If you are following my blog, then you must have seen me sharing amazing blogging platforms and how aspiring bloggers or anyone, can grow their blog and web traffic. Today I'm going to talk about an amazing all rounder platform , called PikReview.com which not only helps bloggers, but also helps customers/buyers or even Brands to find the genuine reviews uploaded by the users themselves.

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We all can find reviews anywhere like on the site from where we bought the product or simply on different blogs, but its a human tendency that whenever we receive a faulty product or have negative feedback, we immediately upload the review. But when it comes to positive feedback, majority says that they simply enjoy the product and forgets uploading the review. Which results in huge amount of negative feedback on Internet as compared to positive ones!

PikReview- a review sharing platform, is a pool of reviews, neither influenced by brands nor biased by customers. Its a platform, where the consumer itself uploads the real images and share honest experience regarding product. 

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Now you must be wondering that "OK! Its a great place for reviews, but how PikReview can help bloggers?". Scroll down below and explore in detail :) 

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How it works for Bloggers/Reviewers

You can post your reviews directly on PikReview.com or from your favorite "photo sharing platform- Instagram" using pre-defined hashtags. 

To upload directly on website, simply click on upload button, select "New Review",write your review, add relevant images along with the product link and other relevant links such as your Blog Link, Instagram Link, Facebook Link, or any link. 

Image Source: PikReview.com

For uploading through Instagram, all you have to do is tag @pikreview_official on your photos with hashtag #pikreview. Head over to PikReview.com, click on upload button, select "Instagram Review", give the finishing to your post and you are done :D 

My Post on PikReview.com

Now what happens is, whenever someone clicks on "Check this Item!" while exploring the reviews, it will directly open your blog page/blog post but only if you have mentioned your blog link along with social media links while posting the review. Isn't that amazing?! 

I have checked each and everything and cross checked with my Google Analytics account, to make sure that it really helps in growing web traffic. Its like a deal we can't afford to miss. 

Posting on PikReview

Because of so much of goodness, Pikreview is becoming a platform for both positive and negative feedbacks :) 

How it is useful for Brands and Influencers 

Brands can use PikReview as an independent review platform. Based out of user generated content shared by the community to showcase real feedback and to make informed decisions. Brands can track influencers and analyse their posts for effectiveness and reach. They can reach out to bloggers vetted by pikReview for promoting their products on social media

Influencers can use PikReview as a medium to connect to its audince and help them make informed decisions via reviews

So in short Pikreview is there for everyone. Currently, there is no "Follow" button to follow your favorite blogger or reviewer and I think its a pretty good thing because when it comes to "following", the originality of the thought disappears somewhere and turns out to be an another social media platform. And the best part is, it is an Indian Startup :) 💗 So go ahead and start sharing :) 

I hope you'll find this post interesting and will make the best use of it. If you are already a PikReviewer, do share your experience :) 

Have a great day lovely readers :) 

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