DeBelle Gel Nail Lacquer - Sparkling Dust | Review

debelle gel nail paint sparkling dust
DeBelle Sparkling Dust

I am a person who always loves to see her hands with nail paint on. My Love for Nail Paints will never fade away πŸ’– and that's the reason I love to try different shades and tones of Nail Paints from Different Brands. Debelle Cosmetics is one of them. Along with their Nail Paints, I have tried their Fairness Cream and Body Lotion and I must say, the Brand knows how to give effective results while keeping it simple. They don't give fancy promises and that's what I love about them.

I have tried a lot of shades from Debelle such as French Affair, Mystique Green, Mint Amour, and a lot more and never got disappointed. Each and Every shade has its own vibes and I love each and every one of them. 

Today, I am sharing the swatches on Sparkling Dust which is a newly launched shade and to be honest, this is the most favorite shade I have ever tried. 

debelle sparkling dust nail paint
Debelle - Sparkling Dust

Price: Rs.295/- for 8 ML

Shade: Sparkling Dust

debelle nail paint sparkling dust
Debelle - Sparkling Dust

Product Description

  • India's Only Natural Nail Polish
  • Gel based, high-pigmentation formula
  • Doesn't require UV light
  • Seaweed extract to promote nail growth
  • Unique feature of long-lasting stay

debelle nail paint
Debelle - Sparkling Dust


πŸ‘‰Packaging: Comes in a transparent cylindrical bottle with a catchy mirror-effect cylindrical cap having a sticker of shade name on it. Cute and tiny in size and is totally travel-friendly.

πŸ‘‰Color and Consistency: This shade is a glittery shade with hues of both Gold and Silver. Consistency is just as perfect somewhat like a runny gel, enough to transfer the shade and glitter particles in just one coat. It doesn't get thick, collected, or runny while applying which makes it more easy to use.

πŸ‘‰Applicator: The brush is neither too wide nor too thin. Enough to coat the nails without creating the mess on the sides. When brush supports you, it saves your lot of time. πŸ˜‡

debelle cosmetics nail paint sparkling dust
Debelle - Sparkling Dust

πŸ‘‰ My Experience: The very first thing I notice, is that it doesn't take much time to get dry. True to the claim of "Doesn't require UV Light". Within minutes it was all set on my nails.

As it is a glittery shade, I can feel some particles on my nails after drying up. What I loved here, even being glittery, it doesn't give a fancy or odd look to my hands. Anyone can wear it in normal routine even with an office routine. It is decent enough to be wearable in daily life and catchy enough to be wearable in parties. Plus, I love the fact it has natural seaweed extracts.

debelle nail paint sparkling dust
Debelle - Sparkling Dust

It has a gel + glittery finish and the best part is, it doesn't require a base or top coat. Just Grab the bottle, apply and you are done. It is a time-saving nail paint, right? 😎

Coming, to the staying power, I am totally impressed.  Just like the other Nail Shades, I tried from this Brand, It doesn't get ripped or faded in just a few days of application. Yes, even with the daily routine when your hands are in action 24*7 πŸ˜„.  I am totally satisfied with this and it is worthy! 

πŸ’Overall, A decent Golden-Silver Glittery shade with no Odd Looking vibes. Wearable in Daily Routine and Parties. Dries within seconds and has high staying power. Worthy!

  • Natural Seaweed Extracts
  • Dries within Seconds
  • Doesn't looks odd
  • High Staying Power
  • Gel Finish
  • Glitter Particles doesn't come off
  • Doesn't require base or top coat
  • Doesn't fades off in just a few days
  • Easy Application
  • Value for Money 

  • No Con 

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So these were my views on the Shade - Sparkling Dust from DeBelle Cosmetics. I am coming up with another shade "Peachy Passion" soon. Don't forget to subscribe for more and Have a Good Day! 😎

Disclaimer: PR Package. Honest Review.


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