MSM Beauty Box - April Edition | Unboxing and Review

The Pink Velvet Blog - MSM Beauty Box - April Edition
MSM Beauty Box - April Edition

My love for Beauty or any Subscription Boxes will never fade! I am on a mission to try each and every Subscription Box. πŸ˜„ This is my first time with MSM (My Style Mile) Beauty Box and I'm quite happy with what I got :) Excited to know my views? Keep Scrolling. πŸ˜‡

About MSM Box is the #1 online destination for beauty and grooming! An e-commerce platform that offers consumers the opportunity to buy, try and enjoy luxury, premium and new beauty and grooming products and brands in the market.

At MSM Box they help you address all your skincare needs by curating ritual/regime boxes to suit every skin and hair type.

Their motto - ‘a lot in a little’- sets them apart from any other beauty & grooming box currently in the market.
For starters, the box contains full size products along with carefully curated deluxe samples.

MSM brings it all together, on an exciting online platform of rich content on trends, updates on the beauty world, and weekly blogs & v-logs from their in-house team, and of course feedback and participation from their consumers.

The Box 

Price: Rs. 595/- for April Box

Theme: The Happy Box 3

The Pink Velvet Blog - MSM Beauty Box
MSM Beauty Box

It comes in a solid quality cardboard box in attractive colors & patterns each month. The box is reusable and I've converted this into my storage box. 😎 It doesn't offer you Quarterly, Half Yearly or Yearly subscription plans. It comes with a different theme each month such as Detox Box, Indulgence Box, Happy Box & even Men's Box. It also lets you know what is inside that box so that you can decide accordingly. πŸ˜‰ I know, the surprise factor is not here but this actually saves your money & skin. You will order the box only after exploring what's inside. The Fact, subscription boxes are economical & lets you explore different Brands makes it more interesting. πŸ˜‡

Let's explore what all I got my April MSM Box :) 

1) Natural Bath & Body - Vitamin E Whipped Cream 

Price: Rs. 275/- for 50 GM (Full Size) 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream- MSM
Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream

It comes in a plastic tub jar with a screw lid and with an inner lid too for extra protection. It says it is a magic cream for oily & sensitive skin and it really is. No, it won't give you 2 times fairer look overnight, but it is a moisturizer with hydrates the skin without even giving that oily-shiny look & touch. That's Magic! 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Natural Bath and Body - Oily and Sensitive - MSM
Natural Bath and Body Vitamin E Whipped Cream

It is light yellow in color & is whipped cream in consistency - so light on the skin. Gets absorbed easily and doesn't leave any white patches. I'm really impressed. πŸ˜‡ This cream is really a great option for oily & sensitive skin. 

Available on

2) Fuschia Lavender and Calendula Healing Intense Moisturizer 

Price: Rs.225/- for 50 GM (Full Size) 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Fuschia Lavender Intense Moisturizer - MSM
Fuschia Lavender Intense Moisturizer

Fuschia is no doubt is most trusted chemical free skincare brand. I personally love their products and are really effective. They all are free from parabens, SLS, Phthalates & are Vegan. This lotion comes in super cute handy size with a screw lid. But there is no flow control lid so you have to be very careful. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Fuschia - MSM
Fuschia Lavender Intense Moisturizer

It's white in color & creamy in texture. Gets absorbed easily without leaving greasiness :) I'm in love with its fragrance, so pure & refreshing - instantly uplifts your mood. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Fuschia Lavender Moisturizer -MSM
Fuschia Lavender Intense Moisturizer

I use it as my body lotion because it's an intense one and for my oily skin it'll be too thick. For dry skin, it is a good option for the face as well as the for the body. 

3) Essence - Color & Go Nail Polish 

Price: Rs. 199/- for 8 ML 

Shade: Off to Miami 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Essence Nail Paint - Off to Miami -MSM
Essence Nail Paint - Off to Miami

It is a Pastel Coral Orange & looks descent. I love the glossy look it gave. 😍 Requires 2-3 coats to get the desired tone. The applicator is quite easy to handle with a wide application & fits perfectly in your grip. 

4) Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner 

I guess it is a sample size because there was no price mentioned except the weight which is 50 ML. I checked the website and it is for Rs. 675/- for 230 ML. But still, this sample size is almost half-full sized. πŸ˜„

The Pink Velvet Blog - Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner - MSM
Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner 

The Pink velvet Blog - Ma Earth Botanicals - MSM
Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner

I don't use toner because I have tried so many of them, even from reputed brands but all I got the rough dry skin with the minor rash. I only go for Rosewater sometimes when it comes to toning. Currently, I'm using the one from Raw Home Essentials which is 100% Pure. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water - MSM
Ma Earth Botanicals Rose Water Toner 

This one from Ma Earth Botanicals is 100% Natural & Pure Rose Water. Comes in a simple bottle with a screw lid. I loved that cool soothing feel after applying & it instantly calms down the skin temperature. Still, I don't use it daily. Either on alternative days or whenever I'm in the mood. πŸ˜„

So this was all about the MSM Box and the products I got. Deeffinetaly a must try one. I love it when the box or bag can be re-used. 


  • Different Theme Each Month 
  • Can explore what's inside before ordering. 
  • Fast Delivery
  • Quality Box
  • Quality Products from trusted Brands. 
  • Full-Size Products 
  • Worthy 


  • No Con 


Hope you've enjoyed reading this :) Stay Tuned for More & Have A Great Day Ahead. πŸ’–

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