LipIce Lip Conditioner | Color and Non-Color variant | Swatch and Review

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Hello readers! I am back with another product review from Rohto Pharmaceutical Company. As I mentioned in my earlier post that Rohto Pharma India entered into Indian markets in the year 2010 with its first Lipcare brand ‘LipIce’ and After the successful acceptance of the brand LipIce in the Indian Market, Rohto Pharma India launched its two new brands ‘OXY’ for specialized Skin Care range for men and ‘Acnes’ for specialized Acne Care. I have already reviewed their ACNES Range. To read, click here

So today I am sharing my experience with LIPICE and here we go…

1. LipIce Sheer Color | Natural 

Price: Rs. 300/- for 2.0 gm 

Product Description 

Unveiling the magical product that changes color from white to natural pink on the application which syncs with your lip’s original color.

  • Nourishes your lips with Natural Beeswax, Natural Olive Oil and Aloe Vera delivering grease-free softness and smoothness
  • Gives your lips a long stay natural pink color and lasting effect of intense hydration
  • The UV protection that guards your lips against harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Comes in a very slim and stylish tube, which you can easily carry with you wherever you go


If you are looking for a lip moisturizer or healer or any kind of medical treatment for your cracked and chapped lips, then this product is not for you. Though it says it prevents chapped lips, I didn’t notice any improvement in my chappy lips. But it does have some another interesting benefit for which you can consider this 🙂 

The product says that on the application, it turns pink from white and it really does! I have heard of such lip balms which turns color but never tried them. So I am really excited to have this magical lip balm with me. It turns into a cute baby pink color which is really hard to find such cute color in other lip colors. Also, is long-lasting. That pink color was noticeable even after 6 hours 🙂 

A point comes when you feel that you need some instant nourishment on your lips. It is really good for that purpose. It makes your lips soft and hydrated after application. As I mentioned, it is not a healer. It only gives you instant nourishment but not a medical treatment for dry lips. 

We all have some lipsticks which make our lips really dry after application. This lip balm is good for that purpose also. I use this as a post lipstick nourishment. After applying my lip color, I use this lip balm and it really locks moisture in. I was not feeling any kind of dryness after this 🙂 

For me, this product is only good for that pink it gives. Available on


  • Gives you instant nourishment
  • Turns into a natural pink color 
  • Works well as post lipstick nourishment 
  • Contains Natural Extracts
  • Not harmful on lips


  • Does not work as a lip healer 
  • Costly option 
  • Availability 

2. LipIce Color | Pouty Pink 

 Price: Rs.300/- for 2.3 gm 

Product Description 

A triple-function lipstick that works as a caring balm, dramatic gloss, and passionate color.

  • Enriched with Vitamin A, C, E to give intense hydration
  • Packed with micro shine granules that provide the ultimate glossy /shimmery lips
  • The UV protection that guards your lips against harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Choice of the intense, trendy shade of colors is an ultimate icon of your great fashion sense


It is a shiny peachy shade, more towards the glossier side. I will not call this a lipstick, as lipsticks are more pigmented and long-lasting. This is something like a lip balm with color. I didn’t find this long-lasting or deeply pigmented as the color was off from my lips within 2 hours.  

Just like the sheer color balm, it gives you instant hydration and soft lips. The only good point here in both the variant is, they have UV protection and contains mineral oil and natural beeswax. 

Though it was not so extraordinary for me, I didn’t find any harmful effects of this. It didn’t react with my lips. Neither gave me a burning sensation nor itchiness. So in short, it is an OK product for me. 

Available on


  • Contains Natural Ingredients 
  • Not harmful on lips 
  • Instant nourishment 
  • UV Rays protection 


  • Not Long-lasting 
  • Costlier Option 
  • Availability 
Do share your experience if you have tried these variants before 🙂 Have a Good Day! 
DISCLAIMER: I have received these products for free in exchange for my honest reviews. 
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