Glamego – Rs.208/- Beauty Subscription Box | March | Unboxing

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The Pink Velvet Blog - Glamego Beauty Subscription Box

I Love Subscription Boxes and I’m sure everyone loves it. We can try different Brands & their Products at very economical price. Plus, most of the time it is a surprise for us that what we are going to receive. 🙂 It is a TOTAL FUN!

Recently, a new subscription box is launched in India called “Glamego” and it is the most affordable box in town, i.e, only for Rs.208/- (Including Tax). Me & My friends and I guess the majority ordered this box because all of us were so curious to know how the box is going to perform at such an affordable price! 

Price: Rs.208/- (Including Tax) 

Total Products: 4 (3 Full Size + 1 Sample) 

This Box lets you fill in your details & choices such as skin type, skin tone or any other preference. But the March box was the same for everyone so I hope in the coming months products will be according to the Choices 🙂 And sorry for the late post as I was trying out the products. 😄

Let’s explore what all I got in my First Glamego Box 🙂 

1) Lass Naturals Foot Care Cream 

Price: Rs. 135/- for 100 GM 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Lass Naturals Foot care Cream
Lass Natural Foot Care Cream

It is Paraben & Phthalates Free with Ayurvedic Formula. It has Rosy Fragrance and is really effective because I’ve been using these days. Nourishes your feet very well & makes them soft to touch. But it is a bit greasy so you have to wait for 20-25 minutes before wearing your footwear. 🙂 

2) Kronokare City Detox Facewash 

Sample Size – 30 ML 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Kronokare City Detox Face Wash
Kronokare City Detox Face Wash

This is Aromatherapy Face Wash without any harsh chemicals and is for all skin types. I’ve been using this for few days and loving it so far. Leaves skin oil-free & clear. True to the claim of being a refreshing product. My skin felt soft & cool post usage 🙂 I also did a mini-review of it on my Instagram 🙂 

3) Sea Soul – Dead Sea Mineral Facial Kit 

Price: Rs.350/- 

The Pink velvet Blog - Sea Soul Facial Kit Dry Skin
Sea Soul Facial Kit – Dry Skin

I was expecting it to be for Oily Skin but I got it for Dry Skin & I came to know many people got Facial Kit for Opposite Skin. This is a 6 step facial kit with tiny sachets of 5 ml each. I haven’t used it till yet but I will definitely update you with the review soon 🙂 

4) Bio Bloom Mint Lip Balm 

Price: Rs.115/- for 8 GM 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Bio Bloom Mint Lip Balm
Bio Bloom Mint Lip Balm

This one is too free from all chemicals and it is working so well for me. The way it softly nourishes the lips without making them heavy or greasy plus that minty coolness. Light on lips and is non-tinted 🙂 I’m happy with this. 

So overall I’m happy with the products I got & that too at only Rs.208/- except that point that I got the kit for Dry Skin 🙂 

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this 🙂 Feel Free to share your views 🙂 Stay Tuned for More and Have a Good Day 🙂 

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  1. A subscription box in this price is an amazing deal. I am happy to receive whatever I can as I am paying just 208 for it but I wish there should have been a little change in the products.. Everyone got the same products in March n April both.. There's literally no surprise left..

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