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Get Rid of Cellulite with Greenberry Organics - Juniper Berry, Orange & Peppermint Oil Body Wash | Review

"How to get rid of cellulite?", a common question we all search Google for it. Cellulite is a persistent subcutaneous fat causing dimpling of the skin, especially on thighs. There are lot of methods to reduce it such as dry brushing, massaging, exercising or by applying special creams & lotions. No one likes cellulite.

Greenberry Organics Body Wash
Greenberry Organics Body Wash

If you are following this place, you know I'm talking about a brand "Greenberry Organics" from past two-three posts and you all know how much I am satisfied with their products. After trying my hands on their Juniper Berry, Orange & Peppermint oil body wash, I can say without any doubt this brand actually cares about skin & knows what their product are meant for. They don't just make fancy labels to gain attraction. It actually does its job :)

Talking about cellulite, I really felt the difference. Not only cellulite, it has improved my skin from every aspect and honestly I have never expected this much from any body wash. Let's explore the product in detail :) 

Price: Rs. 299/- for 200 ML 


Corn & Coconut Base Surfactant, Aloe Vera, Glycerin, Aqua, Juniperus Oil, Mentha Oil, Citrus Reticulata Oil. 

  • Against Animal Testing 
  • Handmade with Love 
  • Environment Safe Packaging
  • Assorted with Ethical Sourcing
  • 100% Natural & Vegan Product 
  • Made from Pure Oils & Extracts 

Greenberry Organics Body Wash
Greenberry Organics Body Wash

Product Description 

Juniper Berry Oil - The one and only that helps you keep cellulite at bay. Orange Oil - Imparts freshness by combating excess oil. Peppermint Oil - Leaves with a cool sensation thus helping you feel fresh all day long. 

Make the most of your shower time by giving your skin all the care it needs through this body wash. 

  • One stubborn skin problem - Cellulite. But it has the perfect ingredient for this, Juniper Berry Oil. 
  • Juniper Berry Oil also provides relief from any kind of skin irritation as quickly as the snap of your fingers. 
  • Orange oil specifically to provide you with an oil-free and smooth skin. 
  • Cool off your body and get rid of any dullness. 
  • Give your skin and all round benefit of bath and also invigorate your senses to a fresh and clean feeling. 

Greenberry Organics Body Wash
Greenberry Organics Body Wash

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Packaging is safe & tight, bottle type with a nozzle cap. Travel-friendly as there is no tension of product spillage with tight & secure flip-flop cap. Plus, it has the plastic body so no tension of breakage. What I look for most in the packaging is whether we are able to see how much of product is left or not. And yes, it has secured 10/10 marks here too. Transparent packaging with a label in the center makes it easy to see how much of product is left. :) 

The color is totally orange having gel consistency. As it is in gel form, the vacuum inside the bottle sometimes sucks the gel back which is quite funny 😄 Fragrance feels like it is a concentrated mixture of pure orange extracts and some kind of massage oil which actually calm downs the senses. I'm loving everything about the product. :) 

Greenberry Organics Body Wash
Greenberry Organics Body Wash

It has Juniper Berry Oil which is really a great remedy for cellulite, blemish, skin rashes, and other minor skin problems. I was having a minor skin rash because of epilation & this body wash has healed that within two days. I never expected my rash can be healed this fast. I noticed the change in my skin too in the context of cellulite. I felt my skin has gained its elasticity back & is more soft and supple. My skin is more evenly toned, more bright and clear. Orange acts as a great anti-oxidant for skin & I've noticed that glow on my skin. 

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Using it with a loofah also helps to remove ingrown's which is a common issue after hair waxing. In short, it is a healthy treat for the skin. It does it's job very well and delivers what actually skin needs. It also nourished my skin & I didn't felt any stretchy feeling because of dryness. I feel this body wash & Cocoa Butter Body Lotion, both have improved my skin texture and made winters happy for my skin :) 


  • Heals Skin Problems
  • Fights Cellulite 
  • Removes Dullness
  • Even out Skin texture. 
  • Brings out Soft & Supple Skin. 
  • Vegan 
  • Travel Friendly
  • 100% Effective 
  • Nourishing 
  • Refreshing 


  • No Con 

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Hope you've enjoyed reading this :) Feel free to share your views :) Stay tuned for more exciting reviews :) Have a Good Day! 💖

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