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All the Product Shots used in this Blog are by Rajat Verma

Go Fresh with Greenberry Organics Pure Cucumber and Rose Water Face Mist and Toner | Alcohol and Preservatives Free

cucumber and rose water face mist and toner
Cucumber and Rose Water Toner

"Face Mists" name itself so refreshing and when it is all natural, you will just fall in love with it. If you are a regular reader of my blog then you must have read a lot of posts on Greenberry Organics. No doubt, their all products are free from chemicals, certified and dermatologically tested. Recently, they launched Face Mist cum, Toner. One is Pure Cucumber and Rose Water Face Mist and Toner which I am reviewing today and the other one is Pure Rose Water Face Mist and Toner which I will review in my coming post. Let's get into the details. 😇

cucumber and rose water mist and toner review
Cucumber and Rose Water Mist

Price: Rs.575/- for 100 ML (On Sale - Rs.494/-)

Product Description

  • 100% Pure Natural and Organic Cucumber & Rose Water.
  • Use it as a Face Toner, Face Mist, Face Cleanser, After Sun Body Spray. The natural goodness of the product makes it a unique multipurpose product which can be used in several applications.
  • This blend of Rose Water and Cucumber Water is untouched and has no preservatives making it the safest form of water to be applied on face

  • Our preparation is 100% Alcohol-FREE and doesn't have any added colors. Use the Rose Face Mist and Toner with confidence several times a day.
  • The rose water is steam distilled with Cucumber extracts and seed oil several times to give it a perfect blend and retain the good moisturizing properties. 

paraben free cucumber and rose water mist
Cucumber and Rose Water Mist

One thing which wins my heart every time is that all of the Greenberry Organics Products are 
  • 100% Vegan and Natural
  • No Sulphates and Parabens
  • Made in India
  • GMP Certified Manufacturing Unit
  • Certified and Dermatologically Tested
  • Combination of Ancient Ayurveda and Modern Day Apothecary

greenberry orgnaics paraben free
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👉 Packaging: Comes in a plastic bottle (no risk of breakage) with an amazing spray pump with a protective plastic cap on it. Why amazing? Because the spray nozzle is designed so perfectly that it actually sprays like a mist and doesn't make your face all wet. Though I faced a bit problem while using it for the first time, maybe it was hard but then it was all okay. 

pure cucumber and rose water mist and toner
Cucumber and Rose Water Mist

👉 Color and Consistency: 
Well, color is something like real squeezed juice of cucumber mixed with rose water. Something like coconut water. 😄 Consistency, not at all greasy or oily. Just like pure and light rose water. 

cucumber and rose water mist and toner natural ingredients
Cucumber and Rose Water Mist

👉 Fragrance: So Natural. I felt like I am in a huge garden and natural and refreshing fragrance are swirling around me. You will laugh here but this is somewhat resembling the Rose Gulal we use in Holi Festival. 😄 And I love that. 💖

👉 Effectiveness: The First thing which I do with Mists or Toners is that I keep them in the fridge. Because cool Mists or Toners works more effectively and in summers, it totally refreshes us. Not only mists, I store most of the creams or face packs in the fridge. Now before I move on, let me tell you that I have Oily, Sensitive and Acne-Prone skin which I guess I have told in most of my posts. 😄

cucumber and rose water mist spray
Cucumber and Rose Water Mist

---As a Mist---

I am in love. What to say! I spray 3-4 times just to enjoy that refreshing feeling. 😍 I feel like all the tiredness and boredom is off! It doesn't give me any kind of oily or heavy feeling and within seconds my skin absorbs it. Even if I touch my face, I don't feel anything and I feel all refreshed except in humid season because most of the facial mist feels a bit sticky during humidity but that will be only temporary. You know how humidity ruins our skin, makeup, everything. 😄

 😍 We all know how good cucumber and rose water is for our skin. Having those real extracts in a mist just feels- 100% Satisfaction and Positivity. I use it 4-5 times a day or whenever I feel like. I use it sometimes before applying makeup and sometimes after applying makeup or sunscreen and it works well but not as a primer or makeup fixer, just as a hydrating and refreshing mist.  

cucumber and rose water face mist
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Another point I noticed here, it keeps my skin moisturized. I washed my face before going to bed and used it as a mist. And I didn't apply anything after it. Next morning, I woke up with all natural glow and hydrated skin. You are in a work mode and feeling tired, use it. If you are out in the sun and feeling exhausted, use it. It's worthy! 


---As a Toner---

Product says you can use it as a face cleanser and it is so true to it. I took a cotton pad, sprayed some toner on it and cleansed my face with. Honestly, all the dirt and oil was there on cotton. It really cleaned the pores and I felt refreshed. 

I use it as a toner everytime I wash my face be it 2-3 times a day because it is alcohol-free so it doesn't make my skin dry. Because it works as a cleanser too, I was sure it will take out all the residue if left while toning my face. Simply spray some over the cotton pad, dab it on your face and gently wipe off. 

One major problem in Summers is Open pores and this toner works on it. After using it for days I noticed visible results on open pores esp. around the nose. So though costly, but effective and worthy. 😇

  • All Natural
  • Doesn't make skin oily
  • Light and refreshing
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Brings out the glow
  • Minimize the Pores 
  • Takes out all the dirt and oil 

  • Costly
  • Bit sticky in humidity only

Available at

So this was all about the newly launched Cucumber and Rose Water Face Mist cum, Toner. There are lot more new products coming from Greenberry Organics which I will review here one by one. 😄 So do subscribe and stay tuned. Have a Good Day! 💖


  1. Nice and detailed review , the mist seems so Refreshing :-)

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  5. I have acne prone skin too and after reading your experience I can tell that it will suit my acne prone skin too! 😀 I wanna try this soon!

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    Loved your reviews and the pictures ofcourse!!

  7. This mist sounds really effective and refreshing

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