GoAndSay | India's First Bath and Body - Beauty Subscription Box | Launch - Unboxing - Review

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Go And Say - Bath and Body Subscription Box 

Hello and Welcome all :) This post is going to be super awesome because today, I'm launching and reviewing the First Ever - India's Bath and Body Subscription Box - GO AND SAY. Subscription boxes have something which attracts everyone like a magnet. They are full surprises and it is actually interesting and economical to receive monthly beauty products at a price which is lesser than the total cost. You get to know more brands, try new products and explore their range and I just love it. I have tried FabBag, GloBox, MyEnvyBox and today I'm really happy and excited to unbox the first box from GO AND SAY 😃

Before I move on with the unboxing, here are some Facts about GoAndSay 😇
  • Their box has all natural products. The products have no or minimum chemical usage.
  • Box has no samples, only full or monthly size products.
  • Anyone buying the box will get 4 products, from 2 different brands only, so they can easily discover and learn more about the brand, than getting confused with lots of brands.
  • Discover and Learn. They let the customer discover new brands and new products and teach them what they are made of and which ingredient benefits them in which ways.
  • The box is worth ₹749/-
  • The 3-month subscription costs a person Rs. 699/- and on the purchase of 6 months subscription, they will get a 7th box free.
  • Customers will get a free gift worth Rs.299/- with the February GoAndSay box and every 10th customer will get a ₹100/- discount voucher to redeem on their next box.

Sounds great! Right? Vegan, Organic, Chemical Free products are gaining hype. Talking about skin care, people now prefer chemical free brands over commercialised chemical based cosmetic brands. And it is actually good. It feels great to see Indian Organic Brands gaining their much-deserved reputation. 

GoAndSay Concept

It is not just an another subscription box. They work on a concept of Discover & Learn. They want us to know more about a particular product, ingredients they use and how they are beneficial for us. They'll only pick 2 Brands each month with a different theme every month and 2 products from both the brands. Si it is 4 total full sized products.  This way we can explore the brand and can decide whether this brand works for us or not. They send detailed product information cards along with the report card so that we can share with them whether we loved the brand or not. To share your feedback, all you have to do is fill in the report card, click the picture and send them through E-Mail (support@goandsay.com) or WhatsApp them at +91-8527-666-557.

I received Bio Bloom and Fuschia products, so I got in-depth information cards about the brand, products I received, Ingredients and their benefits. This month's theme was Hydration & Moisturization to combat the biggest enemy, dry & dull skin. 

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Product Information Cards

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Product Information Cards

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Product Information Cards

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Product Information Cards

Report Card to share your views 😇

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Report Card

I also got Bio Bloom Voucher as a Valentine Gift 💖

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Bio Bloom Voucher 

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Bio Bloom Voucher 


The box is simple brown cardboard box just like GloBox with their website - www.goandsay.com printed on it. All the products were wrapped like a gift with a butter paper and cute stickers which you'll see in the unboxing video below. Packaging was totally safe and secure 😇

Products I got in Box 

1. Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream

Price: Rs. 450/- for 100 GM

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Fuschia Peppermint Pedicure Nourishing Foot Cream

Fuschia, no doubt is a known and trusted brand. They offer SLS and Paraben free skin care products and I personally love it. They work wonder for every type of skin. I wanted to try this foot cream. Thank You GoAndSay 😃 There was a complete list of natural ingredients and "How To Use" on the info-cards :) 

2. Fuschia Lip Balm 

Price: Rs.225/- for 8 GM 

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Fuschia Lip Balm

Again, I was not having any lip balm from Fuschia and luckily I got one in this box. It's pure red in color but gives cute rosy pink-tinted lips. It's good to have chemical free products for lip care. 😇

3. Bio Bloom Jasmine Face Mist Spray 

Price: Rs. 250/- for 50 ML 

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Bio Bloom Jasmine Face Mist Spray

I have tried Bio Bloom Under Eye Gel and was really effective :) But faced minor issues with Bio Bloom Face Pack. Now with GoAndSay, I'm having 2 new products from this brand and now I can ensure myself whether this brand is really effective for me not. Face Mists works best when it comes to instant freshness and hydration. Simply spray it on the face and experience the blast of freshness. I'm enjoying it totally and detailed review will be soon up :) 

4. Bio Bloom Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

Price: Rs. 350/- for 100 ML 

Go And Say Bath and Body Subscription Box
Bio Bloom Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

Again, I know it is funny but this was too a new product for me. In fact, all the 4 products are new for me. This is too chemical free brand and I'm sure I am going to love these products. 

Totally, this box is worthy as we receive all full-size products. So this was all about the new subscription box and products I got 😇 I'll review the products for sure in further posts. 


  • Chemical Free Products 
  • Full-Size Products 
  • Economical 
  • Worthy 
  • New Concept 
  • Detailed Product Cards
  • Report Cards
  • Exciting Offers
  • Friendly Social Media Team :) 


  • No Con 💗

Hope you've enjoyed this and feel free to share your views. Stay Tuned for more exciting products :) Have a Good Day 😇

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