Dr. Aanal’s The Earth – Instaglow Face Pack | Review

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The Pink Velvet Blog | Dr. Aanal's The Earth - Instaglow Face Pack
Dr. Aanal’s The Earth – Instaglow Face Pack

A few Months Back, I came to know about this Face Pack which is from the Brand – The Earth and it is run by Dr. Aanal Kangad & Anjali Kangad. Actually, I got this as a Gift from PikReview. 

Price: There is no Price mentioned on product except the weight “90 GM” 

Product Description

Again, there was no description on the pack except the line “With the Goodness of Natural Coffee”. 


👉Packaging: It comes in a round plastic tub packaging with a screw lid. There was no information mentioned regarding the Usage, Manufacturing & Best Before Date, Price or Ingredients. It has only a front label having Brand Name, Weight and Product Name. Plus, the inner foil seal was not even sealed. I’m sorry but the first impression I had, it was like “It is used” because the product quantity was not even up to the level. 

The Pink Velvet Blog - The Earth - Instaglow Face Pack
Dr. Aanal’s The Earth – Instaglow Face Pack

👉Color & Consistency: It is light coffee brown in color & is thick paste inconsistency. It was a tough job for me to apply because it was getting dry so fast & it was forming dry lumps that I was unable to spread the mask. Then, I added rose water to the jar so that I can apply & spread the mask easily. 

👉Fragrance: It says it has coffee but it doesn’t smell like coffee at all! It was only smelling like a perfumed product. It was good, but not natural. And a bit overpowering too! 

The Pink Velvet Blog - Instaglow Face Pack
Dr. Aanal’s The Earth – Instaglow Face Pack

👉Effectiveness: It gave my skin a temporary glow & fair look. The Clear & Fresh skin was noticeable after washing off the product but it lasted only for few hours. Didn’t felt any skin irritation. Gets easily off with a splash of water. Makes skin bit dry so u have to use a good moisturizer post usage. I didn’t felt any extraordinary quality of this product. 

I can’t say whether it contains chemicals or not because there was no information regarding it. And I have really sensitive & acne-prone skin and I’m not sure how long the product will last in terms of the freshness of product so I’m not using it that much. 


  • Temporary Glow & Clear Look


  • No Information on Product
  • Not sure if it is natural
  • Not easy to spread
  • No Mention of Ingredients 
  • Inner foil seal was loose 
  • Less Quantity 

Feel free to share your views if any 😇 Stay Tuned & Have a Good Day! 😊

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