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Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel | Review

The Pink Velvet Blog - Greenberry Organics - Paraben Free Body Wash
Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel

Summer has landed and Greenberry Organics is ready with their super cool newly launched products to help you beat the heat. You all know how much I adore their products. 😇 Recently, I shared my views on their Face Wash & also talked about all the 4 new products which Greenberry launched this Summer. It is really good to see that they are always coming up with new & better ideas  :) To stay updated for all the latest launch, keep following me on my Instagram.

Today, I'm going to share my views on their Charcoal & Spearmint Oil Summer Blast Body Wash Gel which is infused with the goodness of natural Vitamin E Oil. 

Price: Rs. 599/- for 200 ML 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Summer Body Wash
Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel

Product Description

  • A Unique and Natural blend of Activated Charcoal, Spearmint Oil and Vitamin E Oil in a Body Wash Gel Form.
  • Perfect for humid, dry and sweat riddled Summers.
  • Activated charcoal works as a powerful adsorbent sucking out the dust and pollutants from your skin, leaving it cleansed.
  • Vitamin E Oil provides natural nourishment to the skin.
  • Spearmint Oil with its sweet smell gets you in action after every use
  • Cleanses the skin, removes dead skin and polluting agents.
  • Nourishes the skin secretly with the goodness of Vitamin E Oil.
  • Spearmint Oil helps soothe the skin and relaxes muscles.
  • Antibacterial, Controls ACNE, Removes Body Odour
  • Cooling Sensation.
  • Effective for Skin Cellulite.

The Pink Velvet Blog - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel
Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel


👉Packaging: Comes in a Squeezable Bottle with Pump Packaging. ✔ Has a Transparent body with a labeled sticker around the middle which lets you see how much the product is left. Also, the complete information regarding ingredients, price, labels, and everything which is a must for a consumer is printed on labels. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Greenberry Organics
Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel

👉Color & Consistency: Having Semi-Gel Consistency, neither too thick nor too runny & is charcoal black in color. 

👉Fragrance: Has a real spearmint essence somewhat related to which mostly comes in mint, peppermint or menthol-based products. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel
Greenberry Organics - Charcoal and Spearmint Body Wash Gel

👉 Effectiveness: I like that slight cool sensation it gives which is perfect to start your day with. It requires I guess 2-3 pumps to form a rich amount of foam. It doesn't leave any charcoal trace which is the best point because I've used many charcoal based products and they leave tiny traces of it. 

Cleanses really very well and that clean, soft, supple & smooth skin was noticeable during the first take. I love it when products perform well in their first use. 💖 It doesn't make me feel any greasiness even after having Aloe Vera, Spearmint oil & Vitamin E Oil. It removes dirt & oil very well and leaves skin beautifully clean & refreshed. Yes! You have to apply moisturizer post usage. Here I feel this point is good because in summer your skin get covered by dirt, oil, pollution & sweat and you need something to completely rip that off. So, it is really a good option in summers :) 

It is a perfect stress buster & mood refresher because I remember, in my college days I used to get cranky because of that July-August Heat & I really needed something refreshing after coming back from college. This will totally uplift your mood and I guess it will help you to take control over sunburn or tanning issues. 


  • Natural Ingredients 
  • Vegan 
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Gives Cooling Sensation
  • Cleanses very well 
  • Leaves skin soft, supple & Oil Free 
  • Forms good amount of foam 
  • Stress Buster 


  • Price (Bit on Higher Side)

Available at

So this was all about the Charcoal & Spearmint Body Wash. I have a lot more to share & hope so my next post will be on their Cocoa Butter Lotion with SPF. Keep Following this place & Have a Good Day! 💖😇


  1. Lovely review!! I love when soaps/body washes gives cooling sensation❤😍

  2. Nice review. Gives Cooling sensation with cleaning well. Perfect for summers 😍

  3. This seems like an apt body wash for summers. Greenberry Organics have really nailed it with their new launches.

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  4. This seems to be a perfect companion for the summer. Loved your review.

  5. Nice review!! Love body washes with Cooling and tingling sensation!!


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