Kingdom of Lashes | All 6 types of Eyelashes | Review

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Welcome, 2017 😍 Wishing you all a very Happy New Year 😘 This excitement of New Year is something incomparable to anything. 🙂 I wish you all the good luck and success in the coming year 🙂

kingdom of lashes
Kingdom of Lashes

Today I’m going to talk about the Eyelash Brand “Kingdom of Lashes” which is proud, an Indian Brand. I remember when I was in the early stages of my teenagehood, I used to observe the makeup of all TV actresses and models and wondered why their lashes and brows are all different. Later on, I came to know about these false lashes and everything. This was really something shocking to me at that time 😄

This is the first time I’m wearing false eyelashes and really it is quite impressive to see how these little things perform the major role in your look. I’m so happy to have all the 6 types of lashes from the Kingdom of Lashes and I’m changing my look every day 😍 This is the best thing I got in 2016. 

About Kingdom of Lashes (KOL)

It is based in India and offers 100 % Human Hair & Mink Hair Lashes designed to help you, to achieve the look you desire. Their products are 100% animal cruelty-free & made with LOVE. Their lashes are reusable and lasts much longer than traditional synthetic lashes.

  • Handmade Lashes from the highest quality product
  • Long lasting
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable

Excited to see how they looked on my eyes? 😍 Here we go!

1. Twinkle (Price: Rs.350/-)

kingdom of lashes

2. Vintage (Price: Rs.550/-)

kingdom of lashes

3. Princess (Price: Rs.650/-)

kingdom of lashes

4. Sugar Heaven (Price: Rs.450/-)

kingdom of lashes
Sugar Heaven

5. Naturale (Price: Rs.350/-)

kingdom of lashes

6. Doll Me Up – Bottom Lashes (Price: Rs.350/-)

These are bottom lashes but I did an experiment and applied to upper lash 😄 It gave my lashes a natural density. I love experimenting.

kingdom of lashes
Doll Me Up

I can’t express my happiness and excitement to have these all and how much I love them. I was really jumping out of excitement like a kid to see my different looks. I felt no irritation in eyes. And they have interesting eyelash names too! 🙂 They are an affordable and perfect fit for every occasion 🙂 Thanks to KOL for the quality eyelashes 🙂 

I used “Ardell Lashgrip Strip Adhesive – Dark” 
(Price: Rs.375/-). This glue is grey in color but turns out to kohl like black for more enhanced eye-look and was successful in holding false eyelash. The glue didn’t react with my skin and I’m completely satisfied with this 🙂 💓

ardell lashes
Ardell Lash Grip

Here is the combined video of lashes-in-box and lashes-on-eyes 🙂 

And here is the video of complete look with all the eyelashes 🙂 Hope you’ll love it 💖


  • Quality Lashes
  • No Synthetic material 
  • Affordable and worthy
  • Long Lasting 
  • Suitable for every occasion
  • Enhanced Natural Look 
  • Worthy Product 


  • No Con 🙂 
Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this 🙂 Feel free to leave in your doubts and stay connected. Keep following me on my Instagram for regular updates 🙂 It is so much fun 🙂 Once again, Happy New Year to all. Have a Good Day! 🙂 

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