I love it when a product says charcoal or Detox. Whether the detox is for Body through Green Tea or for face through cosmetics. I love to give myself Detox treatments :D
Recently I talked about the Brand INATUR and their Olive Cleansing Gel in my previous post (Read it here..) and shared my immense satisfaction for their product. As the brand name says it all, all their products are blessed with natural and active ingredients to bring out the best of skincare.


Today, I am reviewing their Charcoal Detox Overnight Skin Repair Cream. I have heard a lot about Charcoal Detox Masks, Scrubs and Facewash, but honestly, I have never experienced any charcoal detox cream 😍 Excited to know more
about this? Keep on reading...

Price: Rs.450/- for 125 gm/ 4.41 oz

Product Description

INATUR Charcoal Detox Cream helps to pull out impurities and toxins from skin while gently nourishing it. It helps to minimize open skin pores and vacuum out the dead skin cells for a smoother and glowing complexion.

inatur charcoal detox

It is Paraben free, contains no animal fats and is PH Balanced. For Oily, Combination and Normal Skin.

Active Herbs

  • Charcoal Powder - 800 mg - Deeply Cleanses and Purifies
  • Basil Extract - 200 mg - Controls Sebum
  • Lemon Oil - 200 mg - Clears & disinfects skin
  • Neem Extract - 300 mg - Anti Bacterial

How to Use

 Apply INATUR Detox Cream on clean skin lightly with your fingertips and gently massage in circular motion. Leave it overnight for best results.

inatur overnight cream


I give more importance to a product which says "Paraben free" than to a product which is loaded with Chemicals. :) Plus, being vegan friendly is gaining more importance these days. If product label says it is vegan, not tested on animals or does not contain any animal fat, it will attract more customers as compared to other ones.

It comes in a Tub container which super cute, safe and secure :) No need to worry about spillage or wastage of product. It has a mild fruity kind of smell which is not irritating at all. Cream is in grey-black color and has jelly like consistency.

detox cream

Now comes the major part, the effectiveness of cream. When I applied it for the first time, I was shocked to see my face. It gave me a black and dull face even after massaging well. I thought maybe it will be okay till morning. But when I saw my face next morning, that black film was still there on my face. I washed my face with a good cleanser but still, that black-grey color was still there. I thought this ain't gonna work for me.

Now the most challenging part, I dared to give another try to this cream. And the results were totally different next time. Gladly, I didn't got any grey skin, it look less than a minute for skin to absorb cream and I woke up with a fresh and glowing skin :D No dark grey face at all.

After all this I realized, maybe the first layer of cream was having more amount of charcoal. I was so happy to see that black-grey face was for the first time. I was looking a man with a beard 😛

Now its been more than a week and I am able to see that glow. My pores around my nose are reduced a bit. I didn't noticed any change in pimple or pimple marks but yes, it is true to the claim of detoxifying. There was a visible clear skin with clear and reduced pores with a natural minor glow.

swatch inatur

I have oily skin and I didn't felt any greasiness after using this. I felt no skin irritation or burning sensation. In short, it is good overnight cream for skin nourishment and improving the texture. If you are looking for a night cream, this is a good option for your as it is free from harsh chemicals and has multiple benefits.


  • Active Ingredients
  • Paraben free
  • Reduced Pore size
  • Natural Glow
  • Nourishing
  • Improved Skin Texture 
  • Restored skin dullness 
  • Good Quantity
  • Safe Packaging 


  • Black-grey color for the first time 😛
  • Availability 
  • Cream Texture is not appealing 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this. If you have used any INATUR product, do share your experience with me :) 
Have a Good Day! 

DISCLAIMER: I have received this product for free in exchange of my honest review.

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