Groupon India - Coupons For Everyone
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I’ll be talking about the most loved coupon website “Groupon” which is working as “NearBuy” in India.

I just love to explore new launches & deals online and enjoy the ease of placing orders online. And when it comes to shopping, the word “coupon” makes it more Interesting. I’m sure everyone loves that feeling when we grab something in lightning deals. 😃


Their mission is to connect local commerce, increasing consumer buying power while driving more business to local merchants through price and discovery.

They are always imagining new ways to exceed the expectations of all their customers—both consumers looking for great experiences at a great value and merchants seeking solutions to attract more customers and run their businesses better. Their deals and business tools connect the two in a seamless way that brings significant value to both their lives.

Brands and Coupons 

Groupon India - Coupons For Everyone

All this sounds great! Right? So I explored the website with my favorite & well-known Brands such as Maybelline, Loreal, and Saks Fifth Avenue and landed on pages full of coupons and deals 😃 Not only this, there was a complete column for Amazon Coupons. I know most of the products from major brands are still not available in India and we want to buy them from International Websites but don’t want to pay heavy shipping. Here, the website Groupon will come in handy and when it has Amazon Coupons, this will be everything for a shopper. Through this, we’ll able to cut some amount on heavy shipping on our favorite products 😇

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The most exciting and best part I found that there are coupons for current occasions. A complete list of Brands to celebrate Valentine’s Day 😃 Think of something and Groupon is there for you. You can find gifts to show your eternal emotions for her easily. Whether you are looking for online deals or in-store deals, whether it is for food, clothing, makeup, or anything, you’ll find everything under one roof. And the point which makes it better is, everything is genuine and working. 

It is good to have a place where you can find all the deals instead of searching google for it. 😃 And even if you are looking for a local store or clearance deals, Groupon has it for you. 

If you are from India and you are reading this, then the Indian Version of Groupon is there for you, which is Perfect for shoppers like me who always keep their eyes on deals & coupons. 💖

So next time whenever you want to buy something, just explore the website and enjoy the feeling of saving. 😇

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Stay Tuned for More and Have a Good Day! 💖

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