Roots & Herbs - Under Eye Tailam with Brightening Nutmeg | Natural, Vegan and Ayurvedic Product | Review

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

Finding a good under eye cream/oil/gel is not easy. Everyone shares a different experience with different products. When it comes to dark circles and other under eye skin concerns, most of us keep on trying new products in a hope that they will completely vanish the dark circles. But honestly, dark circles requires heights of patience and when you have a hectic schedule, it really becomes tough to get rid of them. You have to be loyal to a particular product if you want effective results 😇 Today, I'll be sharing my views on an Ayurvedic Product - Under Eye Tailam from "Roots & Herbs". The Packaging and the label says everything about the product so let's get into details :)


About Roots & Herbs 

Roots And Herbs is an environment-friendly and ethical natural wellness brand. Its core philosophy is to care in a holistic manner taking into account both personal as well as environmental wellness. The brand is 100% vegan in its formulation i.e. the products do not contain ingredients such as animal milk, animal milk derivatives, honey, beeswax, lanolin, eggs and non-vegan glycerin. Some prominent vegan ingredients that the products do contain are powders and extracts which are derived purely from the plant sources such as roots, barks, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, plant milk or wood, oils such as almond, avocado, castor, jojoba, hazelnut etc, gel from aloe vera and spices as well. All products are biodegradable, recyclable, do not contain chemicals.

The brand demonstrates that you can enjoy the luxuries of life, indulge yourself in exotics and look beautiful by causing least possible damage to the environment. Their organization always believes in improving themselves on regular basis. This helps in keeping themselves abreast with the changing technical and marketing environment, which in turn enables them in gaining more positive achievements and results over others in the industry. Further, their customers trust the quality and effectiveness of their products and return to them repeated business from time-to-time.

Price: Rs.1190/- for 50 ML 

Available at Nykaa

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

Product Description

BRIGHTENING NUTMEG UNDEREYE TAILAM is based on Ayurvedic formulation. It is crafted for protection & rejuvenation of the under eye area. The revitalizing formula in the form of oil is highly enriched with potent herbs that help lighten the dark circles, nourish, firms & tones the sensitive area around the eyes as well as maintain elasticity & reduce the appearance of dry, dehydrated lines.

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

Skin Type: For the delicate areas around the eyes, dark circles, fine lines dehydration.

Frequency: Can be applied every day. Can be left for 1/2 hr to max 2 hours. Do not leave overnight. Continuous use for 6-8 weeks will bring a noticeable difference.

Application: Take the required quantity & massage around the eyes in clock / anti-clockwise motion till it gets slightly absorbed.

Active Ingredients:  Jaiphal Extract, Satapatri, Makoh Extract, Yavani, Bhibhitaki, Indian Gooseberry Extract, Cucumber Extract, Chakshushya, Ghrit Kumari Extract, Cold Pressed Apricot Kernal Oil, Cold Pressed Carrot Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Olive Fruit Oil, Cold Pressed Sesame Oil, Steam Distilled Cypress E.O, Steam Distilled Geranium E.O, Steam Distilled Ylang Ylang E.O.

The Product is Totally Free From 👇
  • Mineral Oil
  • DEAs
  • GMO
  • Parabens
  • Artificial Colors
  • Artificial Perfumes
  • Phalates
  • Pegs
  • Silicon
  • Alcohol
  • Animal Testing
  • Petroleum by Products 

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam


I loved the packaging & labeling, honestly! All the information which is required, i.e, ingredients, description, warnings, price, date, contact information, type of product and everything is there. And proudly, there is a Made in India Logo in front of the product :) 

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

It comes in a bottle form with a dropper, secured with a big plastic cap which is tight enough to protect the product from spillage. Full marks for safe & easy to use packaging. 💖

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

The Color of the oil/serum is bright orange and has a fragrance of ayurvedic oils. This took me back to a small trip where I visited The Ashram of handmade ayurvedic oils for all kinds of treatments. It feels like I'm applying a mixture of concentrated extracts of some precious herbs. That's why there is a word "Aromatherapy" on the product. 

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

I take only 1 drop of it on my palms and then apply the oil around my eyes with my ring finger in small and light motions. Yes, only 1 drop for both the eyes is just perfect. It gets absorbed in 2-3 minutes but leaves an oily shine and that's why the instructions said to wash it off after 2 hours. Sometimes I use it in morning or sometimes in evening, whenever I feel like. 😄

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

Now comes the important part, the effectiveness. What I noticed, it first attacks the dryness and flaky skin if any. If you are having itchiness or flaky skin around eyes, then it will heal it in no time. Within one or two applications, my under eye area was completely nourished. Then, after 2-4 weeks, It started working on the darkness. I'll not blame the product here as my work life includes facing the screen whole day so even after this, it performed well. Not only this, it worked on fine lines too. Though it took a month I guess but yes, it worked. I'll not say it removed my dark circles 100% as it is impossible in today's life but yes, I can say that it reduced them a lot. Plus, it is all natural remedy so there is no chance of any skin irritation. 

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam

So in short, it nourished my area, improved the skin color & texture, and worked on fine lines. But if you are looking for under eye cream or gel for a daily routine that too which can be worn under makeup, then this is not for you. For that, you'll love the Himalaya Under Eye Cream which I reviewed earlier.

Every product works in a different way and has its own benefits. This is something which I can't compare with any other as it has its own positive vibes. 😇 This is more a remedy and not a commercial cosmetic. 

Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailum
Roots and Herbs - Under Eye Tailam


  • Natural Product
  • Ayurdvedic
  • Vegan
  • Aromatherapy
  • Effective
  • Works on Fine Lines
  • Nourishes the area
  • Improves the Skin Texture
  • Reduce Darkness
  • Hydrates the area
  • Free From Chemicals


  • Price (Costly) 

So this was all about the Under Eye Tailam from "Roots & Herbs". Do share your experience if you have tried it too. Hope you've enjoyed this post :) Stay Tuned for more and have a Good Day! 😇

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