December GloBOX | Beauty Box Subscription | Unboxing and Review

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UPDATE (19th December 2019) – The GloBOX Beauty Box is no longer in business. Their website is now operated by another business.

Last GloBOX of the year. WOW! 2016 was really like someone fast-forwarded it with a remote. I can’t believe it is December already. I hope you’ll have enjoyed the year 2016! 

december globox
December GloBOX

You all know my love for subscription boxes and I’ll not say GloBOX is one my favorite, but GloBOX is my only favorite beauty box. I feel so relaxed with it’s Beauty Profile Concept as I feel like someone is there who is concerned about my sensitive skin. I’ve already talked about GloBOX and Beauty Profile concept in my November Unboxing Post ( Read it here..) so I’ll directly start with what I received this month.

1. Rustic Art Organic Lemon Face Wash for Oily Skin (Price: Rs.230/- for 100 ml)

organic lemon
Rustic Art Organic Lemon Face Wash

  • With Goodness of Bergamot Lemon Grass and Tea Tree
  • Certified Organic Ingredients
  • Hand- Blended and Natural
  • Vegan Product 
  • No Paraben

Put the bottle in warm water if consistency changes as natural soap become flaky at a lower temperature.

rustic art
Rustic Art Lemon

I actually received the product in a flaky condition. But when I read the description, it was written over it that natural soap becomes flaky at a lower temperatures. I kept it outside under direct Sun just like we melt coconut oil in winters and it was back again, all liquid and soapy 🙂 

I love organic and vegan products. It is clearly mentioned on the product that it is only for Oily skin. It has flip-flop opening with a controlled flow of face wash because it is totally like water, having a runny consistency

rustic art lemon
Rustic Art Organic Lemon

When I washed my face for the first time with this, I experienced a feeling which is totally uncomparable with any other product. It was so natural and organic and there was no heavy or irritating chemical smell. So fresh and relaxing and honestly I can’t explain in words my happiness after using this 😀 

rustic art lemon wash
Rustic Art Lemon Wash

Only 2-4 drops are enough to form a good amount of foam. It removed all the excess oil and dirt and my face was completely clean and refreshed. Even on the Globox invoice, it is written that this product is for acne. Within a week, I noticed a huge change in my pimples. All those red and big bumps were reduced. It even improved skin texture and glow. This is the product that I’ll actually buy again. 

2. Ethicare Hyalugel Plus ( Price: Rs.299/- for 30 gm) 

  • Ideal for Oily and Acne-Prone skin
  • Water-based non-comedogenic moisturizer 
  • Non-Sticky and Non-Oily aqueous gel
  • 2.5% Hyaluronic acid
  • Reduces pore size

ethicare remedies
Hyalugel Plus

Honestly, I didn’t know about this product at all. I did research on what is Hyaluronic acid and I came to know that this acid is present beneath our skin and around our cells by birth to protect the moisture level of the skin. This acid is more in babies and as we grow old, it reduces its level. That’s why babies have more soft and supple skin as compared to adult skin. 

This acid comes in cosmetic creams, or simply in gel form and even injected in the skin under proper condition. 

hyalugel plus
Hyalugel Plus

This must be used only once in a day or maybe twice if you are facing severe acne issues and immediately after washing your face. Prior to any toner or moisturizer. 

This acid-based gel works differently on different skin. For some, this works as a complete moisturizer but some need an extra layer of moisturizer even after using this. For me, it worked well. I felt the need of moisturizer but only around my nose area because, in winters, the skin needs more moisture.

hyalugel plus
Hyalugel Plus

I’m really shocked after seeing the results. My skin was literally showing a pink glow. Skin elasticity is improved and I felt more tight and supple skin. Pore size is reduced up to some extent. I don’t know about acne because I’m using all products for acne so which is working more on acne, I can’t say! But honestly, I’m so happy to have this gel-based moisturizer that to oil-free and for acne-prone skin which is actually working for my skin. This can be used as a base product before applying any makeup. It is a Christmas gift for me. Thank you GloBOX. 

3. Makeup Academy (MUA) Pressed Powder in shade 2 (Price: Rs.270/- for 5.7 gm)

mua pressed powder
MUA Pressed Powder Shade 2

The product says shade 2 but in the GloBOX invoice, it was written shade 1. I have fair complexion so I always go for lightest shade. But Thank God, the shade 2 is not that dark at all and luckily, working well for my skin. Didn’t felt any heaviness or white patches on the skin. 

MUA Pressed Powder Shade 2

Perfect for covering shine and get absorbed easily. It gave me a more matter and even-toned look. I don’t know if it has any SPF in it or not as there was no such information on the product. And the best part, it won’t give you that heavy makeup look. It all looks natural and I’m happy with it 🙂 

shade 2
MUA Shade 2

4. Makeup Revolution Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss in shade “Move a Little Closer” (Price: Rs. 295/- for 7 gm) 

makeup revolution
Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss is in tube form and having rainbow shades 😃 There is a bit of pink, blue and even purple shine. It is extremely glossy & it doesn’t look odd. Will work on every lipstick shade. 

makeup revolution lip gloss
Shade “Move a Little Closer”

Thank God it didn’t make my lips dry as I face this dryness issue with every lip gloss. It is soft on the lips but does not have high staying power. Like it will fade off within 2 hours. 

5. “Tea Treasure” Tea Samples

tea treasure
Minty Fusion

Every GloBOX user knows this that they will get two tea samples every month. One is a slimming tea bag and the other is a mint tea bag. I’m a herbal tea lover and green tea is part of my routine. You’ll find different varieties of herbal tea on my kitchen shelf 🙂 So for me, this is a plus point of being a GloBOX subscriber. 

tea treasure
Slimming Tea

I loved December Globox and the best part is, it is different from previous boxes. I received Face Pack from GloBOX every month. But this time, I was hoping to receive a Face Wash and luckily, my prayer got answered 😃 All the products are totally for my skin and I’m so happy. This month’s box is a Christmas Gift for me. If you too are planning to subscribe to GloBOX, then just don’t wait. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this. And yes, don’t forget to participate in my Biotique Christmas Giveaway 🙂 Have a Good Day! 

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