Edit: Niume is no longer Paying for Submitting Posts!!

Hello, all Bloggers, YouTubers, Photographers, Social Influencers and Content Creators. If you are tired of searching on Google that, "How to earn from Blogging?" or "Best Monetization Networks", then you are at the right place. In fact, this post is for everyone who has stepped into Internet Industry with the primary aim of earning. 

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I have read somewhere that 80% of the world population is on Internet every second. Either on Social Media or doing random google search or anything. So if you have something to share, if you have content, then just don't wait and hop into blogging or YouTube world! Basically, Internet is becoming the best work place in this world and I am sure everybody is loving this. And I proudly say, I love being a blogger and social Influencer. 

So today, I am talking about Niume.com which is by far the best monetization platform I have ever found. When it comes to monetization, we all think of
add networks such as Google Adsense or Media.net. But I personally feel that you can't earn your living with these add networks only plus they have lot of conditions to fulfill. Such as, your blog must be 6 months old, you must have enough of content, you must have done 50 post. Not only this, they dispatch your payment only when you will reach the $100 threshold. But there is nothing like that with Niume :) yay! 

What is Niume all about

It is platform where you can share your content with the world and for this you'll be paid. Niume pays $1/1000 views. You can share your blog post, your videos, or anything (obviously not abusive content). Now you must be wondering that every add network pays for views, whats different with Niume? 

Here it is what makes Niume different

  • There is no need to wait for 6 months or to do 50 posts to join Niume. The moment you'll start posting your content, you'll start earning. 
  • Minimum threshold of $10 only. You don't have to wait for it to reach $100. As soon as you will complete 1000 views, you will receive $10. 
  • Large pool of content category, which means no matter what blogging niche you are in, there is a place for you in Niume. 
  • Fastest views generating website. Which means you'll cover your 1000 views in no time. On an average, you can make $15 in just two weeks! Or more if you have really viral content. 

What can be better than this 😎 I came to know about this site one day before and I have started earning with just two post only. Not only this, this will help you to increase your web traffic too. Just link your post with your social media accounts and website and you are done. Isn't that interesting? I mean no barrier and just pure monetization. 

Here is the website link: www.niume.com. If I am not wrong, you'll get $1 when you will upload your first post if you sign up through the website link I shared. 

I hope you all will love this post and will enjoy your journey on Niume. Keep following this place as I have lot more interesting blogging platforms to share with you. To all those who want to earn by just tweeting or posting on Facebook or simple through your blog/YouTube post, something good is coming for you. 

If out of curiosity you want to know what I'm talking about, here is the website link: www.webfluential.com. Detailed post Coming Soon! Stay Tuned and have a good day :) 

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