Problem Free Skin with Krishkare Acne Removal Gel | Review

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You all know how much I love exploring new Brands. Even when I was a Teenager, I used to try new things as soon as I see them on TV or anywhere. It is always like I just want to try that new product. Obviously, with this passion you need to take care of your skin as well. And when you are blessed with extreme sensitive skin like a baby, you face lot of challenges for your skin.

acne removal
Krishkare – Acne Removal Gel

Recently I came to know about the Brand Krishkare. I explored their website, their product range and everything and decided to collaborate with them 🙂 They are so friendly and humble and I want every brand to be like them on their Social Profiles.  And again like I always say, I’m proud of myself for collaborating with them 😃 I’m loving their products and recommending all to go for it 🙂

I picked up Foaming Powder Cleanser and Acne Removal Gel for me. And surprisingly, I got two more products along with my order. I got Aloe Vera Gel and Argan Oil as sample 🙂 Not only this, they sent me a cute Thank You Note and a personalized tiny little card attached with Argan Oil Bottle having some details regarding that Oil💖 I love You Krishkare 😉😘

Today, I’m sharing my views on Acne Removal Gel and will be sharing reviews of other Krishkare products in my further posts 🙂

Price: Rs.299/- 100 GM

Product Description

Get rid of acne and love your clear skin! With active benefits of Aloe Vera to repair and rejuvenate your skin, this anti-pimple gel reduces inflammation and outbreaks. Haldar has anti-microbial properties for soothing the skin, and also natural repairing and medicinal properties that give you smooth, flawless skin. Combined with pure Aloe Vera extracts, the gel helps in providing nutrition to the skin. Regular use leads to beautiful, healthy and glowing skin!

acne removal
Acne Removal Gel

How to Use

After cleansing, apply all over face, more on the affected areas and let it dry. Reapply after every 3-5 hours. Though the label on product says “Use 2 to 3 times in a week” but according to website, can be used daily.


I always get attracted towards acne related products. As my skin gets minor breakouts and tiny red boils due to lot of reasons such as climate change, diet change, low water intake or any other, I always need something to calm down my skin redness.

acne removal
Acne Removal Gel

Packaging is safe and secure. It comes in a round tub form and there was a protective silver foil too when I first opened it. No chance for product leakage 🙂

Fragrance & Color is really so tempting. Both make you feel like you are applying pure sandalwood oil to your face. So refreshing and soothing fragrance that I sometimes just open it for the fragrance only 😋

It contains natural ingredients such as Daru Haldar, Turmeric, Aloe Vera and Orange Peel but it has paraben also. Luckily, I didn’t noticed any skin irritation or itchiness because of paraben 🙂

acne removal
Acne Removal Gel

I apply gel daily after washing my face with Krishkare Powder Cleanser (Review Coming Soon) and it completely balance out moisture level. Even in winters, I don’t feel like applying extra layer of moisturizer after this gel. The best part is, neither it makes you look oily nor a dry skin beauty. It brings out the natural glow on your face which is quite impressive.


Gel doesn’t feel sticky at all. It won’t give you that gluey feeling on your face. I use it as a day cream and night cream both 🙂 Not only this, I feel like it is a perfect base for makeup too. Though I don’t apply heavy layers of foundations on skin. I simple focus on eye and lip makeup when it comes to “Makeup”. I don’t like layering my skin with foundations and everything. I simply go for a BB cream or a light weight foundation and I’m done with makeup 🙂 Plus I have oily skin so I just want to feel my skin free and light.

acne removal
Acne Removal Gel

I noticed there was no dry patches around my nose and did a great job in nourishing. Also, it gave my skin a cooling effect. Because of this, redness on my forehead was reduced. It definately worked on inflation and minor boils. If you have pimple & acne issues only because of excessive dryness, oiliness, dirt and pollution, it will shoot them in no time. But if you have such issues because of diet or hormonal changes, it may take some time to work on them. Along with these products, drink plenty of water ( around 2-3 liters) to get rid of all the problems.

In short, there was a natural glow, reduced redness and even toned skin 🙂 Even the quantity is satisfying. Completely happy and satisfied with the brand and their products 🙂



  • Safe Packaging
  • Good Quantity
  • Herbal Ingredients 
  • Cooling Effect 
  • Reduced Inflation 
  • Reduced Redness
  • Improved Skin Glow 
  • Even Toned Skin 
  • Good Option for Day & Night Cream 
  • Worthy Product 



  • Contains Paraben 

Explore their range on 🙂 
Grab one for yourself too 😍 I’m sure you’ll love it 🙂 Stay tuned for more Krishkare product reviews 🙂 Have a Good Day 🙂 


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