Skin18 – Korean Natural Skincare | Sheet Masks – Tea Tree, Honey and Pearl | Review

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The Pink Velvet Blog - Skin18 Sheet Mask Korean
Skin18 Sheet Mask

Skin18 is a very Popular Korean Skincare Brand and when it comes to Skincare, no one can deny the fact that the Korean Skincare is Considered Best. I have already experienced the Sheet Mask from Skin18, on which you can read my review here. Let’s talk about their Sheet Mask from Grinif Collection in Tea Tree, Pearl & Honey. 😇

Price: $3.50 USD/Sheet (Rs.224.96/-)

On Sale: $1.44 USD/Sheet (Rs.92.57/-)

Product Description

Cellulose Sheet Comes with many active ingredients to provide elasticity to skin and functional ingredient for anti-wrinkle effects. Eco-Cellulose can attach to your mask completely and you will find out the big difference comparing with using a cotton mask.

  • Blemish Clearing
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Moisturizing
  • Good for Dry & Dull Skin
  • Restores Elasticity
  • Skin Soothing
  • Firming


👉Packaging: All 3 Sheet Masks comes in a pouch having a tiny cut to tear the pack. As it is a Korean Brand, everything on the packet was in the Korean Language except “All Skin Types”, “Ingredient Name” and a line saying “Holds Moisture on your skin for long time cellulose sheet. It helps to refresh and resilient skin by using 3-4 times a week”.  Every Pouch has Ingredient Name & Image on it which makes it easy to recognize the type of sheet mask we are using.

The Pink Velvet Blog - Skin18 Sheet Mask Grinif
Skin18 Sheet Mask

👉Type: Ready to Use Sheet Masks which comes in a pouch all absorbed in gel-like facial serum. There are cuts designed for eyes, nose edge, and lips.

The Pink Velvet Blog - Skin18 Sheet Mask Cellulose
Skin18 Sheet Mask

How to Use:

  • Pull out the folded sheet.
  • Unfold the sheet
  • Apply carefully all over the face taking care of all the edges. 
  • Remove the upper layer of sheet and let the inner soft layer of sheet rest on your face for 15 minutes. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Skin18 Sheet Mask
Skin18 Sheet Mask

👉Experience: The reason I like them is, they can be carried in your handbag, doesn’t require much space and you don’t need any face pack brush to apply or water to wash off! Plus, it doesn’t get dried up after application. The only thing I feel is, it gets a bit messy, all your fingers are totally dipped in the serum while setting the sheet mask on your face. It is a job to be done very carefully because the sheet becomes so soft after being there in serum for so long and there is a risk of tearing off the sheet.

👉Effectiveness: I like the minor cooling effect it gives. Gives a glossy shine after removing off the sheet. It leaves an excess amount of serum on the face which will be absorbed after massaging. I massaged my face for about 5 minutes which leaves skin warm and fades off the cooling effect. I didn’t wash off my face after it because I wanted my skin to absorb the facial serum. It feels a bit sticky even after massaging. Stickiness was reduced after half an hour but was not gone maybe because I have oily skin. 

A noticeable glow was there and gives instant radiant effect. Hydrates the skin so well. You won’t need any extra layer of moisturizer after it.I Felt my skin is nourished like a baby! So hydrated and bouncy. 😄 In my view, these sheet masks will be more good for Dry Skin People because the Hydration effect is on a much higher level. 


🔊I felt all the 3 sheets gave me quite similar experience hence I gave an overall review of all the sheets. The only difference among all three was of Fragrance.   😇


Fragrance 👇



Cellulose Facial Mask

The Pink Velvet Blog - Real Tea Tree Skin18
Real Tea Tree

 👉Fragrance: Very Mild Tea Tree fragrance which is not overpowering at all.

The Pink Velvet Blog Real Tea Tree
Real Tea Tree

Available at



Cellulose Facial Mask

The Pink Velvet Blog - Real Pearl
Real Pearl

Fragrance: Not a fragrance of any particular dominant ingredient. Very Mild, Soothing and Refreshing.

The Pink Velvet Blog - Real Pearl Skin18
Real Pearl

Available at



Cellulose Facial Mask

The Pink Velvet Blog Real Honey Sheet Mask
Real Honey Sheet Mask

👉Fragrance: Like a Mild Fruity & Floral Perfume.Totally uplifts your mood and is very refreshing.

The Pink Velvet Blog - Real Honey Sheet Mask Skin18
Real Honey Sheet Mask

Available at


  • Travel Friendly
  • Instant Hydration & Radiance
  • Natural Glow
  • Perfect for Dry Skin People
  • Restores Skin Elasticity 
  • Leaves Bouncy & Supple Skin Behind
  • Ships worldwide


  • Gets a bit messy while unfolding the sheet 
  • Bit sticky for oily skin people

So this was all about the Sheet Masks from Skin18. Hope you have enjoyed reading this. Stay Tuned for more and have a Good Day! 😇

[Product Shots By Rajat Verma]

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