is to be used on newly purchased foot wear for best results”. So I am super excited how this will go. Stay Tuned for my updates on this. 😇
June Beauty Box Available at –

So this is what all I got. Quite satisfied because everything is new for me but “Why Sample Size?” 😄 Anyways, hope you have enjoyed reading this and don’t forget to subscribe for more. Have a Good Day! 😇

[Product Shots by Rajat Verma.]

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