The Adore Package - Monthly Beauty Subscription Box | May Edition | Review and Unboxing

The Adore Package Beauty Box
The Adore Package

A Subscription Box. Yay! I am addicted to Subscription Boxes and Bags and I am sure most of you are too. I am trying my hands for the first time on The Adore Package which is a Subscription Box Brand. This is quite different from all the boxes I have tried till date and that's why I am Honestly Loving it! Excited? Keep Scrolling. 😍

About "The Adore Package" 

It was first Launched as a PMS Box and later they came with their own Beauty Box. So now, you can choose from both or can order both from their website -


The Adore Package PMS Box

Beauty Box

The Adore Package May Beauty Box

I know what you are thinking. πŸ˜„ PMS Box looks heaven! Right? πŸ˜„ I'll definitely try it once in coming months. But today's post is all about their Beauty BoxLet's explore what all I got in my "The Adore Package" - May Edition. 

The Adore Package Beauty Box
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Review and Unboxing

The Adore Package - May Beauty Box Subscription
The Adore Package - Beauty Box

πŸ‘‰Packaging: It comes in a simple cardboard box, safely and securely packed. I love the font which is everywhere - on the sides of the box and on the information cards inside the box. Inside, you'll find all the products securely wrapped in Bubble wrap and are playing Hide 'n' Seek in Colorful Confetti. 😍

Monthly Beauty Box Subscription
The Adore Package - Beauty Box

πŸ‘‰Information Cards: There are two information cards inside the box. One is the Thank You Card and second is the Product Information Card where you can find all the details of the products you got in your box along with the social handles of "The Adore Package". 

Information Cards The Adore Package Beauty Box
Information Cards

Information Cards - The Adore Package Subscription Box
Information Cards

πŸ‘‰Products: I got 5 Full-Size Products. Yay! πŸ˜„ All the products are from Known and trusted brands so I am quite Happy with what I got. πŸ˜‡ I was receiving almost same Brands and Products in most of the subscription boxes. In this box, I got different Brands and Products. (Satisfied). 😎


(Pomegranate Pearls Face and Body Scrub)

Fuschia Pomegranate Face and Body Scrub
Fuschia Face and Body Scrub

Price: Rs. 150/- for 30 GM 

Fuschia Face and Body Scrub Pomegranate
Fuschia Face and Body Scrub

Fuschia is a Brand which is there in every subscription box. So I knew I am going to receive fuschia products. But I am glad I received something which is new for me. I am trying this scrub for the first time. The fragrance is really like extremely sweet candy or syrup. πŸ˜„ Fuschia scrubs are mostly creamy scrubs and work on hydration along with exfoliation. As all the products from fuschia are free from chemicals, I am sure this too will perform best. 

Aroma Magic

(Carrot Sunscreen)

Aroma Magic Carrot Sunscreen
Aroma Magic Sunscreen

Price: Rs.95/- for 50 ML

Aroma Magic is a new Brand for me. I have heard a lot good things about this Brand but didn't try. Luckily with this Box, I got their sunscreen (SPF 15). The Product says it is 100% free from Oxybenzone, Parabens, Harsh Chemicals and Artificial Fragrance. First I thought it may smell something weird because of "Carrot" but to my surprise, it has a refreshing and mild fragrance which is not overpowering or odd at all. I am sure this going to deliver good results. 

Aroma Magic

(Aromatic Skin Toner)

Aroma Magic Aromatic Skin Toner
Aroma Magic Toner

Price: Rs.100/- for 100 ML

I am attracted towards Pump and spray nozzles. They are easy to use and won't cause the mess. πŸ˜„ This toner is free from Alcohol, Parabens, Petrochemicals, Phthalates, Artificial Fragrance and Colors. In short, it is all natural. It contains Pomegranate, Lavender, Peppermint, Hazel, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang. I am still unable to track what the fragrance is but is really mild and aromatic. Hope so it will perform well for my skin. :) 


(Care and Color Red Lip Balm)

Nivea Care and Color Red Lip Balm
Nivea Lip Balm

Nivea Care and Color Red Lip Balm
Nivea Lip Balm

Price: Rs.200/- for 4.8 GM 

We all grew up using Nivea Products. Agreed, we all are moving towards chemical-free world but there are still some major tycoons who are as good in skincare as chemical-free Brands. When it comes to Hydration, Nivea & Vaseline are the Brands which comes first in mind. This Lip Balm is lightly tinted and gives me the cute pinkish red color. Immediately nourishes my lips without going into sticky range. Heals the dryness and cracks on lips, resulting in soft, healthy and pink lips. πŸ˜‡ I got Nivea product for the first time in a subscription box and I am really happy to see it. Plus, stick balms are my favorite. 😍


(Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask)

Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask
Fuschia Charcoal Face Mask

Fuschia Activated Charcoal Detox Face Mask
Fuschia Charcoal Mask

Price: Rs.250/- for 50 GM 

This Activated Charcoal Face Mask from Fuschia is ruling the subscription boxes these days. Buy any beauty box and for sure you'll get this product. πŸ˜„ Well, it is the most favorite mask of the majority. Reason being it doesn't leave charcoal traces even after being a charcoal mask. Plus, the instant benefits. And it really detoxifies and brightens up the skin. I have already reviewed this Face Mask which you can read here. 😎

I got the products worth Rs.795/- and the MRP of 1 Month Box is Rs.599/-. Honestly Happy and Loving my "Adore" Beauty Box. :) If the Brand, Products, Brand Owner and Social Team is good, you will get positive vibes. And if Positive Vibes are there, you will love everything. :) 


  • 5 Full-Size Products
  • Trusted Brands and Products 
  • Skin Friendly Products
  • Safe Packaging
  • Worthy


  • No Con

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So this was all about the "The Adore Package" Beauty Box - May Edition. Hope you have enjoyed reading this. I will review individual products I got in this box super soon. Stay Tuned and Have a Good Day. πŸ˜‡

[Product Shots By Rajat Verma]


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