January My Envy Box – New Year Edition | Beauty Box Subscription | Unboxing | 2017

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January My Envy Box
January My Envy Box
January My Envy Box – New Year Edition is here. As I mentioned in my November My Envy Box Post, that I won the 3-month subscription and because it is not a paid subscription from my side, I got these boxes this much late. But have to say, this subscription is worth. Not even the products, but the box itself is a strong and reusable storage box with a magnetic disclosure. Usually, I do unboxing and review posts, but I’m already late with this box and didn’t want to take further time to experience & review the products in detail. So today, this will be an unboxing post only 🙂

My Envy Box is the leading discovery commerce platform. They are redefining the retail process by offering consumers a unique and personalized way to discover, learn about, and shop for the best beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products on the market. They are based out of New Delhi and launched their services in August 2013.

This month’s box is totally different from all the routine boxes which were loaded with face packs and scrubs and all the skincare products every time. I’m happy I received new brands and products to explore this time. 🙂 This was really a much-needed change in all the subscription boxes. Honestly, I want more makeup in boxes now as I have got everything in skincare through these boxes. So let’s start and explore what I got in my January My Envy Box 🙂 

1. Cheryl’s – O2C2 Radiance Lotion 

Full Size – 50 GM

Price: Rs.1050/- 

January My Envy Box
Cheryl’s – Radiance Lotion

Chery’s O2C2 Radiance Lotion is formulated to draw out and enhance the natural radiance and shine of the skin that is more associated with young, youthful and glowing skin. It also enhances collagen production, leading to smoother skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. This product corrects and restores balance to lackluster skin and dark patches and blotchiness caused by sun damage. From the very first application, the skin is moisturized, smoothened and revitalized, regaining a healthy glow and uniquely enhanced radiance

Perfect Gift for the skin. Isn’t it? I’m so excited to try this out and will definitely share my views on this. 

2. Bombay Perfumery – Fragrance Kit 

Full Size – 5 Vials 

Price: Rs.500/- 

January My Envy Box
Bombay Perfumery Fragrance Kit

This Sample Female Fragrance Kit comprises of the following fragrance (2 ml Each)
  • Seven Islands
  • Madurai Talkies
  • More
  • 1020 (Unisex)
  • Chai Musk (Unisex)

The hierarchy of notes in each of the scents are arranged to summon a visual, a memory from the recesses of your mind. These fragrances truly give the vibes of Mumbai City – a city that never sleeps. Some fragrances are mild and some are bold, but all reflect the aura of an Independent Woman! 

3. Essence – XXXL Shine Lip Gloss

Full Size – 5 ML

Price: Rs.229/- 

January My Envy Box
Essence Lip Gloss

This Lip Gloss Contains Vitamin E and claims to moisture lips. That’s good because I hate it when lip glosses make my lips dry. The Color looks so natural on lips and OMG! This is exactly what I needed. Out of curiosity, I tried it just after opening my box 💖 I didn’t felt any heaviness on my lips and this shade is perfect for everyone. I’ll soon update you with the swatches 🙂 

4. Essence – Mascara

Full Size – 10 ML

Price: Rs. 349/- 

January My Envy Box
Essence Mascara

Essence Mascara Features on elastomer brush with precision bristles that reduce clumping for long, voluminous and separated lashes. An integrated reservoir in the brush helps evenly distribute the volumizing formula from root to tip. 

Just like the Gloss, I tried this too just after unboxing my box. And it is just like it’s the logo – “Plump, no Clump“. It gave me a look like I’m wearing false lashes. It gave a density to my lashes instead of clumping it like most of the other mascaras do. And it is so light on lashes too. Really, this month’s box is speechless. 

5. Hedonista – Hair Perfume 

Full Size – 100 ML

In the Box – 50 ML

Price – Rs.650/- 

January My Envy Box
Hedonista Hair Perfume

I’ve never tried Hair Perfume. This is going to be the first time that I’ll try a perfume for my hair. According to the description, the hair perfume is a water-based perfume with a citrusy fragrance of lemon and clay sage. Inspired by the ritual of Mughal princesses who used to smoke their hair with perfume, this mist leaves you with great smelling hair. Great for all hair types. 

I haven’t actually tried it on my hair but the fragrance is so classy. Nothing fancy or bold, but something like a luxury of Mughals. I’ll use the term “Ittar” to perfectly describe the density of fragrance which is also known as “Attar”. It’ll surely give a royal feeling. 😇

So this is what all I got my “My Envy Box”. Completely satisfied and happy 🙂 Stay tuned on my Instagram for all the swatches, reviews and updates 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this.

Have a Good Day 😇

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