Krishkare Powder Foaming Cleanser with Whitening Neem Extracts and Active Enzyme Boost | Review

Hello and Welcome all :) I'm back with another Krishkare Product. Recently, I talked about Krishkare Acne Removal Gel and shared my opinions regarding the same. I was so exited while sharing the product review with you all that I almost forgot to talk about what Krishkare is?! Before I share my views on their Foaming Powder Cleanser, lets talk about the brand Krishkare :)

neem cleanser
Krishkare Powder Cleanser

About Krishkare 

It is is a health and beauty store that aims to enrich lives. With a wide variety of eclectic products, ranging from health monitoring systems and slimming belts, to skin and hair care products, they strive to bring affordable, effective care to all segments of society.

Krishkare Herbals is all natural range and they always ensure to add as little chemicals and preservatives as they possibly can. Where each ingredient is handpicked for its benefits on skin with their three ranges – Herbals, Indulge, and Renew Cosmeceuticals. It is Vegan and not tested on animals.

So basically, Krishkare is one stop shop for all the health related products whether it is skincare or fitness. When I saw this product "Foaming Powder Cleanser" on their site, I got so excited like a kid and I just wanted to experience that powder thing. Honestly, I've never experienced any cleanser which comes in a powder form that too with goodness of Neem. Krishkare is really so innovative.

Price: Rs. 490/- for 200 GM 

Product Description 

Made with a unique formula that blends science with skin care, this face wash is the ultimate cleanser. Small beads infused with active enzymes gently roll across your skin for deep cleansing and brilliant radiance. Real neem extracts nourish with vitamins and skin food that ensures healthy skin. Wrinkle-removing anti-oxidants fight off sun damage, delay and soften signs of aging for tighter, youthful skin. Neem also removes and heals scars, making skin clear and smooth. Rich enzymes work on the skin pigments, lightening skin for a fairer complexion. Mixed with science, this powder cleanser is an invigorating blast of whitening nourishment and cleansing.

neem cleanser
Krishkare Powder Cleanser

How to Use

Splash some water onto your face. Shake the bottle well before each use to activate enzymes. Take a small amount of powder in your palm. Add a few drops of water into the powder, and begin rubbing to create a gentle foam. Apply foam to your face for a deep cleanse and radiant glow.


I know I have said it too much that I love products meant for oily and acne prone skin and if they are chemical free, that is something like cherry on top! This cleanser comes in a bottle type packaging with a flip flop cap. Plus it is in powder form so it feels like you are sprinkling salt on something.

neem cleanser

I like it when packaging lets you know how much the product is left. So having a transparent body is a plus point. Powder is not actually "fine powder" but there are white granules which turns into soap after adding few drops of water. There are black granules too mixed with white granules and I guess they are active enzymes. Because of it, the black powder from black granules gets collected at one side and we have to shake it well before use.

Because of Neem, which is all natural and herbal ingredient, the nozzle turned black from white. And it is a fact. Maximum of the products having natural Neem tend to change color. Fragrance is totally herbal and something like pure Neem which I won't say is pleasing. But yes, you can relate it to that smell of medicated products.

neem cleanser
Krishkare Powder Cleanser

Granules are so mild and soft that they completely turns into foamy soap. A good amount of foam to give you sense of satisfaction while cleansing. I'll put this cleanser in daily use and in mild category. Effective in pulling out all the dirt and oiliness which is the basic need for our facial skin.

What I noticed is, there was a natural glow and reduced dullness. There was no excess oil left after washing with this cleanser and there was Tan Removal too upto some extent. But I don't think so it is much effective for those who have severe acne issues. It is good in pulling out dirt, so those who gets one or two pimple only because of pollution, will love this one.

neem cleanser
Krishkare Powder Cleanser

My skin was much more soft, supple and glowing. As I said this is a mild cleanser, it is not a good option to remove heavy water-proof makeup. If you use makeup blenders, which lets pores absorb the makeup totally, this cleanser will not pull out that easily.

In short, a good daily mild cleanser for the basic needs such as pulling out excess oil, dirt and dullness. Not for heavy jobs such as removing makeup and treating severe acne. Good for those who don't use heavy layers of makeup daily and are looking for a chemical free daily cleanser.

I read the ingredients too and there was no mention of paraben. So I guess it is paraben free. But it does contain sodium. Plus point is, it doesn't reacts with skin. Didn't felt any skin irritation. I hope there will be difference in my pimples when I'll finish this product. If this happens, I'll surely update you :)

And here are the two samples (Aloe Vera Gel & Argain Oil) which I received with my order from Krishkare with a Thank You note and personalized Hand Written Card having information regarding Argan oil.

neem cleanser
Krishkare Aloe Vera Gel

This gel is so green in color. I'm not sure whether the color is all natural or not. But it gave me a refreshing feeling without any stickiness. 

neem cleanser
Krishkare Argan Oil

I have tried Argan oils from multiple brands and every time it was a different fragrance. This one has strong herbal flowery smell. Oiling is good so I'm happy to have this sample with me. Keep following this place to more about this :) 


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Herbal Ingredients
  • Pulls out Dirt
  • Improves Skin's Natural Glow
  • Remove Excess Oil
  • Tan Removal
  • Mild Cleanser


  • Not much effective on severe acne
  • Not strong enough to remove heavy makeup as well

I hope you've loved reading this. Here is the direct Product Link: If you have any doubts, feel free to ask whether in comments below or on my social profiles. Do share your views if you've used any Krishkare product :)

Have a Good day :)

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