Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo | Review

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Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo
Tresemme Botanique

Luckily, I haven’t faced many issues with hair and I didn’t bother much for a good hair care routine. 😄 My hair care routine was only oiling two times a week and using a good shampoo. I didn’t go for Hair Spa, Hair Packs or Leave in creams or something. But from past few months, I don’t know why, maybe because of season change or anything, but my hair stands are becoming drier. So it is like I have combination hair – oily scalp, and dry frizzy hair strands.

Botanique is recently launched range by Tresemme and I was so excited to give it a try. I searched for this range in my nearby store but the only shampoo was there. So I thought to pick it up and try the conditioner someday later. So today, I am sharing my views on the Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo

Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo
Tresemme Botanique

While searching for this shampoo on Amazon, I found two links. One having the Title “Nourish and Replenish” and the other one “Detox and Restore“. Even the listed price on both the links was different. I am totally blank that whether the “Nourish and Replenish” version even exist or not. So I explored the link saying “Detox and Restore”. But what I found, that link was a bad one, having no information and there was one “1 Star” rating saying received leaked bottle. So I jumped to the link saying “Nourish and Replenish” and found that it is the original one having all the correct information and the same price on which I bought. So I guess it was only misprinting or labeling. Don’t worry, I will leave the only good link below. 😇

Price: Rs. 150/- for 190 ML 

Product Description

  • For Frizz control hair for up to 24 hours
  • Expertly crafted system is infused with rich botanical blend of olive oil & camelia Oil
  • Gently nourishes hair, leaving hair feeling moisturized and beautifully soft.
  • No Parabens. No Dyes
  • Safe for color treated hair
Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo Review
Tresemme Botanique


👉 Packaging: Comes in an opaque squeezable plastic bottle with a press and pop nozzle cap. All the important information is there on the packaging. The nozzle dispenses the proper amount without creating the mess around the cap. 

New Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo
Tresemme Botanique

Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo
Tresemme Botanique

👉 Color and Consistency: It is a transparent runny gel shampoo which forms a good amount of foam and doesn’t even requires the excess amount of shampoo to wash the scalp and roots properly. But yes, if you have oiled your hair then you will need bit extra. I guess this happens with every shampoo! Right? 😎

👉 Fragrance: So mild and soothing. It is neither totally floral nor fruity. But a mild mixture of both. Feels like I am in a Garden and enjoying the aroma of nature. 

Tresemme Botanique Detox and Restore Shampoo
Tresemme Botanique 

👉 Effectiveness: Till date, Loreal Total Repair 5 was my favorite. But after using this I feel like I found my new favorite. First, I liked the fact that it contains No Dye or Parabens. This Shampoo effectively cleanses my scalp without leaving any residue of oil or dirt and at the same time works on my dry hair strands. It nourished them and controlled the frizziness in one go. It is like 2 in1 Shampoo for me, Oil-free for my scalp and nourishing for my hair strands.

I feel a very positive connection with the product when it works from the very first use. I definitely noticed that my hair was much manageable and soft. And I didn’t even apply conditioner. Even then, this shampoo maintained the moisture balance without making my scalp oily. I even felt that it gave my hair a healthy volume

That natural mild and refreshing fragrance linger on hair for few hours. I didn’t feel any itchiness or dryness post usage. I am honestly seeing a difference. Whenever I touch my hair, I feel they are much softer, healthier and nourished. If you are looking for a Shampoo which cleanses and nourishes well without making them heavy or oily, go for this. 

  • No Dye
  • No Paraben
  • Cleanses Scalp and Hair well
  • Pull outs all the dirt and excess oil 
  • Nourishes the strands without making oily
  • Controlled Frizziness
  • Added Volume
  • No Itchiness
  • No weighing down of hair 
  • Worthy 


  • No Con

Available at

So this was all about the Newly Launched Tresemme Botanique Shampoo. Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Stay Tuned for More and Have a Good Day! 😇

[Product Shots By Rajat Verma]

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  1. lovely pics… So refreshing… You know, the normal tresemme one doesn't suit my hair, but I will try this one… These days my hair also behave so strange…

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